60. Meridian trace your way to wellness with energy healing and NO NEEDLES!

hi there! I’m Yvonne Decelis and
I’m just here to go over to Meridian tracings as promised I’m going to show
you how to trace your spleen Meridian and the heart Meridian and as I showed
once before I wanted to show this one more time this is from Donna
Eden’s energy medicine book and I am just trying really hard not to destroy
the book right here but I just wanted to show you this really quickly because I’m
not going to be able to come all the way down to start you off here I’m going to
be doing this one as you can see right down here this starts off on your toe
and it comes all the way up to the middle of the leg and at the side of the
body so just please bear this image in mind when I say start off at your toe
because I know I’m not going to be able to bring the camera down that far so
okay once again to start off with the spleen
meridian when I say start at your toe pretend this is my big toe I mean
literally put your hand there and just bring it up and trace all the
way up the center of your leg so I’m gonna stand for this but you do not have
to stand you can do this sitting down or lying on the floor but you would start
off at your big toe so I’m going to bend I’m starting at big toe and I am tracing
and going up the center of my leg and I’m going up and up and up and when you
get to your pecs you’re gonna come around to the side and you’re gonna
trace up a little bit into the arm and then down and off the ribcage so that is
the spleen Meridian that is the third meridian trace it follows the governing
so again it’s up up up up up up the arm and down and off the ribcage the one
that follows that is a heart and Radian and that starts right here and you just
trace up your arm all the way to your pinky finger which you can grab and then
go off of and you go to the other side bottom the arm all the way down and off
the little finger so once again spleen meridian
start at the toe go up at the very front in the center of the legs up all the way
up to your pics and off to the side up the arms and then off the rib cage and
then heart is start under your arm and just trace it all the way to the pinky
finger hold down to your pinky and go off of that other side all the way down
and off the pinky finger and those were your spleen Meridian and the heart
Meridian the next Meridian that I will be tracing tomorrow (*NEXT WEEK – Monday or Tuesday) will be the small
intestine but I’ll just show you that one really quickly it’s very quick and
it works well with the heart Meridian remember as I said you go up and off the
pinky finger Welman next one starts with the pinky
finger one thing you’ll notice with the meridians they go up and down think of
it as yin and yang so hard your small intestine which starts at the pinky
finger and you do the trace all the way the back of the arm and when you get all
the way down over here what you want to do is go down a little bit in the
scapula and then back up and then into the cheek and out sort of the ear so I’m
gonna do the other side now home to start over again starting at the lower
the small finger all the way the back of the arm all the way up and when you get
to the scapula you just dip down into the scampi a little bit when you come
back up into the cheek and then out through the ear so I did three meridians
today and I’ll probably start off with a small Meridian intestine on the next one
but the two that I did today once again the focus was on the spleen meridian and
the heart Meridian but I left off showing you how to do the small
intestine since it works well because one of the things you will notice about
these tracings is they all kind of connect so I just did a quick heart but
in tres no I’m just doing the swing and out the year tomorrow what I will do is
I’ll probably start briefly with the small intestine
meridian but I will follow it up with the bladder Meridian that one’s a little
bit harder to show but that one covers a lot of different areas so I will be back
in a few more days with normal radiant racing’s as always
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will be back in a few days with more videos for you thank you so much for
your visit take care of yourself be well and bye bye

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