2018 Flu Season: Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot?

At 55, I became a widow In April 2016, Lisa Rasmusen, lost her husband A retired Mesa police officer right before their 29th wedding anniversary. Paul was a healthy 57 year-old man when he got sick within one week of feeling cruddy he was in the ICU he was on my support, he was on life support within a week the cause of death? A vaccine preventable disease He died from the Flu She said she had never seen her husband sick before He never got colds, he never got the flu nothing Because of that, he didn’t think he needed Flu shots Something health providers say they hear all too often. Ready? Virtually everybody we asks says that no, they did not receive a vaccine. This season the Flu has been wide spread in Maricopa County We are seeing more than 15 times as many cases than we were at this time last year It’s also hit us earlier in the year than it normally does. Typically, the earlier the Flu season starts, the earlier it ends. But there’s no guarantee that will be the case this year The good news is if you’re vaccinated, it prevents you from getting hospitalized and dying from the Flu. But it’s only 30 percent protective against getting the Flu. That’s why it’s also important to take simple steps like keeping your hands away from your face as much as possible It’s vicious and it doesn’t care who you are It doesn’t care how healthy you are, it doesn’t care what your situation is If you get exposed You’re lucky if it’s only a couple days feeling cruddy and feeling like you get hit by a truck Paul wasn’t lucky Rasmusen hopes Paul’s story will motivate others to get the vaccine. I don’t want people to to have to go through this For Maricopa County News, I’m Erika Flores

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