3 Natural Home Remedies To CURE AN UPSET STOMACH

Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to show you home remedies for stomach upset. Stomach upsets can be caused due to indigestion
provoked because of eating. The common symptoms include pain in upper abdomen, nausea and
vomiting. 1.In this home remedy for stomach upset take
you take peppermint tea or chew peppermint leaves this will help give you relief from
your stomach pain and also give you relief from nausea. take 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, mix it in
water with 1 tsp of honey and add some water. Mix this mixture of apple cider vinegar honey
and water and drink this to get relief from your stomach upset. chop some fresh ginger root and make some
tea for relief Hope you feel better. if you found this video
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48 thoughts on “3 Natural Home Remedies To CURE AN UPSET STOMACH

  1. i m having loose motions just after eating anything? anything that cud help
    its been more than 2 months..tried several medicines nothing worjed out

  2. hi I watched ur video but I want to know that my stomach is swelled from inside it hurts when I take breath and cough or any movement what should I do

  3. At what point should we see a doctor? I mean in terms of " if it didn't get well in x days, seek professional supervision"

  4. Can someone PLEASE help me because I have had a stomach ache for 3 hours now and every time I get of the toilet I'm back on within 15 seconds I can't do it any longer could someone PLEASE help me or at least tell me how to make myself puke

  5. Why every time I get sick my parents make a cake or something so good I can't eat because of my stomach 😂😂

  6. I Ate Too Much Cookies So I'm Going To Try #2!!! I'll Tell You if It Works!! I'm Really Scared Of Nausea

  7. i have acute gastritis for 3 yrs now, i get acidity, hungry all the time or else my stomach burns like hell, it also accumulate gas easily, my food get digested very easily unlike before and i eat a lot more than before, its really depressive as im gettimg so fat and uglier day by day i picked up a staggering 30 kg in 2 yrs any solution? ;(

  8. Thank you. Also, do you also use the additional topology of dandelion pressure results to again:

  9. I've realized that when I sit down and shake my foot like up and down it helps me stop thinking about the stomach ache and I feel a little better. just sit down, bring your heel off the floor so it should just be your toes and the sole of your foot on the ground and move your heel up and down and it distracts your mind from your stomach ache. Don't go to doctors. you are the doctor. just go to #live a little longer

  10. When you said boiling, did you mean when the teas made and then you quickly add the ginger in like 'the teas boiling hot' or do you mean you put it in the kettle while youre boiling the water? Like youre boiling your tea?

  11. Sir jee after taking ginger my stomach is damage.. I dun knw what should I do nw.. Its one month nw bt stomach is still sp weak n still upset..

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