3 Techniques To Stop A Cold In Its Tracks & To Not Get Sick

Hi this is Eric Michael founder of the
Power Life System and today I’m going to be sharing with you three powerful
techniques to stop a cold in its tracks and to not get sick this video is
dedicated to a close friend of mine she shared with me that the next day she was
going to be getting surgery to remove a small growth in her brain and she wanted
to explore all possible ways that she could boost her own immunity so that her
body could take care of this on its own and by blocking invaders pathogens
viruses bacteria from truly entering one’s body that’s gonna allow your
immune system to work eat and operate even more efficiently and take care of
the true and most important things that it needs to disclaimer this is for
informational purposes only for medical advice please seek that from your
primary care physician I’m going to share with you the three techniques
momentarily a really important foundational concept is that if we ever
feel a scratchy or dry dryness in our throats it’s our body communicating
please take care of it before it enters our body so if we can kill whatever it
is that’s bothering our throat that’s starting to a it’s starting to get into
our body let’s stop being stopped here then we can use prevent it from getting
into our rest of our into the rest of our body and that’s going to help
maximize our health and the functioning of our immunity in our our immune system
so that it can focus on things that are truly important because we’ve warded off
and stopped pathogens from entering our body technique number one is ginger when
you feel your throat may be a little scratchy a little bit dry go get some
organic ginger from the supermarket you should be able to where you may be you
can order it I think you can order it online too usually it’s available
locally and organic is best what you want to do is first wash it then peel it
and then cut out a piece maybe a small piece to start if you’re not used to it
some a burning feeling and then go ahead and put it in your mouth and you’ll bite
it a little bit so the juices flow and you’ll feel them flowing in here in your
throat in different areas it’s ginger has been shown science
ethically to kill bacteria and viruses it also helps boost your immune system –
and you can use it as often as you want I’ve kept the piece in my mouth
overnight sometimes I’ll use it in the during the day or maybe after a long
flight when there’s many people around who are coughing and I found it to be
extremely effective consistently stop whatever it is when I felt it here get
rid of it here and it keeps my entire body healthy and full of energy and
vitality technique number two is a propolis spray and this is propolis with honey and there have been scientific studies also that show that honey as well as propolis has a really positive impact on getting rid of
bacteria viruses and things like that so it’s really simple and that having it
come in this kind of container is really good also really important when you’re
buying this make sure you read the label and if it has added sugar in it or a
high carbohydrate content don’t get it because the high carbohydrate content is
going to slow down your immune system from working so well yes it may have
some beneficial properties what we want to do is do everything positive in the
direction that we most want which is get rid of the pathogen whatever it is in
your throat so it never enters your body you stop the cold you’re healthy so
that’s it I just spray it in as you saw my expression on my face it’s a little
bit it’s a little kind of a little light burning sensation I got used to it you
can get used to it – it’s for a very beneficial cause the third technique that
I use is are these essential oils and these are essential oils that have sweet
almond kernel oil spearmint and peppermint leaf oils and this is
designed for healthy teeth and gums which that’s what I bought it originally
and it is actually very effective for that however what I also use it for is
whenever I maybe I go out maybe I’m around people maybe some people were
sick and maybe I feel it’s a little bit something in my throat what I do is I
open it up and I put a couple of drops on my tongue and then I I switch them
around my mouth I allow it to be in this area too
it does have a light burning sensation as well and it’s consistently kept me
healthy while other people around me are sick so I highly recommend this I
recommend the other options too the nice thing about ginger is you can get
it at the grocery store I like these because I don’t have to peel and wash
and cut the ginger however all three are really effective and I use all three and
I found them all three to be extremely effective and stopping a cold in its
tracks to maximize your health one of the most important things is to identify
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