सर्दी, ज़ुकाम, छींकों से हैं परेशान तो यह देसी नुस्खा 100% करेगा काम/Sudka|Poonam’s Kitchen

Hello friends, today in Poonam’s Kitchen I’m making a traditional Punjabi recipe, sudka! This is a home remedy for a common cold, sneezing etc. Not only will this give you relief from a cold, it’s also very tasty Even if you aren’t cold, you can still enjoy this as a dessert I’ll be putting some special spices in this You’ll see that every ingredient is healthy and nutritious Let’s make this fast recipe, sudka! I’ve put a small saucepan on medium heat on a stove I have taken a small pan because I’m only making one serving Once the pan is hot, I’ll add 1 tablespoon desi ghee Once the ghee melts and is warm , I’ll add five almonds and fry them Every ingredient is special and will save you from the cold You may use sliced almonds for this I’ll use this sieve as a barrier in case almonds pop-up and oil splutters Use a sieve or a plate I’m frying these on a medium-low heat Once fried, the almonds get really crunchy and improve the taste of the sudka These are ready, and as you can see they swell up and start popping I’ll take these out on a plate The ghee right now is a little bit too hot Before adding the next ingredient I have to cool it down a bit, so I’m turning the gas off for a minute Once the ghee has cooled down a bit, I’ll turn the stove back on a low heat Now I’ll add one tablespoon besan (gram flour) The besan should be equal to the ghee The besan starts bubbling once added to the ghee I’ll roast this on a low heat and keep mixing If needed you can turn the gas up a little bit from low, but not too much or else the besan will brown on the outside, but remain raw inside You need to be a little patient while roasting this! Keep mixing! The besan shouldn’t burn It’s been 3 minutes. The color is now a golden brown Once you get this color, the besan is done sauteing We want a golden-brown not a golden-yellow Now I’ll add some spices one-fifth teaspoon black pepper powder and one-sixth teaspoon turmeric (haldi) one-fourth teaspoon dry ginger powder (saunth) I’ll roast these spices for a few seconds And on a low heat I’ll add 300 mL milk I’ll mix everything and turn the heat to medium to boil the milk Here you have lots of options You can make the whole recipe in milk like I’m doing Or you can make the whole thing in water Or you can use a combination of both Half and half milk and water, or 60-40, that’s your choice Making the whole thing in milk makes it rich It fills you up well The milk is boiling. I’ll now reduce the heat to medium-low Now I have to cook the besan in the milk I’m using a non stick pan so I don’t need to stir it a lot I’ll keep stirring it occasionally If you don’t have a nonstick pan then you’ll need to stir more Make sure that the milk doesn’t stick to the bottom If any cream sticks to the sides, keep scraping it off and mix it with the milk It’s been a little less than 4 minutes and this is ready The besan is fully cooked You can take some in a spoon, cool it down and taste it You shouldn’t taste the raw besan If it tastes cooked and not raw, then your sudka is ready Now we need to add some sugar I’m adding about 2 teaspoons sugar You can add as per your taste I’ve chopped up the almonds that I fried I’ll add half now and save half for garnish Now I’ll mix everything together While the sugar dissolves I’ll cook it for a minute more Then I’ll taste it again for the sugar We don’t eat a lot of sugar in my house, so you might need to add some more sugar! The sudka is very tasty and refreshing Here you can see its consistency too, it’s just like milk Actually this is milk made from gram flour, its known as besani doodh or besan ka sheera This is just how you need to keep it And drink it while it’s hot Sudka is drunk in Winters as this has a warming effect on the body After drinking this don’t go out in the cold, to get the most use out of it If you have a cold then just regularly drink this for a few days Even if you’re feeling well, and just want to drink something hot and sweet then make this sudka, it’s very tasty Friends how did you like this recipe? If you liked this recipe then please like, comment, share, and subscribe! While subscribing, please click the bell icon so you’re the first to get future notifications I’ll see you later with a brand new recipe, until then, bye!

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  1. My grandma use to make this, but I totally forgot about it. It’s very emotional moment for me watching your video, thank For reminding this recipe Poonam.

  2. Mam I have some badam , taste of it is changed should I get it in ghee n use it..or any thing else can I do it pls pour ur ideas .

  3. में बाजरी के आटे में बनाती हू और सुंगर के बदलेमे में मध लेती हू अब में बेसन में बनाऊँगी

  4. Nice, me water k sath bnati hu. Like liqid halwa .it really works in cold and cough
    ye night ko lena chaheye, es k baad kuj khana peena nhi chaheye.

  5. Poonam ji yeJo drink banayee h Apne bahot yummy h,but mein apke sath ek Sardi cold k liye drink share Karti hu pls aap uski video jarur Bana Kar share karien,do spoon khus khus ,one spoon black pepper four to five badam,or one cup milk,or mithas k liye sugar,khus khus or badam black pepper ko Pani mein bhigo dena h Puri night,fer Subha one spoon ghee mein is pest ko thodi Der bhun Lena h fer milk dal Kar Achi se boil Karke garma garam serve kijiye last mein sugar bhi dal dijiye ye drink bahut hi tasty or best medicine for sinus cough k liye,thanking so much

  6. वोहत अच्छा बना।बीमार दो जना थे लेकिन पिया हम चार जना ने 😊😊😊😊 बच्चों ने भी वोहत पसन्द किया। very very tasty. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe of सूढ़का😊

  7. Ek aur bhi hai poonams's kitchen . Jab open karo toh aawaz sun kar disappointment ho jaati hai. Main toh aapko hi dekhna chahti hoon

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