A flu can lead to pneumonia

there’s flu cases have risen across the state and the country but so the number of pneumonia cases that’s right pneumonia is one of the most common flu related complications and if left untreated could be dangerous Roland Rodriguez joins us live this morning from doctors Regional Hospital so Roland what should people do to avoid getting the pneumonia good morning guys and good morning South Texas a couple of ways you can help fight or prevent pneumonia one is get your vaccinations get your vaccinations for flu and pneumonia second simple as frequently washing your hands whenever you have the flu it affects your body and allows for a super infection a bacterial pneumonia to cause more health problems pneumonia may be as simple as you know you get better on your own without any type of intervention or you see your regular doctor in the office and they’re able to give you some medications when you feel better but on the other side of the spectrum it may be as bad as you’re having breathing difficulty and you may need to be on the breathing machine most healthy people can’t fight off pneumonia but for the young old and frail this disease can be tough to battle I mean if you are to the point where you’re not getting better and whatever is going on inside your respiratory system is not being treated appropriately then it could get to the point where you develop respiratory distress and you develop sepsis and like I said we’re on the breathing machine and we’re really in big trouble many of the symptoms of pneumonia mimic those of a cold or the flu so how do you tell the difference I would really look for any type of respiratory issues and someone who’s otherwise frail has other medical conditions if you already have COPD or asthma or you know other types of you know compromised conditions then you should really be more cognizant when you develop respiratory issues and fevers especially if you’ve already been on treatment for some type of respiratory illness recently and you’re just not getting better that’s when we really need to escalate the care again a couple of ways to help prevent pneumonia is get your vaccinations and watch your hands frequently Ashley

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