7:45 Video on Unique Treatment for Adrenal & Thyroid Conditions

Hey guys, it is Doctor Christopher Wellwood
from the Regenerative Medicine Institute. Today I’d like to talk to you a little bit
about something that you might not think of as regenerative in nature, meaning that we
repair certain things, however I assure you it has a lot to do with chronic pain syndromes. Some of you have been my patients for years,
and some of you are new. Either way, I hope that you understand that
I’m always constantly striving to do better by you as a clinician. One of the things I did a few years ago is
actually graduated from a master�s degree program in Advanced Clinical Practice. What that does is it allows me to be able
to talk to you in the best way possible that gives you the best options available for treatment. During that program, we were actually required
to submit papers for publication, and I just happened to get mine, actually accepted. One of them is in this. Now, this is an internationally-known medical
journal called the Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal. I was published in it in the June and July
edition of 2014. One of the really neat things about it, for
me personally is that I actually get to see my name in a publication. But that also, I get to show patients what
it is that I actually can do and to assure you that you are seeing the best in the area,
in my opinion, of course, for certain conditions. Here’s mine. That’s my article, and it�s basically in
adrenal and thyroid supplementation. I’d like to talk to you just a little bit
about it today, particularly because it has to do with chronic pain syndromes. See, when a patient comes in and they say
that they actually have pain for a long period of time, whether that’s 2 weeks, 6 weeks,
10 weeks, 2 to 3, 4 years, whatever it is, there’s always an underlying condition that
might be associated with that. When we talk about pain, we’re not only talking
about pain mechanisms themselves, but also about the hormonal regulation of pain. One of the things that I learned during my
master�s degree as well, it’s my year of clinical neurology afterwards, is that, pain,
although is a physical manifestation, it is also emotional, mental manifestation. It controls a variety of different things
in your body, not only how you react and how you function, but also your activities that
you do and the quality of life that you wish to obtain. One of the things that I often talk about
with chiropractic patients as well as my regenerative medicine patients is that, why is it that
your body was perfectly able to deal with pain situations when you are 16, 18, 21, whatever
is young that you think, why is it that you were able to deal with those types of issues
at that time? You’re eating the same things, you’re doing
the same things, but now, 20, 30, 40, 50 years later, you’re not able to actually handle. During my clinical studies, and what this
article actually showed is that your adrenal system is directly related to the amount of
pain that you might obtain and you might be able to experience. One of the reasons is that, there is a hormone
called cortisol and cortisol is actually produced at night. So if you’re not sleeping more than 6 to 61/2
hours, [the sleep 00:04:00] you’re not producing enough cortisol, cortisol’s anti-inflammatory
and pain modulator that your body actually creates during the stressful situations, whether
that’s physical stress or chemical or emotional stress. If you’re not producing enough cortisol, and
you get damaged during that period of time, then your body uses that cortisol in order
to make it feel better, and if you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re not producing
enough cortisol, doesn’t actually have the ability to create more cortisol to the level
that it actually needs to. If you’re always running in a deficit, you’re
not getting any better, and you just feel like crud all the time, then your adrenal,
hormones might actually [tanked out 00:04:44]. Now, one of the bad part about this, among
other things, is that it can often takes between 6 to 9 months before you actually feel better. However, with proper management, with proper
treatment, with proper home exercise and home remedies, you can half that amount to 3, 4
or 5 months. Now, of course that depends on exactly what
it is that you’re complaining about, is it why it is very fatigue, is it why it is very
pain, are you having joint pain, are you having pain down the arms and hands, all those things
that actually, will determine how long it is your adrenal system actually controls itself. But one of the things that we found in my
study is that, not only is the adrenal system actually correlated by pain syndromes and
pain, and vice versa, but that often times thyroid conditions can actually mask adrenal
issues. If you’re feeling tired, and fatigue, and
widespread pains and achiness, all over the place, and you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid
condition, well, I got to tell you, you might actually have an adrenal issue. You know that you’re going to have an adrenal
issue if, when you take medication it just doesn’t get any better, or, we have all the
signs and symptoms of a thyroid condition: weight gain, lethargy, fatigue, dryness and
brittleness of the hairs, loss of lateral third of the eyebrow, brittleness of the hair,
kind of clumps out, sex drive’s gone down, you can’t lose any weight for what, whatever
it is that you do. Well, you might actually have subclinical
thyroid conditions or adrenal issues if your labs are completely normal and “labs”, according
to medical professionals, it’s just the TSH. I don’t really want to get started right now,
I will talk to you about that later. If this is interesting to you, one of the
things that we actually do here is we actually reduce inflammation and pain, and thereby
actually improving the quality of life. We do that by several ways, we do immune system
modulations through IV nutrition, we do ultraviolet blood irradiation, we do acupuncture, chiropractic’s
been shown to actually increase adrenal systems, and massage. Some of the things you can do at home, Tai
chi, yoga, regular exercise even though when you’re feeling like crud, all those things
can actually help. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate
to give me a call, send me a message on Facebook, send me a video blog, whatever it is that
you’d like to do to get ahold of me. Call 509-299-6900 and I’ll be sure to help
you out, or at least see if there’s something that I can help you out.

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