10 Secrets to Fighting the Flu at Home

fever chills headache body ache runny
and stuffy nose sore throat dry cough tiredness and fatigue chills fever nausea and vomiting stomach cramps
diarrhea water loss is a typical thing that
happens when you get sick besides drinking water to help you stay hydrated
you can also drink coconut water sports drinks herbal teas fresh juice soup and raw fruits and veggies oh my goodness
make sleep a top priority this boosts your immune system to help your body
fight off the virus drinking warm chicken or beef bone broth can help
loosen sinus congestion and help you replenish sodium and potassium plus
protein is important for rebuilding immune cells increase your zinc intake
zinc helps your body make germ fighting white blood cells
it may help ease your symptoms help your body fight the virus and may slow down
how fast it multiplies you could take a multivitamin or eat red meat shellfish
lentils and chickpeas beans nuts and seeds dairy and eggs thank you so much
to grace time for your amazing support on our Channel and your great comment
soothe a sore throat by gargling with salt water mix half a teaspoon of salt
in 8 ounces of warm water and gargle for ten to thirty seconds you can repeat
this as you need drinking herbal teas may help soothe symptoms and shorten the
time you are sick as several herbs have natural antiviral and antibacterial
properties star anis is a spice that oseltamivir was traditionally extracted
also Tama vir phosphate better known as Tamiflu is a prescription drug used to
speed recovery from or prevent getting the flu make a flu fighting herbal tea
with star anis and other herbs like tumeric
ginger-garlic or clothes you can sweeten your teas with pure honey which also
adds more antiviral and antibacterial properties use essential oils to slow or
stop the rate that the virus multiplies you can add a few drops of tea tree oil
with your soap when you wash your hands or mix with some lotion other oils that
work as natural antibiotics and antivirals our cinnamon peppermint
eucalyptus geranium lemon thyme and oregano you can also add fresh and dried
herbs and spices to your foods to get similar benefits only use essential oils
as directed do not ingest oils as many are toxic most may be used on the skin
after mixed with almond oil or coconut oil today’s contest is how long does the
flu last first when they get it right will pain you a comment using a
humidifier in your home and workplace may help reduce flu viruses in the air
the flu virus survives longer in dry air and can make the virus spread more
easily breathing steam can help soothe your nose sinuses throat and lungs seem
therapy helps loosen mucus congestion soothes the dry cough irritated nose and
chest tightness we want you to avoid getting burned so be sure to avoid steam
from boiling water and for added antiviral benefits add some of those
essential oils that we talked about earlier
for the stomach flu eat a bland diet bananas right applesauce and toast
crackers oatmeal and Cream of Wheat jello boiled potatoes grilled chicken
soups and broths and electrolyte rich drinks you want to avoid foods that may
irritate your digestive system including milk cheese caffeine meats spicy foods
fried foods and fatty foods the home remedies can help reduce symptoms so you
can be more comfortable and rest more easily and rest has a big impact on
getting better faster all you germ fighters do what are you doing you
better save her little white blood cell thanks so much for watching be sure to
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7 thoughts on “10 Secrets to Fighting the Flu at Home

  1. Good advice but the video makes me think "are you sure about that?" But then, everyone needs a good laugh. Have a great day and stay healthy 😁

  2. This is a really great video! Interesting about the star anise. thanks for sharing this important fact. It is sad that we are not taught these things anymore.

  3. This video was so helpful! You shared some really great tips for fighting flu season. My entire household is sick so I’ll be using some of these tips ASAP

  4. Hi! This was a really good video! You were all really good actors. I hope you were acting and I hope you were not really sick. I eat oat meal when I am sick sometimes too. This video had a lot of good ideas for when you are sick. I like videos when everyone in the family helps. You were all really good actors. I loved seeing your dog so much. One of my dogs had to get her spleen taken out over the holiday break. She is feeling much better now. Good video. I hope you have a nice day. Bye.

  5. Great video and excellent information my Friend. I always include Elderberry Syrup or capsules when I start feeling the flu or a cold. All great remedies. TY!

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