5 Signs Your Brain Needs More Vitamin C and Copper | Chris Masterjohn Lite #121

Here are five signs that your brain might need more vitamin C or copper. Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of chrismasterjohnphd.com, and this is Chris Masterjohn Lite, where the name the game is “Details? Shmeetails. Just tell me what works!” And here are five signs that your brain might just be hungry for more vitamin C and copper. In the brain there is a class of neurotransmitters called neuropeptides, and 50% of all neuropeptides rely on the same two enzymes for their biological activity. Those enzymes depend on vitamin C and copper. They are also zinc-dependent. I suspect that zinc deficiency is a less common cause of having low activity of these enzymes and that other symptoms of zinc deficiency are much more prominent, but we should add zinc to the trio of nutrients that might be involved here. And when we look at what are the major things that these enzymes are involved in controlling, we see five things that stand out. Number one, they control the pigment in your skin and hair. So, greying of hair may be sign number one of what we might call low vitamin C copper brain syndrome. Number two is they control your appetite. Eating too much might be the second sign of the syndrome. Number three, low affectionate response to intimacy. The love chemical oxytocin is one of the ones that falls into this category, and that’s what makes you respond to physical intimacy from anywhere from petting your dog to hugging to nursing a baby to sex. If that physical intimacy is not creating the affectionate bonding response as well as it should, that might be the third symptom of this syndrome. Number four, you pee too much A few episodes ago, I talked about ways to help make antidiuretic hormone, ADH, at night to prevent you from waking up to pee. That chemical is another one in this category. And then number five, low thyroid and low adrenal health. The combination of low thyroid and low adrenal is very good at causing brain fog. And then low gonadal hormones particularly could lead to low libido, and probably brain fog is all the more likely if you have low levels of all these hormones. So, the brain fog and low libido could indicate that trio of low thyroid, low adrenal, low gonadal hormones. And when you take all these together when they occur in this cluster, that really sounds like low vitamin C low copper brain syndrome, which is not a medical term. It’s something that I invented based on the cluster of things that these hormones that depend on those nutrients do. So, what I would do is, if you have this cluster of symptoms, play around with vitamin C supplementation. Vitamin C supplementation is very safe. There is a chance that it can raise oxalates in some people. It can cause diarrhea at too high of a dose. But it’s completely plausible that you might need higher vitamin C levels to get vitamin C into the brain if there’s some impairment in your transport activity. Maybe your vitamin C in your diet is normal, but just not enough of it is getting into the brain. Who knows? Play around with vitamin C supplementation. See if it helps. I wouldn’t play around with high-dose copper supplementation. I would test your copper status, and I would try to normalize it. And I will link in the description to episodes I’ve done on copper, and of course, Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet is something that would be worth managing copper, and vitamin C, and zinc with. And if you don’t have a copy of that, you can get it at chrismasterjohnphd.com/cheatsheet, and you can use the code LITE5, LITE and the number 5, LITE5 to get 5 dollars off on that. So, look at these nutrients. Play around with supplements, play around with the foods, listen to the other material that I put in the description here, and see if any of these things resolve, and let me know what you think once you’ve tried these approaches in the comments. 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25 thoughts on “5 Signs Your Brain Needs More Vitamin C and Copper | Chris Masterjohn Lite #121

  1. I bought grass fed sweetbreads recently as they are high in vitamin C,i have eaten them raw,and also cooked very quickly as iv heard high heat destroys vit C.. Your thoughts?

  2. As someone who takes Copper at least twice a week, I think that you should do too before making any videos about it. Warning to everyone not to take vitamin C and Copper together, have at least few hours in between.

  3. I always have low copper in the blood. Also low ceruloplasmin. But when I did hair tissue mineral analysis they suggested that I have copper disregulation. So I should be taking basically anti copper minerals in high doses like zinc, mangan etc.. I have low thyroid, chronic fatigue, low pigmentation, bad collagen synthesis, spider veins etc.. I was eating beef liver which is the best source of copper. But I felt worse.. I am waiting for retesting results from hair tissue analysis so will see. I had also mercury issues. Maybe mercury is replacing copper in some enzymes. So they can't work? Amalgams are out. Now I am doing near infra red sauna for detox.. Btw synthetic vitamin C chelates copper…

  4. I’d love to see you expand on a topic I saw you post a while ago. I’ve been using TMG to offset necessary niacinamide supplementation. I can’t be positive but it might be creating depression for me. Is that common or very unlikely? What other ratios of other tolerable methylation products can you use to offset niacinamide? SAM-E gives me panic attacks in the night. Thanks!

  5. Luv the vids/knowledge, Chris! Hard training athlete here, burning 1000-2000cals per daily workout 5-6 days per week… If I've been supplementing consistently with daily Zinc/VitC over the years but no copper, can that deplete and lead to a copper deficiency? I'm considering doing a short run of injectible GHK-Cu (sub cutaneously) as hair and skin quality are showing signs that my thorough research and intuition tells me may be Cu based. Was going to then add a minimal dose of Cu to my Zinc/VitC regimen along with the other daily vitamins and minerals I take. Appreciate your expert thoughts!

  6. Very few people have the balls to tackle anti-oxidants head on. Complicated and ambiguous epidemiology, and blood levels don't necessarily correlate to organ levels. Kudos to you for trying.

  7. What are your thoughts on testing vit C in blood? Also, regarding supplementation, would be better getting different types of vit c together, such as ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbate and others, combining them with some flavonoids like rutin, hesperidin and quercetin? Thank you. Love your videos.

  8. Sour kraut made with purple cabbage is an amazing way to get vitamin C. Purple cabbage is very high in C and the predigestion and the probiotics help with uptake. For copper I use a copper jug to store my water in before drinking it.

  9. I can't remember where I heard it, but it was said that the RDA for Vitamin-C is a fraction of the amount of what is endogenously produced by most animals (normalized for body weight of course). I believe it was in the context of advocating for consuming mega-multiples of the RDA in order to make collagen and protect arterial endothelial cells, which produce nitric oxide.

    Although, I've also heard Ray Peat mention how high levels of Nitric Oxide, is an indicator that you are not producing adequate CO2.. and suggests taking caffeine, niacinamide, zinc, magnesium, methylene blue and red-light-therapy to reduce NO. From his talks, however, it's unclear if Ray Peat favors consuming nitrate-rich foods (beets, celery, etc).

  10. I’ve been supplementing with vitamin c for months, 1-2g a day. I just recently stopped taking it because I heard that absorbic acid is a poor quality of it. I’ll just get my C through nutrition. Also, I was taking a high quality zinc supplement, 30mg a day for the past 7 months. My daily multivitamin also contained anywhere from 12-15mg of zinc as well. Do you think that I may have a copper deficiency after this? Should I check my copper levels at this point?

  11. https://youtu.be/3gLHlQU1PHA
    hi chris what do you think about this video?
    he exlpain that most of our problems tody is caused by vitamin A toxisity that are caused by glyphosat

  12. My copper and vit C is so low that even foods hi in zinc cousing grey hair and other symptoms Shoulde i take copper and vit C suplements in that case ?

  13. Son of a bitch……………Having all 5. Been a very healthy person, exercise, good diet, supplements, ect………But, due to my unusual living standards, I have never lived in a home with copper plumbing. And have never supplemented Copper. After all these years, this may be the missing link. Supplement at night 2 mg Copper, 750 mg Magnesium, 10 mg. Zinc.

  14. Morely Robbins stated that the whole food vitamin c complex has copper in it… I wonder if eating lemon peals would be a good way to get copper? Citrus bioflavanoids?

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