A Message from Dr. N Regarding the COVID-19 Epidemic

Hi everyone, Jean and Dr. Nemechek here
and we just want to reach out real quickly and give everybody a message. We
hope you’re staying safe, isolating yourselves and, and doing the best you
can to handle the kids at home and all that new stress that is just piled more on
top of what you already had. So, but the important thing we’ve been hearing from
people they’re really worried about the immune system. How can they prevent from
getting sick? What can you do? And the good news is really probably the most
important thing you can do to boost your immune system is to control your
inflammation. That’s right! And that’s exactly what The Nemechek Protocol does.
Your kids are doing well, your kids are recovering because you basically got
rid of excess inflammation, and now their immune system is functioning as normal
as it possibly can. And many of you have reported that you know this because when
you start the protocol suddenly your kids, the frequency of these infections
they get, the earaches and the strep throat and all that stuff, dramatically
declines. So, there isn’t a lot you can do to boost normal immune system. What you
have to do is fix the things that weaken a normal immune system. And the most, most
common thing you can do is to do The Nemechek Protocol which lowers your inflammation and that improves immune system function. The other thing that’s
critically important – do not underestimate this – is you need to
isolate yourselves. Probably for at least a month, maybe longer. And we’ll just let
the experts tell us what we got to do but, as many of you know, I was a former
HIV expert, this is old, old news for me with dealing with viruses and all this
stuff. Take this very, very, very seriously. And we’re doing our best to help people
who are scheduled to have visits here. We’re switching things over to Skype.
We’re going to do some innovative kind of stuff, and so that people have been
waiting for you know six months, eight months to get
an appointment, they’ll still be able to get their appointment with us. It’s just
all going to be done virtually. We put up a blog post in more detail about how you
can help maintain a healthy immune system, so you might want to go to that
at Nemecheck Consultative Medicine. And I don’t know if Jean you have anything you
want to say? We’re just really worried about everybody, and so do your
best, take care of yourselves. And we’ll be here alongside of you to ride out
through this whole thing together. Take care now. Bye bye.

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