7 Things That Make You Age Faster

Greetings! Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Author of Candida Crusher. Thank you so much for tuning into this video
again today. It is still a new year. It’s amazing how fast the years go by. I got this brand-new shirt for Christmas,
so I thought I’d put it on and do a video. This video is quite an interesting one today. It’s going to be called “The Seven Factors
that Accelerate Aging.” Seven things that I think can push the aging
process on quite a lot. So you need to pay particular attention to
this video, because there are some interesting tips in this one that may help to slow that
aging process down. We’re all going to get older and we’re all
going to die, that’s inevitable, but a lot of us don’t want to look like some old fart
by the time they’re in their 30s and 40s. I’ve seen too many patients over the years
and been actually shocked at how some of them had an accelerated aging process through different
things that affected them. Some of those things we’re going to talk about
today on my list. Number one: Sugar. I don’t really need to keep beating the drum
about why sugar is bad, but refined sugar is in a lot of processed foods, and you only
have to go to Dr. Google and type in “sugar and health” and realize how bad sugar really
is for your health in so many different ways. One of the interesting things with sugar is
how addictive sugar really is. Sugar is put in probably about three quarters
of processed foods. It’s put in there for a very good reason:
because people like this stuff. People love it. Well, I like sugar, but I prefer to have honey
from my beehives. I’ve got several beehives in my yard and we
harvest quite a few pounds of honey each year. We use that honey on tea, cooking. But, refined sugar is an entirely different
kettle of fish. When I spent time in Australia traveling around,
I remember going up to the sugar farms up in north Queensland and talking to some of
the sugarcane farmers. Very interesting talking to these guys. These guys were telling me how healthy sugarcane
really is. But by the time we harvest the sugarcane,
crush it, get the juice out of it, and boil the juice and thicken it and extract the goodness
from it, we dump all the goodness. In fact, the goodness is called molasses,
and that actually goes to the pigs. Pigs get to eat that by the barrel, it’s incredible. The farmer said the pigs that are fed on molasses,
in fact, when they’re slaughtered and they open them up and they’re very clean inside
and they’re very healthy animals. When hogs get fed on commercial foods, he
said they’re full of parasites. Why don’t humans eat more molasses and stop
eating this refined crap? Sugarcane juice is consumed in a lot of countries. For example, in India when I traveled there
years ago, I saw people crushing sugarcane juice in these mills and drinking that, and
these people had perfect teeth and good gums. Sugarcane juice contains sugar/sucrose but
it also contains a whole lot of minerals and vitamins in it. It’s actually a prebiotic food, sugarcane
juice. When you start eating the refined white sugar,
that crystalline white sugar, that’s got no nutritional value whatsoever. It’s got a very high calorie value so it makes
you fat. It stimulates different parts of the brain. You’ll want to have more sugar and more sugar. Turn of the century, sugar was very expensive
in 1900. People would just get very tiny amounts. The average consumption of sugar in 1901 was
less than a pound per year per person. The rich people could afford it. Today, people consume two to three times their
bodyweight in sugar per year. As a result, we’ve seen massive health problems
as a consequence of this huge sugar consumption. So my recommendations for you to do what I
do is grow Stevia as a plant and to put that in salads. Get used to natural sugars like Stevia and
honey and try and keep away from foods that contain added sugar. Research at the Cornell University years ago
found that sugar had a very powerful depressing effect on immunity. Literally within minutes of eating sugar,
your white blood cells start dropping off in activity very quickly. So sugar also we know is one of the big ones
behind yeast infections. Yeasts love sugar. They thrive on sugar. So do many different parasites like Blastocystis
hominus, Dientamoeba Fragilis. These guys love sugar. So every time you’re eating a cookie or having
a soda drink or something with sugar in it, you’re feeding all these bad bugs in your
body. You’re depressing your immune system. You’re adding to belly fat. You’re going to really accelerate your aging
in a big way. Kidney function declines, liver function declines. All of these functions decline when you consume
refined sugar. Number two: Smoking. Again, there’s no point elaborating on smoking. Smoking is probably one of the most destructive
things you can do for your health. Probably apart from being like Homer Simpson
and working in a radioactive plant, nuclear plant. That’s pretty destructive. Working around really toxic chemicals and
toxic environments. Tobacco smoking, I think in New Zealand alone,
we’ve had something like 12 people die every day from tobacco related illness, just in
this small country. It’s chronic how many people die from tobacco. It’s disgusting. Tobacco is one of the most powerful ways to
create free radical damage inside your body. This accelerates aging probably more than
any other things I’m going to talk about would be cigarette smoking. You only have to look at a guy or a woman
who’s around 45 who’s smoked for 10-15 years. You’ll see all the lines in the face all around
here. You’ll see the lines around the eyes. They’ve got a chronic cough that they have. You can smell people sometimes a mile away
before you even see them, because of the nicotine coming out of the body. It’s terrible. So, smoking is on its way out. We know that. A lot of people don’t smoke anymore, not like
when I grew up in the sixties. Everybody smoked. Pretty dumb if you still smoke and you want
to look good when you get to 60/70. It’s just not going to happen. Number three: You’re not going to believe
what this one is. It’s divorce or separation from a relationship. That’s one of the most powerful ways for you
to accelerate your aging is to go through a divorce. Same thing through bankruptcy or a prison
term. These are major stresses in life. If you look at the top 10 stresses, they’re
quite serious. The first one is death of a loved one. Then we’ve got all these other stresses: getting
married, getting divorced. These are all stresses but particularly divorce. Divorce is number two I believe on the 100
list. Divorce creates a massive amount of stress
for the body. Many people who go through a divorce don’t
really think it through carefully and think of the long-term effects that are going to
occur after the separation. It’s pretty tough on the mind and body and
everyone around you. It’s almost like an earthquake or tsunami. It just comes and creates massive destruction,
and then the aftermath can take years or decades to recover from that. What happens is you get a huge surge of cortisol
and adrenaline and other stress hormones will increase in the body. This will go on and on sometimes for weeks
or months or even years. This is going to push a lot of different processes
down in the body that maintain good health. We know again that when you get poor immune
system functioning from high levels of cortisol. We know that for sure. We know that it affects your blood sugar. It affects your cognition, your emotion. Many things get affected with high cortisol. Eventually cortisol can’t maintain that elevation
forever, so eventually it goes into decline and decline, and so does the person’s health. Their energy. So does their sleep and libido. Everything starts dropping down, and at that
point the person might get severely depressed beyond many medications. So, divorce is a major way to accelerate aging. Have a look at some of your friends and family
who’ve separated and look how they looked when they were happy in the early stages of
the relationship, and look at them going through the divorce proceedings. Then look at them a year after the separation. Take some photos and have a look. I think you’ll be quite shocked. I’ve noticed this with several of my clients
over the years that when I saw them back many years later, I was absolutely shocked to see
the difference in them after the separation occurred. The fourth one is sun exposure. Back in the fifties and sixties when I grew
up, everybody worshipped the sun. Now, we realize, like tobacco, how dangerous
it can be. Solar radiation, especially too much when
you’re young, will come back and haunt you when you get older. Skin will lose elasticity. You’ll look terrible. You’ll look really aged and old and haggard
by the time you get to my age if you’ve been lying in the sun a lot in your twenties and
thirties. So, be aware of sun exposure, particularly
if you’re quite young, in your twenties, try and understand that what you’re doing now
to your skin will come back and bite you in the bum when you get to my age. The fifth one is anxiety, especially phobias
or fears about things. Again, this is a very powerful way to push
up your stress hormones. Very powerful way. It’s incredible. Out of the seven listed, one is anxiety, one
is stress. Anxiety is something that you really want
to deal with, especially if it’s taking over your life, especially if you think you need
medications for it, or it’s really affecting your social or your professional life. It needs to be sorted. You need to talk about it with people. People you care about and also maybe some
healthcare professionals who can help you through this. Everybody has fears of some degree, but it’s
good for you to tackle some of these fears and try and overcome these anxieties. Try to find out what the root cause is. Again, you don’t want to drive these hormones
up. Remember that the brain, particularly the
feely/emotional part, is part of a system we call the limbic system, which involves
four different parts of the brain. This is input coming in, and this in turn
is going to affect your endocrine system, your hormone system, and your immune system. If the data coming in to you is scary or freaky-most
times anxiety is imagined. It’s not real. It’s going to have a major effect on what’s
happening inside your body. My recommendations are if you’ve got anxiety
is to learn to relax a lot more and do something like yoga or tai chi. Go for a daily walk. It’s going to help you tremendously. Try and find the root cause of the anxiety. Is it something you’re scared of doing? Is it a person in your life? Is it your job? What the hell is it? Find out what it is. Often there’s something underpinning the anxiety. If you can sort that out, that can give you
a whole new lease on life. You’ll find that the people who are very young
and beautiful in their fifties/sixties/seventies are often relaxed people. The people who tend to cruise through life. People who tend to exercise regularly. Eat good foods. Get plenty of sleep. Think about that. Number six: Drugs. So we’re talking all kinds of drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs. Drugs have been around for a long time. When I was a kid, there was heroin, cocaine,
and now you’ve got all these crazy drugs like methamphetamine. I don’t even know all these brand new ones
that are coming out all the time. People take pharmaceutical drugs for a reason,
but in many cases, it’s crazy when you think about it. Even more so pharmaceutical medications. Many people are slaves to these drugs and
they take drugs for years on end. Drugs have a fantastic way of poisoning the
body, the liver, the kidneys, blood vessels. This is going to create an early demise. This is going to create accelerated aging. You need to really understand this principle
that really good health and to maintain a nice youthful appearance, drugs play no role
in your life as far as I’m concerned. If you are on a medication long term, try
and talk to your doctor to see if it’s possible to come off of these medications. I see some stupid crazy things done with people
over the years who stay on a drug for 10/20 years. They don’t come off. The doctor forgot to take them off. The last one is stress. I’ve spoken a lot about stress in other videos,
and I’d like you to go back and look at some of my videos on adrenal fatigue or stress. Stress is probably the archetypal cause of
accelerating aging. It’s the number one cause in my opinion. Stress comes in many shapes and forms, but
as I always maintain in my videos and my book, the biggest stresses we face are the emotional
stresses. These in my mind override any other kind of
stress in our life. Whether it’s nutritional stress, toxic stress,
any kind of stress, it’s the emotional stresses. We go to bed thinking about crap. We wake up thinking about crap. We go to google looking at crap. What comes into the mind, the data input,
very much affects the output of the body. So start reading nice things on the internet. Start relating with nice people in your life. Work with a boss that you really like. If you’ve got crappy relationships, try and
improve them with people. It’s going to take a lot of the edge off the
stress for you and it’s going to help you relax a lot more. You’ll sleep better. You’ll eat better. You’ll feel better, and you’ll look better
when you get older. You don’t need Botox to look good. You don’t need one of those Kardashian butts
to look good. You don’t need big boobs to look good or pec
implants or any of that kind of crap. So think about that. Think about stress in your life. Start thinking about how you can tackle that. What are some of the key issues that are affecting
if you do have stress? Every patient I see has a stress of some kind
and I like to uncover that stress. I like to expose it. I like to talk about it. Sometimes people say, “Why are we talking
about this crap for? I got a bellyache.” I say, “Yeah, well, you just told me that
you hate your boss and your wife’s really annoying the hell out of you. When you’ve got problems there. Don’t you think that’s related to the bellyache?” “Got nothing to do with it.” Think about that. You’ve got to start seeing the cause and effect
on the psyche and the soma. Physical things being affected by the mind
things. The connection’s big there. Stress is what I’m going to leave you with
and it’s the big key one. So for 2017, you should try and make if your
year to deal with the big problem, whatever that is in your life. If you can deal with that big problem and
fix that major stress up, that’s going to help you tremendously in the years ahead big
time. Thank you so much for looking at my video. I appreciate it. Give me some comments and if you want me to
talk about specific topics, I’m quite happy to do that. Thank you again.

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