5 Tips to Help Fight the Flu | Dr. Drew Sinatra

– Hey, everyone, I’m Dr. Drew Sinatra. And you can probably hear in my voice, it sounds a little muffled. This video is gonna be about the flu, because I just had the flu. (upbeat music) So this year’s flu is a
bad one, as you’ve heard. I can tell you firsthand, I haven’t had the flu in 14 years now, and this one hit me incredibly hard. So the five tips that I wanna
provide to you are this. Number one is rest. So when you get sick with
the flu, you have to rest. So make sure that you do
give yourself time to rest, because your body needs that
space and that time to heal. Number two is gonna be hydration. So make sure that you are
drinking water when you are sick, because if you don’t, you’re probably gonna get a
raging, pounding headache, and that’s really gonna affect you throughout that whole first
three, four, five days. Number three, spicy chicken soup. My father, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, has a great recipe out there
for a spicy chicken soup, and we can probably post it here. And this soup, this spicy chicken soup, is really gonna support your lungs, and it’s really gonna help
open up your airways as well. All right, number four is gonna
be targeted nutraceuticals and herbal medicines. From this experience that
I had this time around, I really focused on lung support. There was some elderberry,
some yerba santa, some astragalus, and some elecampane. There was a product that I took that had English ivy in
it for the cough effect. And, of course, there’s vitamin C, there’s zinc, there’s selenium. There’s all sorts of different nutrients and vitamins and minerals
out there that you can take that’ll all support immune function and get you through this phase. The fifth tip I wanna
give you is reframe, okay. You wanna reframe this situation,
because, yes, it’s awful. You just got the flu. But know this, that your
immune system has just had the best exercise that
it’s had in a long time and now your immune system’s
primed and ready to go and to protect you from other viruses that may hit you throughout
the rest of this winter season. Those are my five tips. I hope you stay healthy this season. I hope you don’t get the flu. But if you do, it’s okay. Here are some tips that you can use. Yeah, get better. Talk to you soon, bye.

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