4 Steps to Beat the Cold

Hi Fitlifer Drew Canole here… I’m here with
DJ Djamel Bettahar. We’re rocking out this video together.. My man came in here this
morning and his like ‘Drew I’m not feeling well’ tell me about what’s going on. I woke
up this morning with this little stuffy sore throat, cold body aches I don’t feel 100%.
Yup! Spencer’s out of the office, I woke up to the headache I had one for the past couple
of days, not really 100% optimal so we’re going to make sure that if you ever start
to experience these type of things? We’re going to show you how to super charge your
immune system with four easy steps so that you don’t have to go through a down day. Okay,
and that’s what we want to do on this week’s Saturday strategy I figure to be cool to take
you with us, we’re going to go to one of my favorite places in San Diego and we’re going
to rock this out. So sit tight.. By the end of this video if you get anything out of it
or any information and all that you love feel free to share it with your friends. Fitlifer
also give it a big ‘ol thumbs up we’re working and also Djamel is working even if he doesn’t
feel like it, that’s what we do you know we want to heal the world. So come with us let’s
heal the world together. Let’s get down the road here, let’s go spread
some love, some cheer, let’s boost Djamel’s vibrational state up fitlifer, c’mon! Yeah..
High five my man, there we go baby. Fist bump, there we go. We are here for the juice, guess
where we are Fitifers.. Vitality Tap, the secret source, all organic, healthy amazing
place. Step number 1, if you’re feeling under the weather this holiday season number 1 is
to start drinking more greens on your diet obviously juicing. A lot of people prefer
orange juice when they start getting sick or a lot of them drink pasteurized orange
juice. Pasteurized orange juice means that it’s heated up so it loses a lot of its enzymes,
amino acid, phytonutrients that are essentially good for you, not only that but it’s also
loaded with sugars. Some of these orange juice companies add sugars to the orange juice which
actually feeds the cold or feeds the virus, so for my man Djamel we got simple green drink,
we got collard green, Swiss chard, without the apple, we got a little ginger, we got
a little lemon, celery all the things that are going going to boost his immune system
up so he gets rid of his thing completely. I want you to boost your immune system up.
I’m going to leave the juice recipe below this video as well. Step number 1 Juice. Hi
guys so here it is, it came in here in a nice cooler as well, vitality tap so I’m going
to drink this all day long because I’m feeling little under the weather I’m going to give
my body a chance to breakdown the toxins inside, I’m going to take a little coconut oil as
well and I’m going to go back to the house and show you two additional things that we’re
going to do for Djamel and me, to boost our immune systems up, super charge them so we’re
not getting ill around the holiday season. Let’s do this. Alright guys, we didn’t shop
at Ralphs but we’re going to help people with their groceries in Ralphs. You’re going to
live outside of yourself to really heal yourself. That’s exactly what we’re doing, we’re going
to help some people with groceries, c’mon. Here let me help you with that my man. Yeah!
Thank you. We’re going to do a good deed for the day. Here you go my man. Pay it forward,
right? How’s your day goin’? This is the greatest thing that’s happened. Really? What was goin’
on? Oh, I just, I have to do everything for my children. Oh man. Look at this! Hey, thank
you for being an amazing mom. Bring it in. Give me a hug. Okay, I’m Drew. Hey Drew and
this is Djamel. He was feeling a little under the weather and we’re like, to get better
we have to help other people. That’s what I tell my kids that when you’re in the dumps
you just got to do something nice for someone else and it just raises you up. Alright, do
your thing. Nice meeting you. That was so cool. You feel better already? A lot better.
What do you think? Does that work? It works. When you do stuff for others. I feel better
and you look better actually. He’s looking a lot better. Alright, so here back in the
kitchen. How are you feeling? Much much better. Much better, you look better, even his voice
is better. Alright so we’re going to do my secret immune boosting stack right here and
I have a variety of these you guys in the juicewithdrew systems. So if you’re interested
in getting your hand on somebody’s protocols click the link below take the quiz, figure
out where you’re efficient and solve it. Real simple and easy. So, let’s move on with this
ok? First step was the juice, secondly, we actually went out to help people so we boost
our vibration by giving which was totally awesome. Yeah, you feel better, I feel better,
and everybody feels better. I like to take a little coconut oil with my juice cleansing
as well. It helps flush out the toxins. Plus it helps the headache that you take with the
one day juice cleanse. Alright, so next step for my man, Djamel, Oregano oil. They’ve done
tons of stat testing on this actually I was reading some of the testing just now in pigs.
They fed placebo group no oregano and then one group with oregano oil and the pigs that
took oregano oil actually boosted the white blood cell count. And white blood cells are
what you need to help rid of the inflammation and start the healing process as well. It’s
spicy so it’s really hot so you want to be really careful on how much you’re going to
take. If you’ve taken oregano oil give this video a big ol’ thumbs up cause you’re our
peeps. And then also magnesium, they’ve done research in regards to immune system and magnesium,
if you take too much you’ll know it immediately. You’re going to go to the bathroom and you’re
going to have a huge BM which is important because in healing your gut in making sure
that those little bacteria organisms, the bad bacteria you want out of your system as
fast as possible. So I’m going to show you how to do this. We’re going to take the oregano
oil and we’re going to check back in and see how you feel ok? Alright. Ready captain? Ready.
To health. To healing the world. That is delicious. It’s really spicy but it’s really good. That
surprised me because Djamel doesn’t really like spicy stuff most of the time but you’ll
feel it, take some deep breath. It will really do its work in healing your upper respiratory
tract and really getting in your nose opening your nostrils up. Okay, it’s really good.
So we got our water ready for the magnesium. Alright so simply I just boiled a little bit
of water. Like this I’m going to pour in two cups. It’s like making coffee right? Or a
tea. We’re going to give Djamel two scoops. I’m going to flushing out the bathroom later.
I’m going to take two scoops as well. This is like the best video that we have. Cheers
to you. Cheers. Not bad huh? Not bad. I’d like to keep it simple you guys. The body
is an amazing healing miracle of a machine that does a lot on its own. I’m not evacating,
Djamel’s not evacating but you need to bypass the doctor completely when you start to get
ill. But this is kind of my home protocol, one of the things I do when I start to feel
I’m coming down with something. Simple and easy. Let’s talk about it, number one it was
getting the juice, right? Making sure that your body is loaded with all the micronutrients,
those things that are going to feed your cells. Number two it was giving, giving out in the
public and maybe writing out a letter to somebody that you haven’t been for a while and tell
them how much you love them. Number three was oregano oil. And then also is the magnesium,
it relaxes you and, a lot of people are all stressed out and magnesium will feel like
the calming sensation all over your body and I love it. And then taking a little coconut
oil juice oil in your juice to help push out the toxins. And that was the four things you
can do to super charge and boost your immune systems up. We appreciate you for watching
this. We want to hear your successes with battling colds or battling sickness around
the holidays, tell us what it is maybe it’s just a juice recipe. So leave a comment below
for a chance to win a juicer next week, real simple and easy. If you guys want to access
the protocol, this protocol or a lot of other information, the alphabolic type, the things
that we talked about today click on the link below this video and take the quiz it takes
a couple of minutes to take the quiz, we’re going to send you an email after you do that
explaining to you what you need to work on individually to super charge your health boost
your immune system lose that weight you’ve been trying to lose. You know what I’m talking
about Fitlifer. Thanks so much dude, how are you feeling, on a scale from 1 to 10? 12.
Feeling like a twelve? Alright Fitlifers, we’ll see you next time. Drew Canole, DJ,
remember we’re in this together, we’ll see you soon.

58 thoughts on “4 Steps to Beat the Cold

  1. Im new to your channel and I love your videos and advise. I have lost a few pounds from juicing already in 30 days. Well blending my fruits and veggies. Lol. Oregano is on my Sunday grocery list for next week.

  2. Charismatic Drew, as always, thank you for the great info and positive videos. The Forrest Gump is still my fave. I've been juicing since the 1st weekend of September. Playing with pounds due to life changes & stress so haven't seen a weight "loss" per say but I've taken in a couple of my dresses up to 6 inches. Last week I juiced up my parents (Dad- 75, Mom 69)with the apples & orange recipe from your recipe book since they both had a cold. Felt great to juice em' up!! Have both of your books! Love em! I've been Aztec Dancing for almost 17 years and injuries have hurt me in weight gain & some knee issues. It also takes a toll in the low self esteem department. :(. My 8 yr old nephew & 7 yr old niece are now asking me forjuices!! I just spent a week training and shared your books & videos with my co-worker and is following your videos now also!! I don't usually blog as I know most will not understand until they SEE a difference in my physique. I hope to continue to impact my family atleast as well as doing my 5 day Alpha Reset on Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, it might sound impossible to some but its the only 4 day weekend I have and can be home JUICING! Blessings to you and your team! Thank you for being so enthusiastic and a great inspiration Drew! Hope to run into you in San Diego one day! ^-^

  3. I always take a shower with really cold water after the gym i think thanks to that i don't get sick anymore. And of course my daily juice 😀 

  4. Drew, trying to do my best to better myself not just for me but for my family especially my 4 year old Gabriella. I'm a pretty big guy once at 390 lbs I have done some trimming down now at 350. It takes alot to play with her games, running around, hide n seek, not to many places that can hide me. I need to do better my goal is 265. But with the limited calories and always working long hours and 6 or 7 days a week I really need to push it to overdrive to get thru the day. Been juicing and using your recipes green superstar my fav. Played around with seasonal veg used butternut squash and apple piece of ginger. Pretty good. But the squash even though I peeled it wreaked havoc on my juicer. So I'll be blending for now. I really want to thank you for motivation you and your team provide. Got lemons make lemonade. Thanks and we're in this together. Go fit- lifers.

  5. Hey Drew,great video as always.
    Can you tell me how many drops of coconut oil did you guys use per juice???
    And also,do you take kombucho tea at all???

  6. Thanks guys! hug inspirational information just in time. I look forward to your videos and thank you for sharing with us all

  7. Funny, I thought you meant cold temperatures in the title…You're brave to approach those strangers, but you're cute so you got a good reception. 🙂 The acts of kindness were cool. I wish more people would do that. I have become less trusting of people over time so it's hard for me to reach out like that–either through actions or socially…

  8. Good tips, thanks!! I'm gonna try that magnesium. When I feel a cold coming on, I run to the store and get a ton of oranges, and I snack on them all day. I also load up on garlic and drink LOTS of water. That usually kicks in the butt. Another huge thing that is important is mindset, think positive!

  9. When I'm feeling sick I don't go out near others because I don't want them to get my germs. But you did? lol Okay. (j/k)

  10. Awesome stuff right here. I love step number 2! If u help enough other people get what they want, you will automatically get what you want.

  11. Oregano oil every time love the stuff it's so incredibly powerful. My favourite immune boosting drink it ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper tea.

  12. My family uses garlic. We mash it up and take it like a pill. Double dose if need be. Then drink ginger tea, add green tea to seep for 5 mins and add agave. Works!

  13. Lol, and here I thought I was one of the only people to take oil of Oregano for colds, the stuff is expensive but is great!

  14. My family takes garlic every other day, plus at least one glass of juice a day with a lot of ginger. This is to help maintain our immune system. My son has asthma, one of his many triggers is a cold…

  15. Good stuff!  I always make sure I have some "BLACK SEED OIL" in my cabinet. It helps with many things….With magnesium…you wanna take the transdermal (spray on skin – Brand I use is Ancient Minerals)….goes quickly and directly into blood stream fast! ….. I also make sure I drink lots of Kombucha. ONE LOVE!

  16. I'm actually fighting a cold. I've been doing hot green tea with mint. Its helped so far. Watching this video had been very helpful. I actually have a bottle of oregano oil. I'm gonna try it. Thanks!

  17. Let's not forget the best way to avoid a cold or the flu, hand washing. Especially in the workplace and avoid touching your face and eyes so much, you would be surprised how much we do this daily.

    In addition, I always add a dried chilli pepper and 1/2 an inch of ginger to my morning smoothie this time of year to boost the immune system and it warms you up from the inside out.

  18. I boil some water. Once that is done boiling, I add sliced ginger and let that sit for about a hour. Now pure some of that in a glass, add a big spoonful of honey and squeeze some lemon in on that. Now enjoy!

  19. good advices! whenever I start to feel symptoms of cold, I always start to incorporate more vitamin c in my life – like water with lemon or juice with lemon, oranges, leafy greens + ginger, loads of ginger (add this to juice + add it to my tea).also eating more raw food when not feeling very well. haven't tried the oregano oil yet though, but definitely will try in the future

  20. A few drops of Black seed oil in a spoon smeared with raw honey. I brew a broth (a sprig of thyme, an onion and a few garlic cloves). Followed by several glasses of lukewarm water.

  21. Those are some great tips, thanks for sharing! I get sick all the time, even as a kid I was always taking medicine for something. I have had huge success with oregano oil and now I'm a huge advocate for it. BTW I am starting my first cleanse tomorrow! I look forward to watching your videos for motivation throughout my challenge. Even your spirit is inspirational, so thanks to you and your team for spreading the love.

  22. Simply boil 2 cups water. Add freshly grounded raw ginger root 3 tbps and honey 5 tbps. Just simmer it and drink up half cup every 4-5 hours a day. Repeat for one more day if it is severe. That's it.

  23. Drew thank you so much for your tips on how to beat the Cold, I always been checking what is good for me and my son to beat it in these weather.  What do I have to do besides my comments to win the Juicer??  Thanks for all your health tips

  24. You've been such an inspiration and motivation for me and my kids..YES my kids drink their veggies and love it!!! I've lost 20 lbs since I began to adopt a healthy life style and I couldn't feel better! 2013 has been all about educating myself on living healthy and 2014 will be about sharing this lifestyle with others. I have a friend whose daughter has LUPUS since she was 11 and she's now 20 and not doing well, I love them dearly and believe they'd be a great candidates for fit life.  I got a $30 juicer online and it works fine for me, and told her it was a great start.  I share your videos with her and she always says I'll do it… But doesn't. I almost have her convinced, but I think she needs a little more convincing. What do you say fit lifer can you send her a message of encouragement? Thank you for being such a great motivation for my family and I!!!!!! 

  25. I was just today feeling like a cold was starting so your tips are timely. My remedy is a tea made from dried chilis and honey. I also gargle with salt water. After watching ordered some oregano and coconut oils and magnesium. Thanks.

  26. Well speaking of giving, and sharing the love, wanted to say that I love you! (: Thanks for all that you do! I mean all that. I was diagnosed with Chron's Disease when I was 12 yr old, had a hard time in my life, back in 2004, I had part of my bowel removed, and a near death experience. The Drs told me I would have to be on medications the rest of my life, and that I still have Chron's all through my bowel. I decided to take my health into my own hands, and read books, and looked into what it takes to get healthy and for me to be responsible for my health. I eat mostly a raw vegan diet now, and I juice daily. I am a single mom, and I am healthy, and live a vibrant life. I have not been back to the dr since 2004, and I do not plan on going back, nor having any more health issues. I have energy, and no health problems now! People tell me know that I look years younger than what I am. I am living proof that we can change our lives, for the better! So cheers to good health, and hugs <3

  27. vit b, vit c, lemon juice with water, avocado–all together make me better quickly!!   I DO suggest that you bypass doctors completely, they offer poisonous drugs that are dangerous.  Only good for broken/rotted bones, or if you get into an accident, etc.

  28. I actually just had these cold systems plus fatigue, and dizzness, runny nose and all other nasty symptoms of a cold. After I fought through it I saw this video. But i want to share what I've done. I worked out, didn't have enough energy but I pushed my self to be energized. Took some green juice mixed with red maca, drank some water with spirulina and chia seeds. Did some yoga stretches to help the energy flow. And got active with the community. My cold was gone in 2 days!

  29. I am late but I just saw this video and recently had a cold and all the nasty symptoms and here's what I did. Drank water with spirulina and chia seeds. Exercised with the little energy I had to boost my energy. Did some yoga stretches to help the energy flow. Had some green juice with red maca, had green tea with ginger, garlic, lemon. Im back healthy in two days. I can do things when Im sick that many can't do when they're not!

  30. Drew, can I ask you a question?  The magnesium powder that you took….do you think that's better than magnesium pills?  

    -your biggest fan

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