✔️ How to Sterilize Wounds With Potassium Permanganate

hello hello and welcome back to ZimCo Survival I’m Brian and as promised this is the video on how to
sterilize wounds using potassium permanganate in case you guys did not
watch the entrance to this video or read it make a little bit of a disclosure
here this I’m not a medical professional you should only use these
techniques when medical help is not available and will not be available so
for example bugging out or apocalyptic scenarios potassium permanganate is a
dangerous chemical and it can kill you so make sure that you are prepared and
that you know what you’re doing when you use it if medical help is available you
should always go to a licensed medical professional if any of them are still
available like I said this video is how to use it in case medical help is no
longer an option so basically I use potassium permanganate as
a wound wash as a preventative and then I also use it to cure infected wounds
now potassium permanganate like I said is used as a wound wash to deal with infected wounds
but it can also be used to cure fungal infections so it is a very versatile
substance however it is also very dangerous
it is an extreme oxidizer potassium permanganate has a chemical makeup of
kmno4 which means that it is essentially four oxygen molecules think of it
like hydrogen peroxide on steroids it doesn’t bubble like hydrogen peroxide
but it is extremely potent it is also an analgesic and analgesic I guess it pulls
infections out of the skin as well because it is also a salt so that’s what
makes it so effective for treating infected wounds so let me go ahead and
show you guys how it’s done this is my Pot Perm first aid kit it basically
includes gloves, Pot Perm, masks and a mixing
bottle it also has these little things right here which I use to actually scoop
out the powder so in this case I will be wearing gloves because I don’t want to
burn myself with it it’s always good to be careful because
the powder itself is very very caustic and it will burn you if it gets on your
skin so you should always wear gloves and a mask now I think I might because
the wind is starting to pick up use masks because you don’t want to breathe
it in it takes very little potassium permanganate to cause serious problems
so always make sure that you are careful with it
a woman did die after being exposed to only 100 milligrams of potassium
permanganate when it was ingested by accident so make sure that you are
careful with it the only the reason I still carry this with me even though it
is as dangerous it is, is because it’s such an effective antiseptic I simply
can’t say no to it because it does work very well I’ve used it myself many times and
it does effectively treat infected wounds and fungal infections so
basically this right here is just an ear cleaner that I use
as the scoop for the potassium permanganate woops spilling out my water the tabe is’nt exactly stable so what
you’re gonna do is you just can get the tiniest little bit I don’t know
how are you guys gonna be able to see it just the tiniest little bit this is 2
ounces of water and as you can
see see the little pink dots there that’s why you have to be careful with it
because if it does spill those little dots could burn you so that’s why you
wear gloves no matter how careful you are with this stuff there’s always a
possibility of spilling now we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna close this up I’m gonna take
and close this up all right I know that you guys are gonna be able to see it
that color right there that color is what you’re looking for now this is cold
water so it’s gonna take a little time for it to to fully dissolve but you want
that nice hot pink kind of coloration and that’s going to tell you that it’s
an antiseptic all right so once it reaches that color and you’ve mixed it
properly that’s what it should look like a nice hot pink now what you can do and
I’m gonna use this on myself because I know a lot of people sit there and say
well if it’s so good why don’t you use it on yourself. okay so basically what I do with it
is if I get a cut or wound like let’s say this one right here I’ll take and I
put Pot Perm on it like that rub it around and just let it dry that’s if the
wound is not infected now if the wound is infected I’ll take
some gauze it can be gauze or any clean cloth really because all you’re trying
to do is hold the Pot Perm in place long enough to pull the infection
out of the wound so what I’ll do is I’ll put it on the in fact the wound take the
potassium permanganate and soak the gauze with the solution thoroughly soak it just like that and as you can see it is
pink now when the potassium permanganate is
completely done it will turn yellow as the potassium permanganate literally
oxidizes the gauze once it’s fully oxidized it will have done its complete
reaction and pulled the infection out of the wound so I’m just gonna leave it
here like this and try to show you guys the color change as best I can I
don’t know how well it’s going to work but I’ll try to speed this section up
for you all right it has turned yellow I don’t know
how you how well you guys can see it but It went from pink to this kind of tannish
yellow color that means that it is completely oxidized and it is no longer effective so when it turns
that yellowy color that means that it’s done now you can add more potassium
permanganate to it and extend the time but I’ve never really needed to do that
very much I had to do it once when I had a series of scratches all over my arm
because of my my iguana and every single one of them got infected so I did have
to do it twice that time but normally I don’t have to but there
you go let’s see if I can show it to you a little bit better I don’t know how
well you’re gonna be able to see it but you can see that yellow color to the
gauze that’s how you know it’s done now the only reason you’re using gauze for
this purpose to treat infected wounds is because you want to hold the potassium
permanganate in place in a quantity large enough to actually pull that infection
out if you’re just treating a standard wound that isn’t infected yet you can do
what I showed you at the beginning and just kind of put it on rub it on and
just let it dry and that’ll be enough to kill any bacteria that might be in the
location but there you have the gauze that’s what you use that’s what I use
when I actually get an infection now this is something I do I actually do this I’m
not just making a video about it this is something that I actually do at my house
using potassium permanganate now like I said I’m not a medical professional and
you should definitely go and see a medical professional anytime you have wounds or anything like that especially that are
infected I’m just stubborn so I try to treat everything myself but you should
always make sure you see a medical professional so there you have it that
is how you use potassium permanganate to treat infected wounds and that right
there is why no matter how careful you are always make sure you have protection
thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys next time bye bye

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