3 Recipes and 1 Exercise and Your Belly Does
will never be the same again MAKE ALL of these recipes to lose
weight too quickly to have a belly dry
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who had the most success in the loss weight
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So we start in the recipes and in advice
how to lose belly fat with this powerful slimming oil? my loves using
this powerful oil will help you to lose weight and protect your health
against different diseases This oil has been used for a long time
as a natural remedy. Best of all, its properties you
help eliminate the accumulated fat in the body especially
this fat located in the abdomen the daily oil will dilute the fat very
effectively drastically reducing hunger and
increasing the metabolism so your energy and your stamina, it reduces
abdominal fat accumulation improves skin care while fighting cellulite
. so how to make our drink based
of olive oil, this simply passes by
several steps we will need to this is pieces of cinnamon and oil
extra virgin olive, so let’s put our pieces cinnamon in a small glass bottle
preferably about 500 g of sticks of cinnamon it is important that the pot has a
lid then pour the olive oil into the little bottle already containing the pieces
cinnamon, pour until all the cinnamon sticks
are covered with olive oil, then place your little bottle
in a warm place, for example at the window of your kitchen,
you must shake the bottle daily for three weeks
shaking at least once in the morning and once at night, once you pass
the three weeks then it becomes interesting
you will need to extract the oil from cinnamon that will result, your oil
will already be ready for use already use a gauze the base, after the extraction
of your oil, it will be necessary to put it in a pearl tastes like you saw in the photo
to profile Keep in a cool, dry place for
your use. Now the million dollar question
so you’re all asking yourself moment, how to use cinnamon oil
you will have to put two drops of oil cinnamon in each
meal, this amount will be enough to stimulate the fat burning throughout the body
and you will have to start the process of losing weight by
avoiding nibbling between meals and eating three meals a day so if we
does the math you’ll have to consume by days for 3 meals 6 drops of oil
cinnamon okey ?; it’s the ideal number of daily tastes
for the magic of this powerful oil operates for the loss of fat and
weight This oil will come regulate the levels of sugar in the blood
while keeping your metabolism running all day
It’s a powerful natural laxative that you will transform, Alright I’ll also give you a mix
that will allow you to lose weight in one alone
night and this recipe is 100% natural you know that you can even be overweight,
but not so far Have a big belly okey
In fact, a healthy adult takes usually between 24 and 72 hours.
to digest and if you did not know it, you can have between 5 and 13 pounds of excrement
stuck in your gut, as well as entrapped gases in the body, with this recipe
simple the results are impressive, this remedy
natural can be consumed, from preferably at dinner no later than 20h
for which morning you can already observe the first effects
positive like, for example the feeling of lightness in the body and in the belly
So as ingredients we have about of coconut water that is to say that you take
a coconut that you poke to extract its water, then 150 g of plain yoghurt
and two tablespoons of seeds of Lin, a tablespoon of cinnamon powder
and a half lemon freshly squeezed ,
beat all the ingredients in a blender and you will be able to consume this
at 8 pm in the evening so that you can wake up in the morning and go straight to
saddle j, you can take this mixture one to three a day, the first time the
morning take it on an empty stomach you can also take this remedy
natural for a maximum of 15 days. This drink turns out to be a treatment
detoxification of the intestine, already than
when you first use it, you will see literally light, do this and
come share with us in the comments your results
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