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– [Kendra] Your throat it hurts, and on your head it hurts? – Mmhmm. – [Kendra] You’ve got a fever. – Whoa. – [Kendra] Alright, Elise
has narrowed it down a little bit further. (buzzing of drill) (upbeat country music) – [Caleb] But what is all that stuff? – [Kendra] It’s yucky. – [Caleb] Wait, is it the stuff that comes off of the clothes? – No, it’s like mold
or mildew or something. Uck! So, I haven’t cleaned our front loading washing machine in a while, and it smells, and so I
am deep cleaning it today. Caleb, shine the light
on here, show ’em what we’re doin. Do you guys see that disgustingness? So that is why our front
loading washing machine stinks. And that is why we are cleaning it. – Alright, Mr. Caleb. (Caleb growling) – [Kendra] It doesn’t say er, what does it say?
– Arrr! – Arrr, like a pirate, good job. – Two letter. – [Kendra] Got it, let’s see it. Two letter (hard k sound). Laura’s turn. She’s lookin’ for one. What’d you find, Laura? – [Laura] E! – E? Let’s see. What is it, Caleb? – [Caleb] Buh! – [Laura] Buh! – [Kendra] Let’s turn it
over, it goes this way. What letter is it? – [Caleb] Buh buh. – [Laura] Buh! – [Caleb] Buh. – Good job, Miss Laura. It is so cute watching Laura do this game with the big kids cause she just picks up the flash cards and basically sounds like a monkey. She’s like oo ah oo ah ee ee (giggling) and then we try to tell
her the right sound and she mimics it but,
she’s just havin’ fun with the flashlight. She doesn’t know what we’re doin. It’s says wha. – Wha. – [Caleb And Elise] Wha wha wha. – [Kendra] Wha. – Wha. – I can’t remember what this. – [Kendra] Quah. – No? – It does, it says quah. Alright, well I am fighting off a case of the grumpies this morning and like, I just woke up grumpy, and everything is irritating me, so hopefully we can get out of that bad mood and
still have a great day. (upbeat country music) Well I decided to try
to cure my grumpiness by getting outside and finding something to be grateful for, and it
is gorgeous outside today, a little bit chilly,
and a little bit windy, but the sun is shining,
and there’s beautiful fall leaves, and my kids
are happy at the park. So that’s what we’re doing. How do you try to cure your grumpy days? Like when you just wake
up on the wrong side of the bed, and everything
makes you irritated, what do you do? Let us know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your suggestions. (upbeat electronic music) How can I stay grumpy
when this is my view? This is awesome. I’m grateful for my kids, I’m grateful for the sunshine, I’m grateful for the pretty fall weather, I’m grateful for the holidays ahead. I am grateful for the
birds that I hear singing, I’m grateful for our
veterans who have served for us in the military. (calm piano music) Well we decided to sit
down here in the woods, on the path, and read together. We are reading The Listening Walk, and Leaf Jumpers. (crunching of leaves underfoot) So we’re going on a listening walk now, just like in the book, and trying to hear as many different sounds
in the forest as we can, so, I better be quiet. (calm piano music) These are some of my
favorite moments as a mother. Just being with my kids. – Bye leaves! – [Kendra] Bye leaves. – [Laura] I had fun dancing with you! – Well, apparently it’s
pretty windy out there today. Glad I didn’t spend too
much time doing my hair this morning. (patriotic music) So Elise has been specifically wanting to go to a park with the monkey bars, to show me how she does the monkey bars, and then the park we went to today doesn’t have monkey bars. And so, on our way to the next spot, we stopped at this other park, just so she could show me her monkey bars. Let’s see it. (upbeat rock music) Look at you go! Good job! You are so strong. (upbeat rock music) Elise, I’m so proud of you. You did it! Let’s try that again (laughing). Good job. So we get home, and Caleb
like curls up on my lap, and he’s like, extra snuggly, and he’s like, “Mom, I
just want you to hold me.” And I feel his forehead
and he’s totally warm. So anyway, then, he won’t eat his lunch, he says he’s just not
hungry, and then he goes and climbs on his bed and
just asks for a warm blanket. He’s like, I don’t know
what’s wrong with me, I’m like, dude, I know
what’s wrong with you, so hopefully he’s not too sick. Hopefully he gets better soon. How you doin’ big guy? – Good. – [Kendra] Good, where’s your body hurt? – Right here. And right, and in my throat. – [Kendra] On your throat it hurts, and in your head it hurts? – Mmhmm. – [Kendra] You’ve got a fever. You’re doing a good job
being all snuggled up. You got some fun books here, buddy. I love you. Elise has been working on this awesome drawing of herself as a doctor. She’s got a name tag, and a stethoscope. – [Elise] Mmhmm. – [Kendra] That’s really cool. I didn’t know you wanted to be a doctor. – Well, I just drew that because Caleb was a little sick. – [Kendra] Oh, so you want
to help take care of him? – Yeah, kind of. – [Kendra] That’s fantastic. Okay, do you remember
what our job is today? – Yeah. – [Kendra] What do we have to get? – [Elise] Glasses. – [Kendra] We have to pick out glasses. – Whoa. – [Kendra] Alright, Elise has narrowed it down a little bit further. We’re down to five choices. And how many are you choosing, Leesy? – Two. – [Kendra] You’re gonna get two different pairs of glasses? – Mmhmm. Mom, let’s do a poll. – [Kendra] A poll? You want to poll the viewers? – Aha. – [Kendra] And see which
one they like the best? – Aha. – [Kendra] Alright. So there’s the pink one, blue, these are like the cat eyes, they’re a little bit
pointier, you see that Leesy? – [Elise] Mmhmm. – [Kendra] And there’s these black ones. Or there’s these purple ones. The problem is, you look
so pretty in all of them. – [Elise] I kind of want
that one, or that one, or this one and this one. Or that one and that one. (chuckling) – [Kendra] I think you’ve
named every possible combination.
– Or that one and that. – [Kendra] So which one’s
your very top favorite? The pink one’s your very top favorite? You don’t think you’ve had
pink glasses before, have you? – It’s hard. – [Kendra] It is hard to choose. – Isaac and I are doing some
of the final preparations on the Pinewood derby car,
and we need to pick up some stuff to finish off. Alright, we’re getting the sand paper, for the axles and the wheels. Well they didn’t have
everything we needed, so we’re heading to another store. – Well, it is clean, and it smells good. I’m so happy with it! It looks so much better. And you know, it did take some time, but it did not take as
much time as I thought it would take. And now, it’ll be easier
to just do like a small amount regularly to keep it clean, and oh, I just, clean things, like getting stuff off of my to do
list makes me so happy! (upbeat keyboard music) – [Jeremy] Alright, we
gotta go to one more place. – [Kendra] Well this
afternoon we are building– – It’s not the afternoon.
– with cranberries. – It’s the evening. – [Kendra] Oh, excuse me. It’s approximately four o clock. In the afternoon. I think that’s still afternoon, Cubby. Is it starting to get dark
out so it feels like evening? – Yeah, that’s why I
feel like it’s evening. – [Kendra] I know, it’s crazy. Anywho, whatever time of day it is, here’s the cranberries,
here’s the toothpicks, and the kids are building
things with them. – I’m making a hose. – [Caleb] Hose. – Looks like a (shussing), a sucker. – [Kendra] It does look
like a sucker, doesn’t it? – Well we still couldn’t find
what we were looking for, but at least there is an
amazing sunset right now. So the item we’ve been
looking for is graphite. It’s the powder that you stick in between the wheels and the axle
to make it go really fast. And we can’t find it anywhere. – [Kendra] (laughing) I just realized that Laura’s not wearing a pink shirt, she’s wearing her shirt backwards. Miss Laura? – Hmm? – [Kendra] You look so nice. Did you put on your
clothes all by yourself? – Mmhmm. – She took herself to the bathroom, and decided to change her clothes, and so she came out
wearing this pink shirt, and I was like, that’s cool, no problem. I didn’t realize that it was completely on backwards. – Let’s eat this. – [Kendra] Caleb, what are you makin? – House. – [Kendra] A house? – So, it’s gonna be the one that I’m gonna build in our backyard. (mumbling) – [Kendra] Very cool. Leesy, what are you building? – A house also. – [Kendra] What kind of a house? – My house that I’m going
to have when I grow up. – [Kendra] Oh, very cool. – I’m making a model. – [Kendra] Oh, a model,
not your real house. – Mmhmm. – [Kendra] That makes sense. – This is my model. – [Kendra] This is a model too? Thanks for clarifying. So Leesy, you’re not actually gonna live in a house made of
cranberries and toothpicks? – No. – [Kendra] That’s probably a good idea. What are you doin’, Miss Laura? – I’m sucking my sucker. – [Kendra] Are you pretending? Oh, you’re not pretending. – We were able to find a
friend that’s gonna let us use their graphite,
and then we’re picking up some pizza. Do you see those grooves? – [Kendra] So the boys
are working on the axle. They are. – Yeah, so the– – [Kendra] Smoothing it. – The nails come with these metal grooves, and so you have to use a file, I don’t have normal tools, so this is my fingernail file. (Kendra laughing) But it worked. So I was able to remove the grooves, and then we got a bunch
of other sand paper, the pizza’s done. – [Kendra] I was gonna
say, more importantly. It’s time for pizza! (timer beeping) Yay! And time to clean my oven. – Kendra has little sticky notes all over the computer and everywhere
else, that are like, “Clean the oven”. Are we gonna do it tonight? – Yeah, so cleaning the
oven is not a big deal if you do it at night. But I never think of it
until I need to be putting dinner in, and that’s
not the right time to be cleaning the oven, so
I’m determined, I’m going to remember, tonight,
I’m cleaning my oven. – So I’ve been super
impressed with Kendra. She’s in a really
motivated last couple days, and she’s just getting tons of stuff done, and it’s exciting. – It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re not vomiting
from morning sickness, or contracting with preterm labor. – Yeah. – When you feel good! – And soon we’ll have a
little person in our life which will also make it hard to get a lot of other stuff done. – But they’re cute. – They’re cute. – They’re cute. – But it’s hard to get other stuff done. – [Caleb] Dad. – Yeah, tiredness does that too. – What bud? (buzzing of drill) (upbeat rock music) – [Kendra] Alright, here
is our disgusting oven. And I’m gonna be cleaning
it with baking soda and water. – Cool. (upbeat rock music) – [Caleb] Mom, what are you doing? – Cleaning out the oven. – That is so weird. – [Kendra] It is really weird. – I think that just makes it dirtier. – [Kendra] K, so Leesy, now what we do is we’re gonna spray it with water. Until it’s all wet. – [Elise] Can I try? – [Kendra] Of course you can. Do you feel like Cinderella? – [Elise] Kinda. – [Kendra] Working, working, working. – What do you salt on there? – [Kendra] It’s not
salt, it’s baking soda. We’re cleaning it. – And water? – [Kendra] Yeah. – Ooh, cleaning? – [Kendra] Yeah. Does it look messy? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Yeah, we’ll clean it up. – I’ll hold this. – [Kendra] Okay, alright, we’re gonna let the baking soda water
mixture sit overnight. (buzzing of drill) (chuckling) – Well, if you can’t tell already, I have no idea what I’m doing. – Just scrubbin’ the racks. Apparently these used to be silver. – That’s all you’re doing? – [Kendra] Goodnight. J house out. – It smells like poop in here. – [Kendra] Smells like what? – Poop. (upbeat hip hop music)

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