Массаж живота – техника выполнения массажа

Friends, I welcome you. Aesthetic beauty channel
and psychological health. I, Olga Buganova, city
Moscow is with you again. Why am I today in such a
form? We went to the shooting to my
colleague home. I accidentally forgot mine
medical uniform. But I had sports with me
the form. It is also very convenient
work. I am doing a full body massage for this model of the house (18+) Watch my other videos on Patreon.com/estetica (Link under the video) We have an informal atmosphere
houses. And I’m in an informal way. Today I want to show
massage of the abdomen. I want to remind you what we share
visually belly in half. We try everything from the navel
move with force way down. To the navel, all movements should be
lead up. Can be done with one hand. With force we lead a hand to an armpit. With force we lead a hand to the groin. Such a movement. One hand after another
one by one. It is possible at the same time. The main thing is where you are directing
force. This is a drainage massage. Another very nice move
when you grab your hip put your second hand on
ribs and try to breed in different directions. You can swing a little
customer. Wiggles are always very
pleasant and relaxing. We press on the edge and press on
yourself. Nice revealing
traffic. Hands are changing. Here is the opposite. Pull up and take in
side. These movements should be
without shaking, without hesitation, quite slow. After these movements, you can
repeat lymphatic drainage again. Very important. When we start belly
massage in a circle, first make a big circle, then
reduce to the navel. Then deploy again
big. What is important in this circle. We do not apply force equally. From left we drive down. And here we are leading upward with force. Everything is down here. We pass smoothly. Everything is up here. There is still a very interesting
movement to the navel. Can put soft
cam. We ask the client to do
inhale, then exhale slowly. And for 5-10 seconds you can press
towards the navel. And also slowly exit. Inhale, exhale. Press gently. If we make movements to the navel
not from the center, it’s painful, because the fabric is tight
adjoins. Need to take your hand a little
down and then already do movement to the navel. Such movements I am in massage
I do not do. I like longer
and wide movements. Customers love them too. But sometimes they don’t give such
result as small movements with small amplitude. If you are doing anti-cellulite
massage, you work with subcutaneous fatty tissue. We do not work with muscles,
it is not productive when anti-cellulite massage. We work with subcutaneous fat
fiber. We try to remove the subcutaneous fat
fiber down. Such an announcement for some
abdominal massage movements. Friends, stay with us. Follow us. Always be original
non-standard. Be always polite with
their customers. See you!

18 thoughts on “Массаж живота – техника выполнения массажа

  1. Здравствуйте,я когда массирующими внизу живота, почему то пупок пульсирует?

  2. Всегда интересны ваши ролии👍👍👍
    А форма… Вы в прекрасной форме в любой одежде!

  3. Оля,здравствуйте,спасибо за видео)! А подскажите через какое время можно делать массаж живота после кесарево? И можно ли делать общий расслабляющий массаж женщине после родов спустя месяц?

  4. Ольга здравствуйте!!! А подскажите если не секрет сколько клиентов в день у вас проходит массаж. И хорошо если бы вы выпустили видео как привлекать клиентов на массаж. И как удержать клиента на 10 дневную процедуру массажа.

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