– [Jeremy] You opening it? Here, you want some help? Watch. (child giggles) (upbeat music) – Blue hat, green hat. So we decided we want to see a doctor. – [Jeremy] And in about
ten minutes we’ll know whether it’s strep throat
or not strep throat. (somber music) – [Kendra] So, little
miss Laura is sick today. So tell me about your body where are you hurting? – Throat, tummy, and a little tiny bit my forehead. – [Kendra] You have a fever too, huh? So yesterday, Laura
came up crying and said just outta no where, I hadn’t
heard anything about it all day, she said “Mum, my throat hurts.” And I said “Okay, open up.” And she opened up her mouth. It was bright red. So Laura doesn’t get to
go to summer camp today. How are you feeling about that? – Sad. – [Kendra] Hopefully with a lot of rest you’ll get to go tomorrow. – Kay. – [Kendra] So we’ve got a few piles of books to get us started. Does anything sound yummy to eat today? – At least a little mini quiches. They’re literally mini and
they have crust around them. They’re so cute. And watermelon. – [Kendra] Watermelon’s
nice because it can slide down your throat pretty easy. – Yeah. – [Kendra] We’re gonna
take care of Laura today and hope she gets better and we’re also gonna hope
that nobody else gets sick. Janae’s invented a fun game this morning. She’s laying out playing cards and putting blocks on top of them. Great idea. – Eight Nine – [Kendra] Numbers eight and
nine, those are good numbers. We have one deck of cards
that is missing some cards so that is designated
as Janae’s playing deck. And she can play with
it as much as she wants because it’s already not functional. (lighthearted guitar music) I love watching kids play. It’s so cool to see a
little peek into their brain and what’s going on in there.
– Me spin. – Did Janae spin? (giggles) What are you drawing a picture of? – Her. – [Kendra] Do you know her name? – I forgot it. – [Kendra] It’s Belle. – She’s so beautiful. – [Kendra] What movie is Belle from? – The movie Belle. – [Kendra] It’s called
“Beauty and the Beast” – Mm-hmm! – Well with Laura sick we’re having a really low key day at home. I’ve done really exciting things
like unload the dish washer and I meal-planned for the whole week and now I’m working on my shopping list. So I’m getting stuff done
(kids playing) while still hanging with
the girls quite a bit. Are you showing me a picture? Way to go, Janae! I like seeing the work that you do. (bouncy piano music) So Janae was in our pantry and discovered a little
like, worm centipede? I don’t know what it is. But
she’s really concerned about it and she was immediately like “We need to get dad, we need to get dad, he needs to fix this problem.” – Should I fix it? – [Janae] Yeah. – [Jeremy] Is there- where is it? – There. – [Jeremy] Is that a little wormy worm? – [Janae and Laura] Yeah. – [Jeremy] All right, here we go. I’m gonna get the wormy worm. Should we put it outside? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Okay. – Not in my house. – [Kendra] Not in your house. – Bye bye. – [Jeremy] Bye bye. – [Kendra] Did Daddy save ya? – Yeah. Nay’s Dad. – [Kendra] Nay’s Dad did it? – Yeah, thank you dad. – [Jeremy] You’re welcome. So you can always tell
when your kids are sick when it’s lunch time and they
don’t wanna eat anything. Here’s Laura’s bowl. And this was her breakfast. Well although Laura didn’t want her lunch, she is having – A Gogurt cause it feels better. – [Jeremy] Feels good on your throat – And I don’t have to bite Gogurt. – [Jeremy] Is it a frozen Gogurt? – Yeah. – It’s really hard that
sicknesses are contagious because our kids want to be together. It’s hard to keep them apart. Is she your friend? All right, now it’s nap time we’re getting ready to
put down Janae and Laura. You have a good nap okay? Drink up all that milk and Pediasure. (playful piano music) There’s three headlights up front four tail lights in back. – Blue hat, green hat by Sandra Boynton. – [Jeremy] So we’ve been really trained to limit our screen time
– Blue hat – [Jeremy] with Janae
– Green hat – when we put her down.
– red hat, oops! So I just went in to ask Jeremy a question and he looked at me
and he said “We match!” Which I hadn’t realized. – I mean it’s the opposite. The inverse. – White with black stripes, black with white stripes. I think that means we’re like, in sync. – Yin Yang. – Okay this is so funny. I just went to Laura’s classroom to pick her up from school and her teacher was like “What are you doing here?! Is Laura okay?” and I was
like “No, I’m picking her up” and she goes “No you
didn’t bring her today” and I was like “Oh my gosh” I was just on autopilot. I always pick up the big kids first and then we all walk
together to go pick up Laura and I was just totally on autopilot. So there the teacher was so scared. I’m like “No no, no I actually-
I do know where Laura is. She’s at home, she’s
napping, she’s with Jeremy.” But, anyway, feeling like I’m losing my mind just a little bit. Well Laura woke up from her nap and she is not feeling better. In fact, I think she’s feeling worse. Her throat is so red and swollen and she still has a fever. So, we decided we want to see a doctor and we are actually going to try using a Telemedicine service that has been highly recommended by our friends here in Puerto Rico. And so we are going to be video chatting with the doctor in they
said about fifteen minutes. This is one of those times when I think technology is amazing. Are you ready to see the doctor? All you gotta do is lay
there. Can you do it? – [Jeremy] Definitely had hoped Laura would be feeling better by now. – I know. – [Jeremy] So Elise and the
kids are back from school. What are you makin’?
– I’m making a dip for mom. – [Jeremy] Is this for apple slices? – Mm-hmm. – [Jeremy] So it’s marshmallow cream and cream cheese. – So I put in a little more than half of– – [Jeremy] The cream cheese? – The cream cheese, which
is not wanting to come out. – [Jeremy] Sounds like Janae just woke up. I’m gonna go check on her.
(spoon banging) (upbeat keyboard music) – [Jeremy] Hey Nae-Nae, how was your nap? – Great. – [Jeremy] You openin’ it? Here, you want some help? Watch. (giggles) – Mum, you see that? – [Jeremy] Mum, did you see that? – Did it open? – Yeah. – [Both] Poof! – Hello! Thank you for meeting with us. Like, do we need to test for strep? That was my concern is, if we didn’t find out what she had. ‘Cause that’s gonna be pretty
contagious to everybody else. – [Doctor] Yeah, yeah. – [Jeremy] So, Isaac is
always doing research, and asking people poll
questions in our family. What are we doing right now? – Rank your top three of these. [Jeremy] Skittles,
Starburst, Fruit Roll Up, Gummy Bear, Twizzlers. And then you did one over here. – [Isaac] Mm-hmm. – Snickers, Kit Kat,
Twix, Milky Way, Hershey – Milky Way was six, Snickers was five. Twix, four and a half. Kit Kat got one and a half, and Hershey’s got half a point. – [Jeremy] I’ma go Starburst, Skittles, Gummy Bear, fruit roll, Twizzler, that’s too hard. I don’t know, that’s what I think. – I’ll do that. – [Jeremy] Well, we’re doing
left overs for dinner tonight which is nice. We just pop it in and warm it up. (light guitar music) – Miss you! Miss you! – [Jeremy] Did you miss me? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] I missed you too. So, with Laura being
sick, she’s been watching some of our old home videos. (television chatter) I remember when I was growing up I loved watching home videos. – I’m having a really great day today. And I attribute that to
two different things. Number one, last night
before I went to bed I really scheduled my day today. Like I really made a to-do list and I prioritized a to-do list and I even like tentatively
was looking at the schedule thinking about when I
would do different things so I’ve gotten stuff done. Like I was organized ahead of time and that makes such a big
difference on the day. Also, I prioritized scripture study. I put it in at the beginning of the day instead of waiting till the end of the day when I was exhausted. And you know Laura’s not feeling well. She just sat next to me and she was coloring and I was reading my scriptures. And I’m doing a really fun thing right now where I’m reading through the Bible, the New Testament, in the King
James version of the Bible and in the new international
version of the Bible. And, I just love reading different editions of the Bible. I feel like I really learn
from the different translations and I’m keeping a journal alongside it. As I’m journaling, each day when I open up my scripture journal I write
a question that I need help and inspiration on in my life. And then as I’m reading,
I’m seeking that help and the answers that I’m able to feel as I’m reading and learning are just really touching my
life in some beautiful ways. – I just finished the book
“Tuesdays with Morrie” and it’s about a professor who gets ALS and talks about facing
this terminal disease where he knows he’s gonna die and the lessons that he learned in life. And there’s an interview that
he did on TV I was watching. – Maybe you wanna go on just to be an inspiration to other people. – The book was really inspiring to me. Definitely makes me want
to be a better person and think a lot about my
relationships with others, about love and to try to continue to focus on the things that matter most and not get so stressed out and hung up by the things that are fleeting. And in my opinion, I think the things that matter most are
love and relationships. Our younger kids are asleep
but Isaac and Elise are up. And apparently Isaac
has invented a new game. – I call it ‘Disney Cuatrotate.’ Cuatro in English is four. Every four turns you can rotate your cards to try to like, be strategic,
then you can’t switch it for the next four turns. (light ambient music) – [Jeremy] I love how
creative you guys are. Just make your own game. So our doctor has a strep kit where we’re able to take some saliva from Laura’s throat, put
it into the chemicals and then in about ten minutes, we’ll know whether it’s strep throat
or not strep throat. It’s amazing that we have
that kind of technology to get those kinds of answers so quick. Just really grateful
for our modern medicine. One of the main advantages
of getting the test is since we have other kids
that might be getting sick then we’ll also know if
they need certain medication or to take care of it, depending
on what sickness it is. So it looks like she does have strep. You have strep throat. That is the worst. That also means our next week or two is not gonna be very good. It’s definitely strep. – I’m so grateful that we decided to have her checked out because strep is miserable and I’m so glad we could get
some antibiotics on board. You’re gonna get feeling better, okay? – I also have an owie on my chin. – You also have an owie on your chin. Yeah, let’s go to bed. – Goodnight, J House out! – Let’s look at that! (upbeat guitar music) (children cheer) – I hope it’s not tornado season. – Jinx, jinx
– [Father] Jinx, jinx again. – Jinx again!

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