555 How to heal from depression, fibromyalgia, and insomnia – Faster EFT Success Story

okay Chris thanks very much for doing this interview Wow what I’d like to ask you first is write a fast we have to you comin tonight that’s a big question that answer for me Linda my friend Linda Esser taught me when I was disabled with chronic mono fibromyalgia chronic fatigue for three years and I wanted to heal I wanted to find a way to heal and she told me about this tapping and I didn’t think it would work I thought it sounded weird but I was so desperate to heal because I didn’t want to live the rest of my life that way so finally it worked out to where she taught me and it began to heal me immediately and there and you know hindsight I’m beginning to understand why it healed me immediately because a lot of people are looking at me and saying well why am I not healing that fast like grace did and so part of my book is about that story that journey what I did for the five years prior to that that set my mind up so that when Linda first started tapping on me I had big ships huge ships so if you could say just in a few sentences what it was like before I came in hired impacted in your life and what your life’s like 9 as a result of it so what was it like before mastery – well when I was disabled I was in bed most of the time for six months and then I began to make tiny increments of improvement but really literally I could barely function to make my own meals I made one good meal a day but the rest was very marginal to walk to go out in public it was as if I was trying to move through chest-high wet concrete just every step is a struggle it’s but the chronic fatigue is unimaginable even though you look ok what’s going on inside is entirely different I had pain I had widespread pain virtually from head to toe I had all kinds of digestive symptoms irritable bowel syndrome I had insomnia I had TMJ issues you know just a whole lot of stuff and of course all under the mono the chronic mono which is more fatigue so what happened was you know I just knew somehow in me even though I tried all these different therapies modalities different alternative therapies because Western medicine really only had drugs and physical therapy to offer me physical physical therapy was a God saver you know I mean it was a godsend it saved me so much it helped me manage symptoms and some of the other things helped me manage symptoms but nothing really released them when I got so desperate I was actually spiraling back down into another relapse after three years and I was really just hitting another bottom really with the whole illness you know having thought I was getting better and then boom I’m going down and getting worse like in the very beginning and that’s when I called Linda because I might I could not digest anymore and nothing no food was really settling with me and I thought I need to do a fast and I didn’t know how to do when I thought Linda would know so I called her asking her about it fast and no she had never done it fast she done cleanses and such but she said well what’s going on let’s just start tapping because I had done enough of my list that we had some places to start and so that’s what happened and I just got immediate shifts that first moment now this is really a key that I’ve come to realize that I’ve said this before but I don’t think people really understand it in that first time that she tapped with me I I got very clear about this is working this is releasing my pain it’s releasing my fatigue not all of it at once but a dramatic amount enough that I knew this was working and this was going to heal me if I kept doing it and because it worked on that stuff that was so severe that it would work on everything and so I came into faster eft at the at that moment with this full-blown belief of do it on everything whatever it is whether it’s a negative thought negative emotion symptoms sinus anything that was even unrelated to what disabled me okay I just understood anything in my life that I don’t want this is how I get rid of it the other thing that is really key is because I had spent the last 12 years looking for something to do in healing arts I was burned out in my graphic design career I wanted to get back into health some because I’ve been in Western medical in the 70s I wanted to help people when I experienced how this worked in that moment I knew this is what I want to do for my new career okay it’s it answers that question about who will I be without my illness because that’s a big question for a lot of people who are disabled they’re on benefits they they have that security that financial security yeah it’s minimal but you still know that check is coming in regularly and if they’ve had us come out of a stressful career that they don’t want to go back to like me or they have to change careers because they can’t do their career anymore that’s a huge issue that really unconsciously holds people back and for me that was never an issue because in that first tapping session I knew this is what I’m going to do so what would you say to someone who is sitting and watching YouTube videos of Robert Smith disabled what would you say to them well you have to just do it you have to look at the videos just sit there and tap and learn how to tap by tapping along with the videos whether it’s Roberts or mine or yours or anybody else’s because it doesn’t matter it’s a system that works if you use it that’s my experience that’s my belief you don’t I didn’t believe it would work when Linda tapped on me it just worked because it works within a system that always works like Robert teaches us and I believe that to be true I experienced that to be true I have to be persistent I have to be patient I want to say this this is very important that people think that because I have recovered I’m no longer disabled I’m no more longer receiving disability benefits that I no longer have problems or I no longer have pain I’m here to tell you I can still produce pain because I know how okay and when I get stressed out and now I’m into a whole new career a whole new life which is awesome but there is stress involved and sometimes I will have physical pain show up and I I tap I tap on it I look for past references the way we’ve been taught I have a video about my bump in the road you know which was still before I was you know in I was still in recovery it wasn’t completely recovered yet and you know I had this thought oh my god my fibromyalgia is coming back and the next thought was well I tapped it away once I’ll just have to tap it away again and I just got busy and kept tapping and then I had a huge shift in the next morning was gone so I know that’s just how my mind works that’s how the unconscious works this is what I do this is what I know how to do create muscle pain that’s what fibromyalgia is about you know I can create some other things too but mostly when I have stress issues it shows up in my muscles does that mean I still have fibromyalgia no I do not still have fibromyalgia and I’ll tell you why because this is the kind of muscle pain that virtually most people can create okay fibromyalgia is a completely different kind of muscle pain because it’s literally all over your body constant you know with these tender points trigger points whatever they call them so it’s not I do not have fibromyalgia but I can still produce pain so here we are today and we’ve just finished a seminar and I wasn’t for you I was the last two days for you this this seminar I’ve been doing these seminars for three and a half years and this seminar I feel more free emotionally free than I’ve ever felt before and it’s because I’ve done a lot of work to feel that freedom just in the last few months just in the last two weeks because of all the changes in my life the relationships you know the things that trigger me and the resistance that I had you know which I know and I say this it’s a hundred percent true all the time based on what the what the work I do personally and the work I do with my clients where there is resistance that’s where you I need to go to heal and so Robert triggers me you drinker me and that’s why I keep coming back because I want to be free I want to be completely free because I know it’s not Robert I know it’s not you I know it’s my stuff in here and I want to be free to release that barrier that the triggers throw up in the middle of a relationship because I love you I love Robert you know I love Laura and Laura doesn’t know this but I used to have huge resistance toward her and I did a whole session once on her with my practitioner Pam and it completely released that Laura and I just have this wonderful friendship now which I never thought would have been possible and I thought last night we had a phone conversation I thought you know I need to just tell Laura how much she’s helped me heal just by being her and the deal is guess what she triggered my stuff because I’m a lot like her in some ways you know so that’s the kind of freedom I want and that’s the kind of freedom I’m now feeling with you and and Robert it’s just okay you know this is the biggest shift I’ve had just in the last couple of weeks and and this is through you know the years and months and seminars of Roberts teaching about it’s all from love that everything we do is our unconscious protecting us from a place of love and that we are perfect creators that we create whatever it is we produce you know perfectly based on the encoded information in our unconscious okay and what I really finally got to is that I am perfect you are perfect he is perfect we are all perfect and really this is a perfect world and when I get a little trigger and I and I think oh but that it added death you know I’m like I’m now even able to shift without the tapping because my unconscious mind knows what I’m doing and I so I noticed the trigger and I’m like okay is this what I want to continue to perfectly create because this is what I do this is what I know how to do and so it’s just that recognition and in that moment it’s like no I can shift I can just shift and I can remember that he/she they are perfectly creators that this is a perfect world I am a perfect creator and peace it’s perfect peace is what I’m finding my way to is perfect peace and perfect love and these are the skills that brought me to it the skills that Robert Smith has taught us and created in faster eft and this is what helps me to put into practice all the other wisdom that I hear from all the other masters because I’ve been studying them for years but my life still wasn’t changing and these are the skills to release what prevents me from changing and actually make the changes that the other masters are teaching very good Chris so what would you say to someone who has for example done level one and received their level one certificate and feeds that they know enough knowing to go on to go on with their their lives they don’t need to come to any more training what would you say to them well I’d say and what would I say I would say depend on who I was talking to but in general I would say keep coming because you go deeper and deeper you go into deeper levels first you have to heal yourself I mean that’s the first thing I’ve seen it time and time again they get their certificate they go out and nothing happens because they don’t heal themselves first so that is key and in healing myself those are the skills that I learn that help me help others you know you can sit in the classroom and you can hear the theory and you can see the techniques demoed but when you actually use the techniques on yourself it embeds it and you’re unconscious it encodes it in there so that when you’re in a session with the client it starts popping in automatically it makes you more effective as a practitioner I think people need to keep coming back I mean maybe they don’t want to build a practice if you want to build a practice then keep coming back because there’s always new stuff to learn there’s always stuff that you might have missed or you didn’t quite understand it or you just understand it at a deeper level and then there is the element that Robert is always changing we are always changing I’m always changing your eyes changing he’s always changing so he’s always changing faster EFT and thank God because if it were static it would probably die eventually because other people would create other stuff you know so you need to come back to keep up with what’s changing and when he goes abroad and he change his stuff I’m sitting here in America going like dang you know I’m gonna know what they’re doing over there and you guys probably do the same thing you know it’s like I’d like I mean you know I I had resistance to following him everywhere but on another level I would like to follow him everywhere so I’m up to date because and it’s also just brilliant to watch him work and what would you say but mr. Smith himself mr. Smith mr. is a genius he is a genius the the amount of healing he has done in his life is phenomenal I mean the fact that I can do a video the fact that I can sit here in a chair for more than 20 minutes without intense pain and fatigue and it’s not because the chair is too hard you know I mean I always blamed it outside of myself and when I think somebody else needs to change guess what I’m still trying to blame it outside of myself if something bothers me guess who needs to change so you know Robert I I just it it’s phenomenal where he came from and who he is now same thing with Linda where Linda came from and where she got to was phenomenal and that’s what this can do I have the gift that I healed on a physical level that I healed my body and I promise you those three years being disabled was a gift because now I know unlike you or Robert Robert you cannot understand what it’s like to be disabled what it’s like to heal your body from that much disability but I knew from the beginning somehow this would help me help others heal because now they can look at me and they can go she knows she knows exactly what I’m going through and if she can do it I can do it and I just want to spread that word by negress in a nutshell what would you say to someone who was teetering on the brink and thinking considering maybe stepping into the past vft worked well what you say you don’t have to believe it will work you just have to do it and if you’re afraid of what your life will be without your problems trust me your life will be so much better your life will be so far beyond what you really want what what I want to say to you is freedom that’s what we all want we want freedom to be ourselves we want freedom to come and go as we please we want freedom from pain from emotions from whatever it is that bothers you and if you want that freedom as much as I wanted that freedom then you can do this too and I can help you Deirdre can help you Robert I don’t think it’s doing sessions now but there he’s training all these practitioners I mean they’re you know we need more practitioners to help all the people who create fibromyalgia there’s you know I wish if if I could package this up and give it to you as a gift I would but it’s it’s the journey you have to be willing you have to be willing to reach out and ask for help you have to be willing to do the work and this is key because one of the ways that I healed was to do this every day on everything and I just made the assumption in the beginning that everyone grabs it the way I did everyone does it as much as I did and I found to my surprise that wasn’t true and so if you want what I have you’ve got to do what I do what I did and I tapped on everything I didn’t want in my life every day and I still do that so you’ve got to work with a practitioner because we get blocked from our stuff we have the resistance to going there and you have to do it on your own between sessions and then you go do it online and you order the dvds and you do it to the DVDs and you just soak it up like a sponge Thank You Greece and finally in one sentence you think I can do that faster eft has given me a life better far beyond my life before my disability before I ever became sick it’s given me a life way beyond what I wished and hoped for way better and who can who can ask for any more than that you know it was it you know I can’t do it in one sentence Deirdre I just have to say this that I forgot it

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  1. I loved her laugh at the end. I'm very happy for you, congratulations 🙂 Hopefully I'll see you at a seminar soon x

  2. Click on the link (blue) above. YouTube subscribe or search for "Faster EFT." Robert has 555 videos on YouTube. Try it out… it's free! I started with something small (cramping in arms.)

  3. Click on the button above the video that says "585 Videos". Then when that row of videos comes down, you'll see another button which says "See all videos"…and click on that.

  4. Hi denalidragonfly 🙂 Unfortunately, my boss is making it very hard for me to take time off work to come to the seminar :'(. When your customer is Wal-Mart, apparently all forms of humanity leave employers in my company. I was so eager to come to this seminar too. I hope you have a wonderful time never the less, and I will find a way to make it to a seminar. Somehow. Have a great day. x.

  5. your brilliant speaking is living proof of the success you've had with EFT. It is clear in this video that you are a master.

  6. I have many pain conditions. I finally found a combination that works well. One, get on an anti-depressant that works well — this helps diffuse pain. Amnitriptyline for headaches. Xanax helps with nerve and muscle pain. High doses of Fish oil and glucosamine for arthritis. For IC, take magnesium and marshmallow root. Trazadone for insomnia with melatonin. Now this sounds like a lot but i take low doses of each. Of course i exercise too. I feel much better.

  7. man the people in this CFS playlist are triggering me like NUTS…. I CAN'T STAND THEM hahaha, they are JUST LIKE ME, which of course i can't stand 🙂

  8. as a matter of fact i'm getting so angry at all their 'tones of voice' (i hate it in me, why wouldn't i hate it in them) btw, i'm Elaine, who is being a jerk to you bothering you by email….  watching these vids is making me hate myself more lol seeeeeriously

  9. now i understand why people say this method is a placebo effect.because people think once you do it and the pain goes away it will never come back and once it does they deem it unuseful but just like dieting you should make it part of your life style

    Ok people, we need to do SOMETHING!! We have all enjoyed hundreds of free videos from Robert and he has done so much for so many. I don't care what Robert says himself… he NEEDS OUR HELP !!
    IF this gets taken down, please at least go to as many of his videos as possible and

    1) click like not just on the video but CLICK 'LIKE' on ALL THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK

    2) and maybe some supportive comments to other people who have posted on his videos. BUt even if you just
    "like" as many positive Feedbacks as possible.
    If we all head over and just do that, a bit every day for the next week or so.
    1) it will raise his video ratings on Youtube.
    2) It will show the people that are targeting him that we stand by Robert and believe in him.
    3) It will draw the attention of the people who's comments you click "like" on.

    I don't think anyone should retaliate to the misguided people who are doing this to Robert because we are better than that. But it does not mean we have to just ignore while Robert gets a good kicking month after month, day after day. He doesn't complain but I've been snooping and I tell you this bad… really bad! They are trying to imply that he is a sex pest of all things! they are targeting people who watch Roberts videos and then warning them about him. That's what they did to me and I had to create a false character to watch the videos in Peace.
    I really did just start watching his videos to try and heal myself just like everyone else but this has gone too far.
    If RObert is important to you and has changed your life, please don't turn a blind eye while he gets repeatedly kicked.
    I am so angry right now I have been posting the following on Roberts videos and Gary Craigs. But one angry person is enough. The rest of you are further along with your FasterEFT please just help by spreading LOVE for Robert.
    Thank you
    Love and Peace (especially me when I calm down)

    ………………………………..stuff i posted videos so far when I was seriously annoyed

    PLEASE EFT ers STOP your Smear Campaign! You keep stalking me on Robert’s videos I had to make a fake character to use them in peace! Enough is ENOUGH already!!
    JUST A COUPLE OF THE MANY EXAMPLES – most of this type thankfully get deleted – not all negative comments just these snipes but they just keep on coming over and over and over and over again.

    52zzz53 13 hours ago
    +loui0008 Your master has beeen called out by Craig.

    52zzz53 1 week ago
    Busted by Gary Craig, you should give it up.

    He is now using the same tactics on Robert G. Smith.
    There is this for starters
    There was also a court case which Gary brought against someone and lost. Im just looking for a good clear copy of those details.
    Letter from Friends of EFT to Gary Craig (showing he has done it before and others had to clean up the mess because he didn’t care how it affected their decently run EFT businesses)
    To The EFT Community,
    We are among the large number of EFT practitioners deeply disturbed by EFT founder, Gary Craig’s filing of a copyright infringement lawsuit.
    Link text: (http://www.rfcexpress.com/…/gary-h-craig-v-dawson-…/summary/)
    Against Dawson Church and EFT Universe. When Cary Craig announced his retirement in November 2009, it was at the end of several years of turmoil for EFT under Gary’s leadership. He had started, promoted, and then abruptly closed three training or certification programs – withdrawing the legitimacy of having completed these programs – after practitioners had invested huge amounts of time, money, energy, and professional credibility in them. He had supported substantial projects launched by others and then abruptly withdrew his support. He had publicly attacked individuals who were doing their utmost to promote EFT.
    In his retirement announcement, and an accompanying email he sent to his e-list, Gary wrote: “I transferred the former EFT case histories, EFT Practitioner Listings and other valuable resources to www.EFTuniverse.com. I wish to honor the substantial legal and financial effort of Dawson Church and EFTuniverse.com to preserve this valuable information for the EFT Community.” He also affirmed that others could “establish their own organizations and rules without having to go through me.” At that time Dawson assured the EFT community that Gary was genuinely retiring, that he was not litigious, and that Gary was a man of his word, thus they could trust Gary’s public statements.
    The basis of his lawsuit is the claim that he owns the compilations of stories – written by other people – that were posted on his old web site. These are the same case histories Gary legally and publicly authorized EFT Universe to use. Beyond these, his suit also surprisingly claims ownership of all the new stories written by members of the EFT community and posted on EFT Universe since his retirement. Gary’s legal actions against Dawson also include a threat to file a complaint to the California Attorney General against the non-profit Soul Medicine Institute (the parent of the Iraq Vets Stress Project which has provided free or almost-free EFT treatments to more than 1,000 veterans and produced some of the most important EFT research to date) and a demand that Energy Psychology Press withdraw titles that it produced under contract and is selling according to the terms of those contracts. An immediate practical effect is that Gary’s attorneys have recently used a fear of litigation to induce the company that hosts the EFT Universe web site to shut it down. Dawson is painstakingly rebuilding the site and will be able to restore many of its valuable resources, such as the EFT research bibliography, practitioner listings, tutorials, workshops, and newsletter, but not the thousands of invaluable case histories. This will be a great loss if not legally countered.
    Letter from Friends of EFT to Gary Craig Page 2
    Prior to Gary’s filing of the lawsuit on Friday, Dawson and EFT Universe made comprehensive proposals to satisfy every one of Gary’s stated objectives, offering for instance to remove any text he had ever written from the site, in an effort to avoid litigation. Inexplicably, Gary proceeded with the lawsuit at the point that behind-the-scene good faith negotiations seemed to have resolved the areas of disagreement.
    So, two years after his retirement and gracious encouragement of others to take EFT into the world, it seems Gary is again actively attacking those who are carrying EFT forward most vigorously. We are calling on Gary to abandon his lawsuit, drop all his other claims against Energy Psychology Press, Soul Medicine Institute, and EFT Universe, genuinely retire, honor the public statements he has made, and enjoy the respect that comes with being the founder of EFT. We believe that Gary’s filing this frivolous legal action has already hurt EFT, undoing much of the hard work we and Dawson have done to make EFT credible. Gary cannot bring any benefit to himself or EFT by continuing with this course of action, and we call on him to occupy his time with more productive pursuits.
    A legal defense fund has been set up by “Friends of EFT,” a group of concerned EFT practitioners who have been affected by Craig’s actions now or in the past, in order to support the efforts of EFT Universe to keep the archives available on the web site. To donate or learn more, please email: [email protected]
    P.S. To those that are disheartened by these events, as we are, please remember that this human politicking isn’t a reflection of the value, efficacy and worth of the technique itself. This kind of development, where a founder of a technique or an idea looks to take back control of it, for whatever personal reasons, is a recurring one in history. As our own difficult emotions about what’s happening emerge, we tap and clear as we move forward in the greater vision of this world-changing technique.
    This is my response to what I think could be a deliberate smear campaign against Faster EFT and Robert G Smith. Dangers of FasterEFT appears to me to be an attempt to "drown out" FasterEFT. In my opinion they may be using the general public as tools by scaring them into clicking on their sites, ther…

  11. hello 🙂 I have Fibromyalgie. how often did you tapped on each Day ? And when did you realize that your Pain start to go away ? Im so hopeless right now 🙁

  12. fibro is an ownown non spercicic vius which dose not show on any micro test it is t the present time invisible it causes muliple deseaces such as depletion of all soft tissuse destroying all protective coverings of nerves and imflartions of stomrgh systams brain tissue coatings aren destroyed mussels joint s are destroyd intestines are infested cusing cancer lung cncer full body it goes on on and on blind ness pralises it is the worst deceace u can get sread by body fluides the only help is et bg of wallnuts per day helps

  13. people do not know waat the symtoms aare like it is knightmare depresion dissines felling unwell meg hurts feeling suicidle there is no cure some times feel ok lots of olive oil and lots of all types of nuts every dy only cure dosent cure but helps

  14. do not spend any money trying to help fyro it is incurable u cn get pain killers it leaves u for a while then comes back the only sultion at night is good drink sy vodka then its bck next day in the end it kills u shit decese pst on from genes

  15. doc cloke there is no cure for fybro do not spend ny money it is a progreive dicease cant be cured u hav to sty with it some gret pain killers coden etc

  16. She mentions her videos, what YouTube channels it listed under? Also, what is her name? I have a chronic pain syndrome called RSD and am desperate for help but cannot travel to attend a seminar😥

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