6 thoughts on “ЭДУАРД СУРОВЫЙ – LOVE OF RUSSIAN MAN (аккорды) cover by Играй, как Бенедикт!

  1. Эпичная песня от эпичного друга Бенедикта – Эдуарда Сурового.

  2. С английским на слух у меня не особо, на пикабу уже писал, по моему должно быть так

    Baby cross my heart, I never lie

    And I just want to say what's on my mind

    As it simple, so you think it's flu

    I loved you once but I'll die for you

    Out of time, it's only you and I

    And we got love and this is crazy kind

    And we both goes looney life for two

    Loved you once but I'll die for you

    This is love, love, love of Russian man

    When the world against of it's crazy game

    Love, love, love of Russian man

    Let's make love, not war today

    Try to hear me or just leave me now

    Cause I don't play a game, I don't know how

    All my life I try find myself

    I've found me in a Brighton spell

    Tell me baby what am i to you

    Find a reason you could call me boo

    I can hardly stand myself but well
    Till the end in my Brighton spell

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