10 Early symptoms of HIV infection

10 Early symptoms of HIV infection 1. Night Sweats symptoms of hiv – night sweats If you’re unable to fall in asleep because
you cannot stop sweating, and you’ve recently engaged in high-risk sexual behaviors, it
can be a cause of this infection. HIV-induced night sweats often occur persistently
and without effort. They can drench your sheets and clothes and
cannot nearly sleep through. A person who engaged in unsafe anal intercourse
with multiple persons and is diagnosed with early HIV reported that night sweats are a
common symptom, according to a study published in 2015 in “Clinical Infectious Diseases”. In fact, night sweats often accompany a common
fever in HIV patients. 2. Fever symptoms of hiv – fever Another common symptom of HIV infection can
be a fever. A common fever during the first HIV stage
can be recurrent and persist for two to four weeks at one time. Night sweats usually accompany fevers associated
with an infection. According to a study published in 2005 in
Praxis, 77% of 62 patients with primary HIV infection are affected by fever, which establishes
as the main symptom of this condition. Because fevers are the response of the immune
system to viral infections, getting fevers in the first stages of HIV is another common
sign. It proves the immune system hasn’t weakened
yet. 3. Swollen Lymph Nodes The cells of your immune system are spread
throughout your body. One of the main locations for the distribution
is surely the lymph nodes that are found in your neck, in the groin area, and under your
armpits. Because the primary task of the cells of HIV
is weakening your immune system, they will identify the main immunity-boosting parts
of your body and then attack them. This will include the lymph nodes. The swollen lymph nodes are the way of your
body telling you that the immune system is working very hard to reduce the damage caused
by an HIV infection. 55.5% of 54 patients (30 patients) diagnosed
with HIV suffer from the swelling of lymph nodes, according to a study in 2002. Lymph nodes are very tender to the touch and
painful. They may appear and disappear frequently. It is a cause of this problem if the swelling
persists longer than two to four weeks. 4. Sore Throat Another early symptom HIV infection is a sore
throat. It is likely to accompany fevers in HIV-positive
patients. In fact, a sore throat can occur before getting
a fever as an indicative symptom in many patients. According to a study in Clinical Infectious
Diseases in 2002, a sore throat was also identified as the severe symptom of an HIV infection
in seventy-four infected prostitutes. You can experience pain swallowing your own
saliva as well as water and food. Your sore throat can last up to two weeks
and can be accompanied by a mouth ulcer. 5. Joint Pain And Muscle Pain symptoms of hiv – joint pain (arthralgias)
and muscle pain (myalgia) While these signs are present during the trajectory
of this infection, they are also the main symptoms to identify whether you can have
contracted HIV or not. Musculoskeletal disorders (those affecting
your bones and muscles) are often the early symptoms of HIV infection, according to a
study in 2002. The joint and muscle pain can manifest itself
in the moderate to severe pain form in 2 or more joints that will last from 2 to 24 hours. In a study in 2013, the musculoskeletal signs
of 300 patients with primary HIV infection were evaluated for 1 year. It found that about 63.3% patients reported
musculoskeletal disorders. Besides, 46.7% patients reported body aches,
26.7% reported joint pain, 6.7% reported osteoporosis, and 8.3% reported lower back pain. These signs intensify when the disease progresses. 6. Seborrheic Dermatitis And Rashes Seborrheic dermatitis on the face, chest,
and scalp is one of the early symptoms of HIV infection, according to a study in Acta
Dermatovenerol Croatia in 2008. The study further notes that the seborrheic
dermatitis ranges from 30 to 83% in patients with early HIV infection. Sebaceous glands are mostly located in the
head, face, chest, groin area, and upper back. An early sign of HIV infection is the appearance
of inflamed, itchy, flaky, and red skin around these regions, which can last two to three
weeks or more. According to a study in the Annals of Family
Medicine in 2005, some studies of primary HIV cases were selected from many medical
surveys. The average age of patients was about 17 to
54 years and all of them exhibited all the early symptoms of HIV infection. In addition, a rash was also the second commonly
reported sign by all the patients. Read more: Easy tips to cure seborrheic dermatitis
naturally at home 7. Headaches Headaches are the persistent and common form
of pain that is experienced by HIV patients. This symptom severely deteriorates the life
quality of HIV patient and hinders his or her daily activities. Primary headaches (tension-type headaches,
headaches, and migraines persisting for weeks and occurring on one side) are recurrent headaches
not related to any underlying illness. They can signify that HIV infection is in
its first stage. Secondary headaches (headaches from meningitis
or sinus headaches) are related to other illnesses that often occur in the later stage of HIV
infection when the immune system becomes weaker, allowing the opportunistic infections to thrive. The tension-type headaches often exacerbate
and combine with the secondary headaches because of these secondary illnesses. According to a study published in Pain in
2000, 45.8% of 131 patients with primary HIV reported tension-related headaches, 16% reported
migraines, and 6.1% reported other kinds of headaches. Learn more: Natural home treatments for headaches
8. Tiredness Or Fatigue Fatigue from HIV patients can be described
as the feeling of exhaustion and lack of energy that is not treated with a good sleep at night. It can be constant and often occur without
physical exertion. According to a study in the Clinical Nursing
Journal in 2006, 15 HIV patients just recently identified fatigue as an indefectible hindrance
in their day-to-day lives. The study also notes that fatigue or tired
was a widely ignored sign of HIV infection, and both the concerned health professionals
and the family or friends of HIV patients failed to acknowledge this sign. Fatigue significantly affected to the patients’
ability to do chores, work, walk, exercise, and engage in some other activities. Plus, it also affected to mental clarity,
concentration, and patience according to a study published in the Association of Nurses
Journal in AIDS Care in 2008. Fatigue can also induce anxiety and depression. See more: Useful tips to cure fatigue naturally
and get your energy back 9. Nausea And Vomiting
The earliest symptoms of HIV infection are nausea and vomiting, according to a study
in the STD & AIDS (International Journal) in 2008. Because the HIV infection can compromise one’s
immune system, the body can contract bacterial, viral, and fungal infections even in the first
stages. Nausea is the way of your body to make you
know that the system is attacked by these infections. Moreover, if you’ve recently engaged in
the high-risk sexual behaviors and have been nauseated regularly, it may be indicative
of an HIV infection. 10. Diarrhea symptoms of hiv – diarrhea Like nausea & vomiting, diarrhea is known
as a disorder of your gastrointestinal tract caused by fungal, viral, and bacterial infections
attacking when your immune system gets weak or reeling under an HIV. A common symptom of HIV infection, diarrhea
can severely damage the life quality of the patients and interfere with his or her daily

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  2. Not being funny but all these are common symptoms of other illnesses too. To be fair if you do show signs of any of these and you have engaged in unprotected sex or risky behaviour then yes go and get a check up, but don't go driving yourself round the twist with worry while you wait for results. Chances are you have a mild flu or an alergic reaction to something.

  3. Im speaking to hundreds of people with so called HIV & none of them have ever taken the toxic ARV's & are perfectly fine after many many years , HIV is not a deadly virus that causes AIDS , unfortunately a lot of the people are too scared to put there name down on a list to prove this , they fear being killed , especially in Countries like Africa . Most will just be ignored , because the people who first put this theory out ( Robert Gallo ) is convinced he is right , also now there is far too much money involved to turn this around, also very convenient because the people who get tested & end up taking the toxic ARV's are usually drugs addicts , gay people & Africans , so as you can imagine the establishment are not in a hurry to have this exposed . Please look into Peter Deusberg , Neville Hodgkinson , Dr Claus Kohnleins , Thabo Mbeki & many many others who have been trying to tell people for many years now, please switch off your emotional & subjective thought & look into one of the centurys biggest mistakes that was to convenient to bother turning around , oh well the ones with there eyes open know & know that the Cure to HIV is simple , DO NOT EVER GET AN HIV TEST, you can still get AIDS if you don't look after yourself & do drugs , or have many other STD's or drink too much or take to many antibiotics & dont look after yourself , all the diseases that can kill obviously still kill people, a disease kills because it weakens our immune system anyway , without a made up deadly virus, please I beg the ones with open minds to look into this as the ones with closed minds haven't got much of a chance unless they look deeply into this, my best wishes to all of you.

  4. This is a reckless and sensationalistic video…..all the symptoms are the same for cancer, menopause, etc….
    The very contrite suggestion that you can't get it from regular sex from a regular person….that you must be involved in some crazy sexual situations is ludicrous…..

  5. I had unsafe sex yesterday with the guy and we use condoms and we had to rounds sex after sex I feel so tired and morning I feel headache a bit diarrhea.

    Im worried about myself anyone can give me any ideas

  6. The aids scare was bullshit. It was an auto immune disease that killed you because the life you led shut your body down. Gay men and their wives are who get aids..

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