90. How to energy heal colds, sore throats, congestion and more

Hi there! I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to you on YDCtv; it’s almost 10:00 a.m. bright and early on Thursday
September 12th and I’m just here to do an add-on (sort of) to the last video I had
which was all about things you can do to avoid or prevent colds congestion sore
throats the flu etc I’m primarily just because what time of year it is school
back in season the kids were all getting back together but the adults are getting
sick too just because it’s a time of year that this is and I think we’re in
for a very cold winter I hope I’m wrong on that I really hope I’m wrong on that
but in case and not just things you can do if you are sick or if you want to
avoid getting sick I believe the ones that I showed I’m gonna go over them
again just in case you missed it but one thing is if you have a sore throat I’m
gonna try very hard not to bonk into my microphone but what you want to do I’ll
start on this side actually is you want to put your hands at the top of your
collarbone on one side and then on your head you want to put your fingers say
your index finger and your middle finger at the bottom of your jaw bone and
you’re gonna be stretching between so basically you’re pushing up with your
hand that’s on your jaw bone and you’re pushing down not hard but you’re just
stretching the skin between the bottom of your jaw line and the top of your
collarbone so we’re just gonna start here and just stretch out the stretch
all the way at Falls let me just move my crystal out of the way and just stretch
out the skin in between the bottom of your job won’t in the top of your
collarbone so that’s to help with sore throats when you’re done with stretching
this area out you’re then going to do little baby pinches meaning it shouldn’t
hurt but baby pinches in that whole area that you just stretched out this
redirects the energy into an area where the sore throat may be so just a little
baby punches all the way around get that whole area and then when you’re done
just rub your hands together and shake them out to get any negative energy that
you made a pick that out of your hands that it doesn’t
go into your hand chocolates that’s one the other one I learned this one from
Dandi darlin she’s Donnie Edith’s daughter she’s awesome what you
do this is to be preventative so this may not feel good to do if you’re
already feeling sick I know it’s kind of hard to make yourself feel worse if
you’re already sick and I can warn you this will feel a little uncomfortable at
times again we’re on the jaw line now starting at the chin with some and
you’re basically just very vigorously massaging and in some spots it may be
very sensitive for me the sensitivity happens right about here when I get to
this part of my jaw I can really feel it and what Donnie even has said in the
past is if it’s sensitive it means you really need it so I just do a little
extra rubbing on the spots that kind of hurt and I just go all the way to the
back of the earlobe underneath right where the ear connects that’s a little
sensitive too so I do a little extra digging or sorry tough-love massaging
there and then again when you’re done rub your hands together shake them out
and then one last one which I did not do last time and this I learned from Donnie
means other daughter to Tonya Dahlan is one again it’s gonna be a little
uncomfortable you started the cheekbones right where they meet with your nose and
with your index finger and your middle finger again we’re doing the very deep
massage tough-love there may be some spots that are a little bit
uncomfortable all along under the eye up to the sides of the eyes when you get to
this spot bring your fingers here and then just drag across to the hairline
and then just drag down and go off the chest rub your hands together shake them
out that’s a really good one for avoiding or helping take care of nasal
congestion so if you’re really stuffed up that should help you with breathing
the other thing that will help you with breathing it helps me and I know other
people who say that it helps them as well is when you’re inhaling if you
touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth
clipped up against your teeth and leave it up the roof of your mouth that should
also help with clearing your nasal passages hopefully um one thing I do
just I’ve had had sinus and nasal problems all my life I got a neti pot
and I just do the sinus wash where you fill in the neti pot with hot water I
don’t know if you can do tap I do tap for me but I have been told that
distilled is good to use when you want to heat it up you just don’t want it to
be too too hot and you can mix that with nature salt or non-iodized salt is what
I was told to use I was told to use natural sea salt mix that up and you
just let some of it go up one side and then let it rinse out through the other
I know it sounds gross but it beats not being able to breathe so those are all
things you can try again if your problems if you have really serious
blockage problems you should probably uh see a doctor
I’m not trying to replace a doctor here I’m just trying to show you things that
you can try to do to make yourself more comfortable anyway
all that said I hope that was helpful to you namaste peace and light as always
thank you so much for coming I will be back probably next week with more energy
healing exercises for you but I did want to put this one up for you as well I do
hope that was helpful for you thanks again so much peace and light namaste
and hope to see you here again soon take care bye bye

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