8 Ways to Disinfect Your Home or Office Using Anasphere | Flu Virus Too

Hey Michael Church, Crawl Space Ninja, and
today I’m going to talk to you about eight different areas of the home that you can use
the Anasphere Plus disinfectant in order to help your home be a healthier environment.
Stay tuned. Okay. Did you know Anasphere Plus is a great disinfectant, moldicide, and mildewcide
as well as a fungicide used to kill many of the pathogens that are in our world today?
As a matter of fact, it has over 140 kill claims. Some of those kill claims include
MRSA, Strep, Staff, E. Coli, Salmonella, all Norovirus and all flu virus as well as molds
and bacterias. So I want to get into a little bit about what Anasphere plus can be used
for around the house. Now, just so you know, recently one of our
children got sick and of course he threw up all over the sheets and all over the things
like that. So Anasphere plus is great at disinfecting sheets and even stuffed animals and things
like that. Even mopping up or wiping down surfaces in a bedroom or trying to just make
sure that the germs and the bacterias and things that were in the area are not spread
to the other children. So that’s number one, is that you can use it to disinfect after
somebody gets sick in bedrooms and things like that. Okay. The second thing you can
use it in is obviously the bathroom. Anytime you’ve got toilets or sinks, or even the shower.
I mean, obviously Anasphere Plus is a good mildewstat as well. So it kills mold inside
the shower. But you can use it around the floor where the toilet is. I mean, I’ve got two boys and we all miss,
right? So you’ve got urine and different things hitting the floors. So you can use it around
that area. You can use it inside the sinks. Did you know that some estimate that the sink
actually has more bacteria in it than the toilet seat does, because whenever you brush
your teeth, you spit inside the sink? Gross. Okay. So, of course, if you run a dehumidifier,
you can use the Anasphere Plus to keep the bacteria and different things down inside
those buckets. If you’ve got a standalone dehumidifier that drains inside of a bucket
or into a condensate pump, you can obviously apply Anasphere Plus in there. So that’s number
three, is that you can use it in dehumidification. Number four is you can use it in humidification.
Right now it is January and a lot of people are running humidifiers and I recommend if
you do use a humidifier, it’s typically better to use a local humidifier in the room that
the person maybe that suffers from a low humidity is in, and then you can wash and disinfect
that humidifier regularly, okay? Sometimes hall home humidifiers are not maintained properly
and obviously can cost some money. But if you’re maintenancing a whole home humidifier
properly, they work very well also, but a local humidifier is a great way to keep humidity,
especially if not everybody else is affected. One of our kids, he tends to have nosebleeds
and things like that whenever the humidity gets down, so we just put a humidifier in
his room and not in everybody else’s room. So Anasphere Plus is great to disinfect humidifier
basins as well. Okay, number five, I’ve already mentioned
this as a laundry additive whenever someone gets sick, but you can also use it to deodorize
the pet laundry as well. I mean, we live in a country that really loves our cats and dogs
and different animals. My kids have reptiles and even Madagascar hissing cockroaches. So
you’ve got a great way to disinfect those things that the animals are using, especially
if you’ve got bedding or things like that that stink, so you can use it there. You can
also use it if you’ve got kennel out maybe in the garage or the dogs are outside and
they’re in their doghouses or their kennels or things like that. You can use it in those
areas as well. With the kennels. You can also deodorize those litter boxes too. I didn’t
want to leave the cats out, but you can use Anasphere Plus to deodorize litter boxes as
well. Okay, number six is it can be used as a carpet
disinfectant. That’s right. Again, carpet builds up things and things like that. Now
if you’ve got a serious water damage restoration problem or something like that, and many times
carpet needs to be removed if it’s been overly damaged, but just with mild carpet disinfection
or if you clean your carpets on an annual basis, maybe you’re a DIY carpet cleaner,
you can add the Anasphere Plus in order to disinfect that carpet while you’re cleaning
it. Okay, so the seventh thing you can use Anasphere Plus for, and again I’m talking
about putting it in maybe a squirt bottle or something like that, you can squirt a little
bit on a paper towel, is after you prepare food for your family, maybe poultry or pork
or things like that, you can actually wipe down the countertops. Now just use a little bit, it doesn’t take
a lot and make sure that you have the right ratios, and all the directions are on the
bottle, but you can use it to kill the bacteria is that may have come from those poultries
whenever preparing a chicken or pork. Okay. and the last thing, number eight, I hope I
stayed on track, is this number eight? If it’s not, I apologize. But anyway, number
eight is that you can use it to disinfect door knobs and light switches. Oh my. And
remote controls. One of the dirtiest things in a hotel is actually the remote control,
people going in there and touching the remote and they don’t ever maybe disinfect that remote
control. So if you’ve got people using the remote control and flipping light switches
and door nobs and things like that, make sure you put a little bit on a paper towel, squirt
a little bit on a paper towel, and you can disinfect those areas as well. And you know what? My name is Michael Church
with Crawl Space Ninja and Basement Ninja and we hope you found this video helpful and
I hope you make it a happy and blessed day. And by the way, if you want to order Anasphere
Plus, we’ve got to link for it down below. And I hope you make it a happy and blessed
day and we’ll see you later.

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