우한폐렴?신종코로나바이러스? 증상? 박쥐? 감기?

Hello, it’s gold. hi doctor Happy new year H1N1 Corona Virus, commonly known as Wuhan Pneumonia I’ll explain what’s real about this. Lots of fake news, lots of weird stuff I’m not confused. Which is the truth I couldn’t decide which one was real or fake. I’m still a chick doctor But because he knows what the paper is good for, I will explain with the most reliable papers So it’s not like Articles introduced through research The most credible site is CDC Or lancet. WHO is credible, but I see a lot of CDC. In the case of Lancet, we published two papers. One presented about the symptoms of the patients The other one is whether people can spread it. Of course when we see Though people think that radio wave is certain, That’s what we give up We have to deal with this. (Because there is a cure and prevents it) Conclusion that propagation between people is possible In a paper examining patients’ symptoms, Which hospital in Wuhan, China Confirmed 2019-nCov patient hospitalized here Announced with 41 confirmed patients with new coronavirus Not only did Chinese authorities investigate Authorities, the United States and many scholars This is a research paper. This is much better than what we’re seeing fake news. What is new about Wuhan 2019-novel coronavirus This is the real name of Wuhan pneumonia 2019-nCov I studied this This is a summary of the clinical aspects of patients. The old coronavirus we just passed through It’s like a cold I passed by suffering the same as a cold Representatively deadly MERS, SARS? Coronavirus is a family. Mutations in coronavirus It’s coming out What came out of it was MERS Came out SARS This time it’s Woo ~~~~ 2019-nCov SARS had a 10% mortality rate MERS was 37% and was very high. What is the death rate for the new coronavirus? 15% in this paper I mean (but I can’t say it because there are too few samples) Higher than SARS and lower than MERS If you look at the general ward, The intensive care unit is ICU Is how much you went to the intensive care unit You went to the intensive care unit quite a lot? 13 out of 41 people If you look at the table B, human seafood market exposure With people who went directly to the market in Wuhan The table compares people who have not been there. If you look … there are quite a few people who haven’t been to the market. Unsure of spreading between people before this paper is published The other paper I mentioned earlier Seeing that people are certain to spread, I’m preparing! Of these results, this table is important. All subjects have been hospitalized. One survey with inpatients. 27% of inpatients have ARDS Jam Aucte Respiratory distress sydrome If you think about it easily, it’s hard to breathe You get this syndrome This syndrome occurs two days after admission. It should proceed at such a rapid pace. Mortality rates up to 15% And the death toll is growing rapidly. As of January 24, 2020, as of the date of publication 25 more fatal cases Says. The death toll is increasing every day. Objectively I’m evaluating here If you look at the symptoms You’re curious 98% column appears I have a fever. (In addition, some patients are asymptomatic.) Common cold symptoms such as fever and tired cough. The difference between MERS and SARS These two had diarrhea like diarrhea. But in 2019-nCov, patients suffering from digestive system symptoms I said it was very small Rather than a runny nose or sneezing sore throat Respiratory failure It is said that this happens more. If you see here, doctors and medical staff Personal protective equipment is strongly recommended. N95 mask comes out This is also used to prevent air infections like tuberculosis This mask is used to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In the case of medical staff, I can spread it, so I recommend using N95. But the general public can not use everyday life N95. Rather than surgical mask or KF80 You should use KF94 There is no virus treatment so far. I’m not there yet Antiviral drugs that were effective in SARS At a designated hospital in Wuhan I am currently experimenting with efficacy and stability. There’s a cure, not hiding We are currently experimenting on the stability of the treatment effect If it works, it will be used as a treatment. There is, of course, a problem with this paper. 41 have very few samples. So mortality and other symptoms will change a lot. That’s why they said too few samples. This is only an inpatient investigation. Outpatient or New Patient, Community Because research may vary depending on settings I can’t say it with confidence. There’s a controversy over whether the causative organism is a bat. It is not yet known whether it is a bat or not. Beneath or I will leave this article address for as a comment If you have any questions, please see There are many articles and videos that can cause anxiety. Or these rumors will float Rather than believe that The sequel is to believe in objective research. Thank you until today

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  1. 2019-nCoV라고 하는 신종 코로나 바이러스에 대한 자료 입니다.
    여기서 말한 사망률 15퍼센트는 41명의 환자를 대상으로 말한것입니다.
    현재 치사율은 2.81퍼센트라고 합니다.
    여기 주소로 들어가시면 논문을 확인 할 수 있습니다.
    모두들 손씻기를 반드시 하셔야 합니다.
    마스크는 수술용마스크, KF80이상을 착용하셔도 됩니다.
    재활용은 하지 마시구요!
    새해복 많이 받으세요.
    질병은 안걸리는게 장땡입니다.

  2. 걱정되었는데 그래도 감사합니다ㅜㅜ 마스크를 쓰고 손을 깨끗히 씻는 등을 행동을 하면 그래도 예방이 어느정도 가능한건가요?

  3. 복잡하고 왔다갔다 하는 뉴스보다, 의사가 공신력 있는 논문으로 설명을 해 주니 정말 좋네요. 댓글 질문에 대한 답 같은 사소한 것부터 시사 문제까지 금닥터님은 빨리빨리 반응해주셔서 참 좋아요!! 오늘도 영상 잘 봤어요~ 건강 조심하세요!!🙏🏻

  4. 혹시나 금닥터님이 우한폐렴에 대해 올려주실까하고 계속 기다렸어용ㅋㅋㅋ유익한정보 감사드리구 금닥터님도 조심하세욥!!!

  5. 어디 말이 맞는거죠.. 열 다섯살이고 어머니가 두 달째 감기에 걸려있으셔서 저도 얼마전에 감기 나았거든요.. 어머니께서 기침 할때마다 전 더 걱정되고 지금도 기침 하시고 계셔요.. 마스크가 일반 약국 마스크도 괜찮은 건가요.. 지금 다른 뉴스에서는 치사율이 3%라는데 15%라는 것은 무슨 말이죠..? 기본 면역력 좋으면 이겨낼 수 있는건가요 진짜 너무 걱정되요 메르스때도 거의 삼일 밤을 샌 저라서.. 예방 방법도 알려주세요 마스크가 약국것도 되는지가 제일 궁금해요

  6. 코로나바이러스 걸리신분들 빨리 완쾌하셔서 하루 빨리 가족의 품으로 가셨으면…😢
    제 채널에
    최신 우한 영상 업댓중이니 보시고가세요!

  7. 원래 이런 바이러스는 12~2월에 자주 나타나고 3월쯤되면 저절로 사라진다고 지나치게 여론이 공포조성을 하고 있다는 목소리도 있던데 지금까지 나왔던 질병들보다 위험한 바이러스인가여 아니면 정말 약간 여론이 공포감을 조성하는 것도 없지 않아 있는건가여..? ㅜㅜ

  8. 홍콩 유학생입니다! 제가 삼일전에 술 마시고 토를 했는데 위액까지 조금 나온 느낌이었어요.. 그 이후로 왼쪽 편도 왼쪽 귀가 부어서 아픈데 침삼킬때 아프진 않구요… 열도 없고 목 가끔 미세하게 2초 간질간질한거 제외하면 아무증상 없는데 혹시 초기증상일까요ㅠㅠ 그냥 토하고 역류성으로 부은거겠죠..

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