Hello everyone, welcome to the wonderful content that Mrs. Si brought to you today Known as the cruelest movie in the history of the Spring Festival, the curtain is about to open, Unprecedented 7 major productions will be released almost on the same day as the Spring Festival, The box office battle has already started its first shot with the pre-sale. But it never occurred to me that the Spring Festival film that has not yet been fully released, There was a “black swan”, That was the news that a new coronavirus infected pneumonia broke out overnight. The so-called “Black Swan” incident Are very unpredictable and unusual events, Usually cause market chain negative reactions or even subversion. The new pneumonia epidemic is obviously exactly for such a “black swan”, Because one of the important measures to prevent this kind of epidemic infectious diseases It means “avoid public places with dense crowds, closed spaces and airless circulation.” Cinemas clearly fit this feature. The first response was the stock market, Most film and television stocks have plummeted. The Spring Festival stall was originally the most important ticket warehouse of the movie market throughout the year. Box office can account for 10% of the year. A few days of the Spring Festival holiday, Cinemas are also crowded, and one ticket is hard to find. The whole family watched a movie by the way Has become a new Chinese New Year way for the common people. Taking 2019 as an example, More than 30 million viewers walked into the theater on New Year’s Day. During the whole seven days, 131 million moviegoers, Called one of the largest group events of the year. The 6-day box office totaled 5.8 billion, creating a new box office record for the Spring Festival. Last year was “Wandering Earth”, “Crazy Aliens”, “Speeding Life”, “The King of New Comedy” Coupled with the 5 blockbuster competitions of “Bear Invasion Primitive Times”, This year is “Detective Chinatown 3”, “Auntie”, “Winning the Championship” (formerly “Chinese Women’s Volleyball”), “Jiang Ziya”, “Emergency”, “Pioneer”, “Bear Infestation · Wild Continent” top 7 battle. After the pre-sale started at 00:00 on the 18th, “Detective Chinatown 3” starring Chen Sicheng and starring Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran Quickly exceeded the 100 million yuan box office, Became the fastest-selling domestic movie with over 100 million pre-sale, And a ride on the dust, leaving the other six far behind. However, the pneumonia epidemic struck, It casts a shadow over the following short-term market. Many netizens, especially Wuhan netizens who are in the epidemic center, have stated that Will not go to the cinema to watch a movie. I don’t know if it was affected by this “Black Swan” incident, January 23, The official account of the animated movie “Bears” issued a withdrawal statement, Means that although the Spring Festival is a holiday for the reunion of the family, The staff has been striving to bring joy to everyone, But considering the situation in the country now, They do n’t want viewers to have a health risk from watching The Bear Therefore, withdraw from the Spring Festival stalls, and re-screening another day. “Bear appears” has been a source of joy for children in the Spring Festival in recent years. But this time they chose to retreat for the safety of the audience. The comment area is full of supporting voices. Netizens call “health the most important” and “thank you for your support”, Others said, “Awesome! I will definitely watch it after the movie is released.” Win everyone’s favor. Subsequently, the animated film “Ginger Tooth” The official account has also issued a backstage statement, It means that the film has been produced for four years, and I wanted to meet you soon. However, after careful consideration, it was decided to withdraw from the Spring Festival stalls and change its release time. This animation is made by the popular Guoman movie in 2019 Produced by the producer of “The Heroine of Nezha”, The eggs at that time made many viewers curious. The box office may hit the top three of the Spring Festival stalls. Soon, the movie “Aunt” followed immediately The footsteps of the first two animated films announce a withdrawal, Indicates that the scheduled flight time is to be determined. Previously, director Xu Yan had Up to the thirtieth year of the New Year is controversial. This time, the film stated in a statement that I hope everyone can walk into the cinema with a healthy body. Xu Yan can be said to be the biggest loser of the Spring Festival. Because he previously signed a 2.4 billion guarantee agreement with investors, If the box office is not reached, it is likely that nothing will be lost. Both Xu Gang’s “Hong Kong” and “Taiwan” were box office champions. This time Xu Xun came to the Spring Festival stalls and also tailored Auntie. Xu Yan worked hard for the movie, Gao Yixiang ’s father was specially invited to the premiere. Everyone generally reflects that the movie is still good. This time Xu Xie will be released one day in advance, and the New Year’s Eve will be fixed. He signed a gambling agreement with a film investor, If the box office of Auntie did n’t reach 2.4 billion, He would have to bear the 600 million production costs funded by the investor alone. According to statistics, This year’s Spring Festival stalls have invested more than 3 billion yuan in various movies. The box office for the Spring Festival last year was 8 billion. This year, it should have exceeded 10 billion. At present it seems very difficult. Some people have asked if they can change the file. This is just a good idea, There is no Chinese New Year file, how can there be a seven-day holiday, Without a seven-day holiday, how could a box office breakthrough be achieved. It can only be said that the leak in the film and television circle happens to be rainy night, which can only be fate. The film “Detective Chinatown 3” directed by Chen Sicheng also announced the withdrawal. Previously, Chen Sicheng was scolded by netizens for his speech in the circle of friends. He was laughing at a movie Healthy speech makes people feel uncomfortable, Now, he must have figured it out. “Chinatown Detective 3” originally directed by Chen Sicheng is a seed player, You know, the box office of Detective Chinatown 2 previously exceeded 3 billion. It became the champion of the box office of the Spring Festival. Chen Sicheng was also prepared this time. The first step is to launch the new director’s “Manslaughter” on the New Year’s Day. The second step is to warm up the web drama, which not only made Qiu Ze successful, It opened Tang exploration universe. At present, the pre-sale box office of Detective Chinatown 3 has exceeded 100 million. It can be said that this movie became the box office champion of the Spring Festival. Just take time. But today’s storm, many viewers are discouraged. You know, according to data previously released by Wanda Movies, Wanda Films invests in Chinatown to invest in three films The total cost is 438 million yuan, The investment ratio is 34.5%. The total cost of Detective Chinatown 3 is about 1.3 billion yuan. If you can’t earn 4 billion box office, you will lose badly this time. In addition, the films “Emergency Rescue” and “The Pioneer” “Winning the Championship” also announced withdrawal. New type of pneumonia in Wuhan has attracted much attention recently. Zhu Yilong’s support team also provided Wuhan with a batch of supplies such as masks. After the latest news of Wuhan’s closure, many stars also cheered for Wuhan In the early morning of January 23, CCTV News released the latest news. “As of today at 10:00, Wuhan city bus, subway, ferry, long-distance passenger transport suspended For no special reason, citizens should not leave Wuhan. The airport and railway station Wuhan-Hanli corridor are temporarily closed “, This means that from 10 o’clock, Wuhan officially closed the city, Indoor traffic has also stopped, reducing staff movement. After the news came out, the big network Vs took the topic # Wuhan 加油 # to forward, CCTV News also continued to release “Wuhan refueling together to overcome difficulties”, Mayday lead singer Axin immediately commented below “Wuhan, come on, everyone,” the support voice was issued as soon as possible. People’s Daily also vocally said, “Forward for Wuhan! Let the people of Wuhan know that the people of the whole country are with you “, Thanks to the people of Wuhan for their tremendous efforts and support, I hope there are more voices to let people in Wuhan know that everyone is here. Win this epidemic war together. Actor Marco reposted first, The simple phrase “Wuhan Come” brings two cheering expressions, very expressive. Later, Huang Cancan, who graduated from the acting department of Wuhan University in Hubei, also reposted, Called “Wuhan come on”, three exclamation marks felt her nervousness. Actor Gong Jun retweeted, “Come on Wuhan”, Although they are from Chengdu, Sichuan, they have the same caring mood. Zhao Tianyu, a singer born in “Children of Tomorrow” Speaking of “come together to overcome difficulties in Wuhan,” Pin it directly to your homepage after reposting. Hope every fan sees it. As a native of Wuhan, Hubei, I believe he is very concerned about his hometown. Actor Xing Zhaolin said “Wuhan Come”, Although it is only four words, it also shows that I am with everyone. Yang Mi also cheered for Wuhan, saying “Wuhan, Let’s win the epidemic prevention war together, and cheer for everyone. Same as Yang Mi when the company Di Lireba forwarded, Supported by “Wuhan Come, Let’s Win the Epidemic War Together” Old play bone Wang Jinsong bluntly stated, “Wuhan January 23, 2020, We always remember the day before the Spring Festival, Wuhan has demonstrated the greatest sense of social responsibility to the world! Closed! God bless Wuhan! God bless China “, Posting emotions, the last few words “Tianyou Wuhan Tianyou China”, It is really tearful. More and more stars are joining the repost camp, Use your own influence as a public figure, Let their fans and everyone following them see this, Cheer for Wuhan. In fact, the stars are more than simply speaking online. There are those who really help the front line. Post-90s actress Chen Jiaying in SNH48 was exposed Is a working nurse working in Shanghai, After hours, I went to the theater to sing and dance as a small idol, and I was considered a part-time star. Now that the epidemic is tense, she also posted videos to teach everyone to wear masks properly. And shared the hand-washing video that I sent before Let everyone pay attention to hand hygiene, She said nurses need to wash their hands multiple times a day, So their hands are rough. Until now, she also posted pictures of wearing masks and white clothes. It seems she is going to work again, and I hope she pays attention. Internet hot search is no longer a gossip news, but more concerned about the epidemic, Stars are also contributing, relying on their influence to attract more people’s attention, Or you can help yourself. Come on in Wuhan, come on in China, and win the epidemic war together! 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  1. May all the Chinese people be safe and healthy, and live long happy lives. We all will be thrilled to see these films when the time is right. Happy New Year to everyone!

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