7 Powerful Home Remedies For Influenza or The Common Cold

7 Powerful Home Remedies For Influenza or
The Common Cold. Body ache, fever, headache, sore/dry throat,
a range of respiratory symptoms or any other nasty warning signs that come with a cold
or flu causes both physical and mental exhaustion. However, for the most part, we don’t take
any of the initial symptoms seriously, thinking we may just be tired or moody and need to
sleep it off. Yet, when sleeping off the symptoms doesn’t
work, it’s time we take a few measures to help ourselves out as much as possible. NOTE: Unless your cold and flu symptoms are
really bad and your fever is over 102F, you can turn to home remedies instead of poisoning
your body with drugs. Still, if symptoms get worse, do call your
MD. With your health in mind, we’re listing
our favorite home remedies to turn too in case you need them. 1. Eat Raw Garlic. If you thought garlic’s only purpose is
to make your food tasty, you were wrong. This nature’s gift has been acknowledged
for its potent effect by multiple studies, confirming it helps the body recover quickly. Take some raw garlic and mince it so you can
swallow it easily. Mix it with warm (not hot) water and some
honey. If you dislike the idea of drinking it, eat
it with toast or add it to any other food to taste. 2. Breathe Aromatic Steam. Boil water in a pot. Lean over the steam with a towel draped over
your head. To make the process easier to handle, add
aromatic drops to the water – anything from menthol ointment to chopped fresh ginger or
eucalyptus oil will work. 3. Get More Liquids. Drinking fluids on a regular basis is essential
for both staying healthy and getting over a cold. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day
to keep your bodily functions working properly or, thin out the mucus when you catch a cold. Additionally, make sure your UV home water
treatment is not neglected as you want your water sterilized and bacteria-free. Opt for warmer (or hot) drinks when you are
feeling under the weather and try to avoid alcohol, coffee or tea with caffeine as they
dry the body out. 4. Take a Warm Shower. Make your own personal sauna in the bathroom
by running hot water with the bathroom door closed. The steam will feel great (especially if you’ve
got a fever); it will moisten the mucus in your sinuses, clear your head and relax your
muscles. 5. Sip Some Soup. What is the first thought that pops up in
your mind when anyone says: “chicken soup”? Yes, your caring parents. And yes – the flu. Apart from its emotional note, chicken soup
has actually been named a helpful remedy for upper respiratory tract infections by a study
published in Chest. So, sip that soup all the way! 6. Try Salt Water Sprays. Salt water sprays are amazing in moistening
dry nasal membranes, thinning the mucus and helping with the postnasal drip. Also, it aids in removing bacteria and virus
particles from the nose, as well as enables breathing. Just spray it into one nostril and blow out. Buy your salt spray at any local grocery or
drug store. 7. Be a Couch Potato. With the crazy lives we lead, we usually try
to ignore the signals our body is sending for the sake of this deadline or that business
meeting we have to attend. Well, this time around, just listen to your
body and rest. If your head is killing you, you can barely
breathe and it feels dreadful getting out of bed, then don’t. Rest and give your body a chance to fight
the infection it has caught.

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