躲避肺炎疫区·海南篇#1·Avoiding the Pneumonia Epidemic Area · Hainan Chapter#1

Oh, this land belongs to the scenic area too, right? Yes,
If you don’t leave, I will call the police We were a month ago Late December 2019 We head south from the east line of Hainan Province After playing all the way to Sanya, I am waiting for the Chinese New Year But a few days before the Spring Festival, the situation of new pneumonia in China is getting worse and worse Time comes around January 23 Only then did we realize that we must wear a mask when going out The next day is the Chinese New Year, so we have no plans to find a new parking place. Been staying in a parking lot in a park in downtown Sanya Keeping an eye on developments every day At the beginning, no outbreak has occurred in Hainan Province But I also told my wife to wear a mask when going out She also said: Nothing, no epidemic in Hainan I said that Hainan is a major tourist province in China. People from all over the country come and go this season There will definitely be, you look at it, there must be tomorrow Sure enough, the number of confirmed patients has gradually increased from 1. In the days around the Spring Festival, it is estimated that many people are like us Everyone has no intention to watch CCTV’s New Year party seriously Are following information from various social platforms If someone coughs by chance, he will be asked, what happened to you? Don’t joke with me If you accidentally find a car with a Hubei license plate while parked If you do n’t care a little, it ’s impossible After all, I do n’t know if this car just arrived in Hainan, Or he stayed in Hainan all the time So alertness increased immediately by several levels In fact, I also thought that if we were also from Hubei, it would be really sad at this time If he stays in Hubei Province, the epidemic is so severe If he is not in Hubei Province, he will inevitably suffer from a different vision So my faithful hope At this moment, Hubei people in other provinces can be treated properly and friendly while being cautious. Given that the outbreak is getting worse And we usually use public facilities for toilets and water So I decided to go to a place with few people for two days before making a decision at any time. So we went to a nearby reservoir with a small crowd and played for two days. At the same time, I still watch various social platforms every day and pay attention to developments But contrary to expectations, the epidemic continues to spread Now we have to decide, whether to stay still or to return to the mainland and go home Seeing that all attractions in Hainan have been closed, so there are a lot of tourists from other provinces who choose to leave the island earlier than in previous years. So the ferry flow at this time is 80% higher than in previous years So we decided not to leave the island for the time being Avoid major tourist areas first That is, the area around Haikou and the eastern line all the way to the southernmost Sanya These are indeed the places where the pneumonia epidemic is reported. So we move towards the middle line, which is the direction of Wuzhishan Later, we will turn to the western line that Hainan has not developed much. Wait for an unknown time, after the epidemic is under control, leave Hainan and return to the inland Because the parking time was too long, I went to a nearby charging station and charged it overnight. This place should be crowded at night Because charging at night is cheap But last night we discovered that apart from our car, only one car was charging. Usually, people who do online car hire come here Here is a dedicated charging pile for Tesla owners But no Tesla owner now here is another car charging OK, then we will replenish supplies, and by the way look at the current situation in Sanya urban area. First we went to the filling station and filled up the gas for cooking. Today is the 28th. I see that there are still some people who don’t wear masks, they are so brave! Wear a mask, next stop, supermarket The vehicles on the road do not seem to be as expected, because there are a lot Maybe I have seen a lot of situations in Wuhan on the Internet in the past two days. The parking lot here is closed I wonder if the supermarket is closed Looks more deserted Let’s find out where the supermarket is Government notice: Commercial premises ceased to operate What’s going on over there? Isolated Was the infected person found? Smell of disinfectant How much is this mango? The small one is 8 yuan per catty and the big one is 10 yuan per catty It still looks like some people are here However, it does have a strong smell of disinfectant Let’s go to the supermarket first Is this sold out? Bread is selling well Potato chips are selling well It seems that the noodles are also selling well, but they are still abundant. Various noodles are selling well, but some brands are sold out Overall, various items are sufficient Hand Sanitizers Are Selling Excuse me, where is the alcohol? Supermarket does not have disinfectant alcohol,Go to the pharmacy (Passerby)Maybe the pharmacy doesn’t have it anymore. This thing is also selling well (Alcohol, disinfectant, masks, etc., out of stock) Oh, the disinfectant is sold out, right? ok,Everything is done Pass the Areca Valley Scenic Area, which is now closed We are going to spend the night outside the scenic area After a while, ready to make some Chinese dumplings Tomorrow morning, continue to the niche route,Midline, of Hainan Province At the time of the outbreak, we personally have limited things to do Let’s reduce the number of parties and stay at home as much as possible And we should stay in the RV as much as possible Not going to increase the pressure on ferries (Reduce the possibility of cross infection) Finally look forward to the pneumonia epidemic being brought under control as soon as possible Preparing to make some Chinese dumplings The contents of the dumplings have just been prepared The final procedure was being prepared, but at this time an uncle of security came to persuade us to leave. Oh, this land belongs to the scenic area too, right? If you don’t leave, I will call the police Just like the night before, their car was towed away Oh, can’t stay overnight here, right I think so, there is a charging station here, I want to charge here The car charged here belongs to the company what? the company? I do not understand Car inside Areca Valley Scenic Area No, I want to charge my car Charge? I have no idea then There is a sign over there. Have you seen it? Cannot stay in the car overnight Oh well I thought it was by the road. I have n’t entered the scenic area yet, so why not stay? So I went to take a look, and it really said, Do n’t stay overnight in the car well ! Drive a few kilometers further Go to a holiday farm we stayed a few days ago I don’t know if there is any new change at this time of the pneumonia outbreak …

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  2. 你們一家的旅行真讓你們賺到了平安!很聰明的投資!

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