(upbeat music) – [Doctor] Say ahh. That hurts. – I’m actually not feeling amazing either so I asked if they could test me as well. (upbeat music) Hi. (sneeze) Bless you, bless you. It is just after seven am. We’ve been up since around 6:30 and Jeremy’s out of town today. It’s my very first day alone all day with all five of my kids. And I’m excited about it. I think we’re gonna
make some good memories. I’m also a little bit nervous. – Good morning. – [Kendra] How are you feeling? – My fever’s gone but
my throat still hurts. – [Kendra] I’m so sorry buddy. Should we get you a
smoothie for breakfast? – I might strep, we might
be able to go to the doctor and see if it’s strep throat. (blender whirring) – We’ve actually had a
pretty productive morning. It’s only 8:30 and I think we’re mostly done with our chores. The big kids are showered. Now we’re sitting down
to do some Read-a-loud while the kids color. Well our house might be messy right now but it’s happy and peaceful
so that’s a win in my book. This girl’s on her third
outfit of the morning and it’s not even noon yet. She spit up a ton and she’s had to be changed a bunch. I just realized that she is
officially two months old today. Babies grow up way too fast. Laura is playing with her beans again and I’m wondering if I’m going to ever get my clothes on and
my teeth brushed today. I’m gonna try to get that done. Well I did it, I am
dressed, I have makeup on, I brushed my teeth, I
mean this is a good day. But while I was doing that, I come out, I’m feeling so successful,
I’m like we can do this. Five kids, I’ve got this. And I come out and Laura
was playing with the beans and she decided to add a
bunch of water to the beans to make stew. Miss Laura. What did you make? – Water. – [Kendra] Yep you put water
in the beans didn’t you? – And now I’m gonna stew them with water. – [Kendra] I know but if we
put water in our play beans then they’ll grow mold
and they’ll get yucky. – What does grow mold mean? – [Kendra] It means grow bacteria. – What is bacteria? – [Kendra] Bacteria are germs, they’re little organisms
that can get us sick. – But we already are sick. – [Kendra] I know but these would be different kinds of bacteria. Miss Laura. If you want to use water,
you have to ask Mommy first. – Can I put it in here? – [Kendra] You have to ask Mommy first. You say Mommy can I use water? And then Mommy says yes or no. – Mommy, can I use water? – [Kendra] No we can’t
use water in our beans. Okay? (upbeat music) You guys gonna help me
unload the groceries? – Yeah I think it’ll take awhile. – [Kendra] Well delivery
groceries to the rescue. I realized we’re out of a
couple things that we needed and I don’t wanna take
everybody to the grocery store. So I ordered online last night and it’s delivered today. And now I’ve got our menu planned, not only for the next few
days when Jeremy’s gone, but when he gets home too. I got a few special things to help us pass the time while he’s gone. Gum was on sale which is a huge hit. So I also got a little treat for myself, some dark chocolate. I may need it to survive. What did you find Laura? – Two oranges. – [Kendra] Oranges? – For school. – Look what I got. – [Kendra] Strawberries. – One more pack. – [Kendra] You found gum. – There’s a whole bag of gum. – I’ve got muscles to throw bags off. You found my gum. – [Kendra] That’s Italian dressing mix. It’s for a recipe. – You got vanilla ice cream? – What? Thank you. – [Kendra] You’re welcome. Bagels. – Look at me. – [Kendra] You are so strong. What are we gonna do with those potatoes? – I don’t know. – [Kendra] Should we eat them? – Yeah, alrighty. This is like a baby. – [Kendra] It is like a baby. You taking it down to the pantry? – Yep. – [Kendra] Thank you be
careful with your baby. Look at that little precious view. I love having her in this wrap because she’s just all
snuggled close to me and I get to feel like I’m holding her and I can still get stuff accomplished. (giggles) Okay Lisy, what’s your first word say? – Hand. – [Kendra] Hand, you found your first one. Let’s see how many words
you can find on this paper. – I see my word. – [Kendra] You see some words? What does it say? – [Caleb] It says Laura. – [Kendra] What does the word say? – Laura, I love you Mom and Dad. You are the best. – I found mine. – [Kendra] What word did you find? – Nettle. – [Kendra] Nettle. – I found more. – Chick. – Whistle. – How when you paint
over then it shows that? – [Kendra] It’s magic. Just kidding it’s because
a used a wax crayon, the white crayon. So I wrote on the paper
with the white crayon so then when you paint over it, the paint doesn’t get on the crayon so then you can see it. Give. – Quickly. – I found ride. – [Isaac] Vex. – Bee. – I found hollow. – [Kendra] So these are all spelling words for your spelling bee. – My water is getting darker and darker. – [Kendra] Yep, that’s what happens when you use watercolors. – [Caleb] And, run, dig, bed, car, fast. – [Kendra] Way to go. Here’s Isaac’s. Did you finish buddy? – [Isaac] Yep. – [Kendra] Lisy’s almost done. Did you find some good words. – Uh huh, I just wanna
make it more colorful. – [Kendra] Now the kids
are writing their own notes or drawing. Jenae loves her big brother. She’s talking to ya. – She just said ahh. – [Kendra] Oh she smiled, she liked that. She’s like cool noise. You know all the best tricks. She’s trying. Are you finding your voice little girl? I just found a drawing that
Caleb did during quiet time. The kids are definitely missing their dad. Best drawing ever, Dad, drawn by Caleb. There you are Jeremy,
there’s your likeness. My sister-in-law is amazing and came over to sit
with the other four kids so I could take this guy to the doctor. He has been complaining all day still of his throat hurting. It’s just his third day of sickness. I really just wanna take
him in and get it checked. So that’s what we’re doing. – That’s cool. – [Doctor] Say ahh. That hurts. – Alright Cubby, do you
wanna tell them what you got? – Strep throat. – Strep throat, we’re gonna
get you some medicine. You’re gonna get feeling better. So I’m actually not feeling amazing either so I asked if they could test me as well. I am waiting to see if I have strep too. My strep test came back positive as well. So Caleb and I both have strep. We both got antibiotics and hopefully we get feeling better soon. We got on our PJs and
we’re eating some food. And you took some medicine. Now what are we gonna do? Well today definitely
didn’t turn out as planned. It went okay. Isaac and Elise are actually
at their cousin Luke’s birthday party tonight. That was already in the
plans, they’re doing that. I’ve got the little kids here at home. I’m trying to put them to bed. I see Laura sneaking around the corner. I’m gonna put myself to bed and hopefully we’ll all
get some sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. That would be a great thing. Antibiotics, hopefully those will kick in. That’s it for today. Goodnight, J House out. You coughed diarrhea. Laura do you know what diarrhea is? – [Jeremy] Do you see it? – Yes. – [Kendra] Say goodbye Dad. (upbeat music)

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