A special #ThanksGiving2019 live for you all #DutyRon #ThanksGivingEve

hello everybody here on YouTube
Thanksgiving Eve 2019 DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective checking on in with you guys
saying hello good evening to everyone coming on in into the chat hello Trevor
hello Joey truth sleuth or Mary swampy Lisa Lee thank you so much for joining
great to see you guys on this wonderful beautiful Thanksgiving evening this
broadcast tonight is dedicated to you guys my friends my family my
live-streaming buddies so thank you so much for all you do during the course of
all year long so happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you this broadcast
is dedicated to you my friends my family my followers the people who interact
with me I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving in 2019 hello Hilary
McCarthy thank you for joining Mary London is in the building
Anna is in the house thank you so much Mia’s family thank you so much guys
if you please please I hope you guys are enjoying the Thanksgiving the
Thanksgiving theme that I have up I hope you like the intro that we had going on
just a little bit of fanciness Thank You Marge Margie thank you so much
appreciate you being in here half rudder great to see you man guys Thanksgiving
we have to give thanks and praise for all of our all of the things that we
have given during the course of the year during the course of our year hello frog
push I on weather Catina good to see a Marley’s house V
logs great to see you this is not going to be a crime broadcast Deborah Barron
thank you so much for being in here faithful one I can’t wait to eat pumpkin
pie me me too there’s going to be so much goodness it’s not even going to be
it’s going to be ridiculous good to see you Joshua eight
I have Joshua H to thank for all of this doing here
Joshua H has been working behind the scenes we meet for the last hour or so
so thank you to him Michelle Vogel I hope you guys enjoy the Thanksgiving
decor here all of this stuff is courtesy of stream labs and Josh RH so I’m great
to see all my friends and family assembling Thank You Frankie boy I
appreciate that I I want us to say a special special
thank you to all of my patreon supporters and all the people who
interact with me in the chat on the lives on my replay
Josh thank you so much for the super love greatly greatly appreciate that
there it goes across the screen Joshua H has donated superlove $2 thank you so
much and there it goes dropping in the cup this is all thanks to Josh so thank
you for that Maddie Sully good to see you so I want to say a special thanks
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our men and women in the military and our law
enforcement those who cannot be home with their families so a special prayer
and thank you to all of our military and law enforcement throughout the world who
work tirelessly to keep our country and keep our people safe and all the people
throughout the world so to our military I bow my head to my fellow brothers and
sisters in blue I say thank you for your dedicated service and all of your good
work I know all too well the sacrifices that are made so thank you thank you
thank you I give thanks and praise every day to our military and our law
enforcement coming on in is Chris free to laugh now from San Francisco Chile
Chile great to see you from Dallas Texas my grandparents are from Dallas Texas so
I love the great people in the state of Texas
Richard Buzzelli thank you so much for the super love duty Ron good to see you
on YouTube 24 Bouch oh wow great to see you rich 24 bout that’s a blast from the
past from periscope good to see a 24 Bouch faithful one thank you so much for
the prayers Kathy from Texas much love and respect Katina thank you for being a
good friend and a patreon supporter I greatly greatly appreciate that all
along I had top chat on so excuse me I’m now catching up with the chat hello
Stephanie thank you so much can’t stay long however I want to say
thank you to duty Ron and happy Thanksgiving
thank you and this broadcast as I said in the beginning is dedicated to you the
viewers all of my loyal friends and family here lisa lee lisa lee thank you
for coming in connie are you still in law enforcement duty Ron I never asked
you about your service I am retired it says it all over my profile I’m a
retired New York City police detective Connie so I am retired but I still do
security I’m still in the security field so guys again if you’re not subscribed
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thank you Joey Brooklyn always great to see you in the house Matty boy Sully
this sign is courtesy of Maddie Sully Matt Sully and his daughter thank
you for the sign I hope you guys really like the Thanksgiving decor that we did
here I’m going to show you a little pause screen if I was to go and get
myself an adult beverage tonight which I I’ve
one already if I was to go and get myself an adult beverage I would click
this button right here you bingo back with a Red Solo Cup Anna I
did 10 years on Patrol and then a little bit over ten years in the detective
bureau so a decade of both I did a decade of both marry swampy thank you
for the super love says the sticker says my hero and you are my friend
you are my good friend so thank you so much for that super love $3 on the super
chat thank you so much for coming in guys
when in doubt hit the red solo cup here comes the there’s the donation from Mary
swampy and it’s gonna be a couple of police cars that drop down perhaps there
they go they’re a little small we got to make those a little bit bigger those
police cars are a little small we want everyone to see them so great to see all
my friends in on the broadcast I knew that this wouldn’t be a big drawer
because I’m talking just we’re just talking Happy Thanksgiving
so um let me hear what everybody is doing tomorrow I’d like to know what
what everyone’s plans are I am going to be here with about a couple of dozen
people here in the house eating and drinking tomorrow all day long so some
of my some of my wife’s cider family and some of my side is gonna be here and
we’re gonna have a nice little get-together tomorrow what’s everybody
doing tomorrow on Thanksgiving you know there’s been quite a few Thanksgivings
where we’ve been alone too so it’s not always like you have to have a crowd to
have a good time Thank You Kathy Thank You Kathy
Clifton for the Happy Thanksgiving duty Ron like the decorative work did you do
it yourself I had a little help from some friends
Pam easy pam pam ZB Happy Thanksgiving to you Connie saying hello to some of
the people joining in so again here we are on a Thanksgiving we’re on a
Thanksgiving evening just giving our thanks and praise listen no matter what
going to gonna do some kind of going to some ooh
that went by pretty fast going to some new friends home nice
Michelle that’s cool bring in a turkey for the past 24 hours
awesome half rudder thank you so much for coming on in and hitting me with a
super chat super love coming in from half rudder thank you so much for the
five dollar super chat much love and respect Happy Thanksgiving to you and
yours so again guys here we are
it’s Thanksgiving Eve now I can remember when I was younger guys Happy
Thanksgiving to you too Barbara Mary says I’m working with the tourists or
lost their lost without her Matty boy Sully thank you for the super love he’s
coming in with $5 super love sticker that’s Matty boy dropping the mic thank
you so much for that Matty love you man I remember when I was a kid you know
when I was a teenager and in my early 20s this night was a big party night I
don’t know does anybody remember that we would go to a local watering hole and
get together with everyone from high school and we would have like a reunion
on Halloween on Thanksgiving Eve anybody
else do that anywhere across the United States or was that just a New York thing
like our Thanksgiving Eve was getting together with all of our old high school
buddies and going down to the local watering hole and then drinking
ourselves into a drunken stupor and crawling home anybody anybody do that in
their younger days I mean I’m an old man now but I kind of remember that I
remember that well okay mark mark Marty that is a good thing just my lovely
daughter and myself I like that Mary swampy says yes anybody else am I the
only one and Mary are we the only two that did that I would think that there
would be a couple more people that that followed in that tradition Richard d
says we did it in Massachusetts okay I’m starting to feel like this is an E
coast thing anybody else yes in Ohio alright wildlife great to see you happy
Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving guys frog pushes no I prepped for
Thanksgiving okay I’m talking about in the younger days like in when I was
younger at 18 was the drinking age and then they upped it to 21 after I became
21 so um we did it we you know we used to I mean I’m talking about from 18
going forward I think I stopped doing that when I was about 30 so I had a
pretty good run from eighteen to thirty carp DM rv-style says we used to do it
too where are you from like what in Chicago Dec 1300 says they do it there
so guys again for the new people coming on in this is not a crime or any type of
police related chat this is a special broadcast for my viewers for the
viewership a special broadcast to say thank you to each and every one of you
for coming into the live streams positively interacting on the comments
section in the live chat and all of your emails and the special love that you
sent out to me I want to say thank you thank you form the bottom of my heart so
it is without viewership like you guys we don’t have a channel so it’s
important for me to acknowledge all of you guys and say thank you and I say
thank you almost on every live that I do but this is Thanksgiving and we like to
obviously on Thanksgiving talk about some of the things that we’re thankful
for now I’m thankful for first and foremost
my family and my health the health comes first without your health we all know we
got nothing I’m thankful for our health and my family and then I’m thankful for
my military my law enforcement and I’m thankful for my friends and the people
like yourself that come into my live streams and support so thank you so much
or everything that you guys do during the course of the year throughout the
whole year raus trucking is in the building
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thank you so much for filling up the cup thank you thank you fire service for
your super chat fire medic FSU is that Florida State University roust rukns
donation coming on in over here drop it on in thank you so Josh RH I
want to say the special thank you to Joshua H for providing and setting up
all of the Thanksgiving the Thanksgiving garb giving you the leaves those those are
some fall foliage right there right that’s a pretty nice fall foliage whoo I like it I like it a lot Thank You
Josh everybody please give Josh a round of
applause awesome awesome for setting up that great footage for us Jemma Harvey great to see you thank you
for joining guys I haven’t shared it anywhere but Twitter and Facebook so
maybe maybe I should get on get on on to the sharing part of the thing she won
everything there she is my good friend I encourage everyone to go check out her
videos go over to she won everything subscribe to her Channel and I guarantee
you you’ll have some good laughs but I’m gonna put a disclaimer out there don’t
stalk her don’t try to find out what her real name is just love her for what she
is and what she does that’s my disclaimer as a law enforcement
professional it’s not cool to try to seek somebody out and find out where
they live and find out what they do that shit’s creepy so don’t do that to her
I’m trying to get into her mode right now just be nice enjoy what it is and
just go with it you know like in the 70s when you used
to sit back and smoke a doobie just like peace man peace just do it
thank you for the super love she won everything thank you for the super love so I’m thankful says Loni Gore to come
into your I got a scroll back let me scroll back Loni Gore says I’m thankful
to come into your live without any drama there’s no drama here ever we’re good to
go so again this is a special Thanksgiving
broadcast saying giving thanks to all my friends and speaking on my good friend
Katie F is just getting over a really bad bout of pneumonia she’s actually not
over yet she just came home from the hospital so let’s give Katie F some
prayers and hugs and Eddie frats come with a five dollar super chat how are
you doing my brother I was just thinking about you yesterday and here you are on
my life so great to see you Eddie frats now let me tell you something about edy
frats edy France just gave that five dollar super chat he when I visited
Florida in February of this year he opened his home to me and five other
live streamers and made us steaks sauteed mushrooms cold beer he even
offered us to stay at his house he offered me and my son to stay at his
house and we never returned back to Florida but this is a freaking guy who
is a hundred percent class act so Eddie frats you are a man happy
Thanksgiving to you and your son I’m glad to see you on my live stream thank
you for opening your home to me when I came to Florida to say goodbye to a live
stream of who passed away Steve from Florida December 27th next month will be
one year that he has passed on Steve from Florida was a great friend of mine
he was a great friend of all of ours on periscope
he wasn’t active on YouTube but he does have a YouTube channel
Steve from Florida I went down to his memorial service and Eddie frats opened
up his home to me and five other people what a great guy and that is just a
classic example of a class act so good to see you my brother I hope
you’re doing well Katie I hope you’re recovering from a really bad bout of
pneumonia of some sorts so I hope that you’re doing better so again I’m not
gonna make this a long drawn-out lime stream but again I have to say some of
my fun memories Gabrielle good to see you Gabrielle e8 is in the building from
Singapore great to see you I I learned several weeks ago that well about a week
and a half ago that Singapore is not part of China I that one up that’s like
my the screw up moment our Giants are
sucking wind big time um but great to see my good friend
coming on in Gabrielle thank you so much she’s a super super supporter and a
wonderful gal so thank you for all of your positiveness Tracy Taylor is in the
building there you go I listen Tracy earlier in the live
I gave special thanks to our men and women of the military who are overseas
and nowhere near their families at this time on Thanksgiving so I tip my cap to
them I bow to them and say hey thank you for your service and everything that you
do Joshua Webb in the building good to see you Joshua
Webb merry swampy again with a dollar-fifty coming on in thank you for
the super love I greatly appreciate you and guys don’t don’t just think because
I’m a retired law enforcement guy I’m a retired cop then I’m not just a regular
prayer I’m a regular guy I mean I interact with you guys and I treat
everybody with respect the same way I’d want to be treated with the same respect
that I want to be treated with so this is what the channel is all about you
know you could come in here hang out not be attacked personally for any of your
views as long as you don’t try to force-feed what you’re trying to you
know your views on anybody it’s we’re not about pushing agendas or anything
here it’s all about love and respect love respect and if you can’t have those
two things then you got to see the door Joey Brooklyn will escort you right out
the door and he’ll be nice about it Joey Brooklyn is nice about it it’s a
real quick push of a button and he sees you right out the door so guys I got the
Red Solo Cup tonight on Thanksgiving Eve I’m drinking on my own in the hole in
the comfort of my own home so I’m not anywhere where it’s unsafe so I’m having
a couple of adult beverages and it’s clear in nature just so you know it’s
clear in nature spirit Vox paranormal Dundee great to see you from Scotland
always always a pleasure to see my friends from across the pond gem a tree
thank you so much for being in here safe place for the duty Brown family yes I
agree once again guys just to recap I want to say a special special thank you
to all of them you this broadcast is dedicated to you guys you my viewers my
friends my subscribers whatever you want to call yourselves I call a lot of you
guys friends because we have we build these personal relations through
messages you know a lot of guys 50-plus good to see it thank you for joining a
lot of you guys send me messages and we interact as you know I don’t ignore
messages I answer as many as them as as many of them as I can
within reason you know sometimes regular everyday life I have a full-time
business and job that I run so it’s hard for me to immediately respond to
messages so sometimes the messages I will respond on a slight delay so don’t
kill the messenger I am just trying to do what I can as a human being I’m
running a household I have a family I got a wife and a business that I run so
it’s it’s it’s not easy for me to immediately immediately get right back
to you so I don’t answer you right away it’s not because I don’t want to answer
you it’s just because I can’t you know so I’m just saying really be patient
with me and some of the people like that subscribe to me that have channels I
can’t physically get to every channel all the time so I try to bounce around
for those of you who know me you see me in a lot of other people’s live streams
I don’t know if anybody can by a show of hands anybody in the chat can say hey
dude Iran’s visited my live stream because I think I try to get to
everybody as much as I can but there’s only certain amount of hours in a day so
sometimes I can’t make it to everyone’s chat don’t feel like oh he’s abandoned
in me but it’s just it’s it’s impossible I don’t have eight
hours a day where I could do it I sneak in an hour here I sneak in an hour there
I hope you guys understand that and I just want to get that out there on the
video as well but this is a special thank you to all of you my viewers my
friends my duty Ron family guys and girls go on over to my facebook page and
subscribe to the do tier on Facebook YouTube share group also we have a
police and crime chat group there’s two groups
if anybody can please link it put it in the in the chat the Facebook group and
the the crime group and the YouTube video share group the video share group
for YouTube is is really four four videos that I like to keep that group
videos who are interacting with each other I don’t want people coming on to
that YouTube share group and just sharing out some random person’s video I
want to make it so like if Trevor goes live we share it if Joey Brooklyn goes
live we share it in other words it’s self driven to help all the people who
are in that group that’s what I want I don’t want random people that don’t
participate in the in the video share group for someone to start sharing a lot
of their videos so those are the some of the things I hope some people who are
sharing in that group listen to me hear and hear the message that I put out
about that so I don’t have to you know explain it to them over and over again
and that’s why I like to do it on videos so come into that group share your stuff
and share some of the people that you like that are in that group but you know
what I’m saying it’s just not right if you share someone that’s not
participating in the group just want it I want it to benefit all of us so mark
Hilton welcome in I was a marine for 24 years duty Ron and never made it home
for Thanksgiving I really appreciate them now
mark I appreciate your service I appreciate the past
future and present members of the military appreciate their service thank
you so much Kathy Kathy Clifton coming in with $10 super chat appreciate you
duty Ron Kathy much love and respect thank you for the super love the super
chat I don’t like the way that sounds I love the super love I love the super
love so cheers to you each super chat I get I’m gonna take a little gulp of the
cup I like Tito’s vodka when I do have a
drink and I also drink Grey Goose cuz my good friend Naboo from the South of
France we all know Nabal who’s a great guy he gave me a big big bottle of Grey
Goose so that’s my drink of choice thank you so much mark for your service
to our country Christopher West salute Linda s is in the building I can’t see
how many are in the chat my chat always screws up Lisa one one one one Happy
Happy Thanksgiving to you it one of them says 60 the other one here says 27 and
my iPad says 15 so I don’t know what the hell I got but whatever it is what it is
the urban explorer says hey Ron just driving home from work looking for a
spot to park up and sleep you get some rest and Happy Thanksgiving to you and
your family so ya know boo no boo actually I’m gonna
I’m gonna refresh my drink guys I’m gonna refresh my drink so give me two
seconds I’ll be right right back you and here we have a super chat that came
in from Margie Margie $9.99 $19.99 $20 super chat thank you so much for the
super love from Margie a great great friend a patreon supporter a supporter
on all my lives awesome awesome I love it I love it I love it
are we are we lagging are we lacking are we lagging or are we good
I think another super chat did come in let me see who that one was from Kathy
from Texas another great great supporter great friend thank you thanks to all
that have served bless your families thank you so much for that Kathy from
Texas and Margie Cheers Lisa one-one-one-one is trying to get me
drunk she says drink up and I am doing that I
am doing that again you the police you police courtesy of matt sully courtesy
of Matt woo Matt Sully vodka has to be cold when you drink it guys
vodka has to be cold when you drink it and this is cold so it’s good I’m
drinking without a super chat let’s see I would toast you with an adult beverage
but I don’t have any and I forgot to pick up some shame on you VR next time
you have to come prepared to the do tier on live chat can someone tell me how
many people are here watching I can’t 14 20 of 27 32 I don’t know it’s like a
football thing 14 27 32 hut hut hut I’m gonna be watching football tomorrow I
can’t see I don’t know what’s happening hello my friend from Russia privyet
privyet Sasha much love and respect from the USA
to Russia so thank you for joining ice-cold Cathy ice-cold it’s the only
way to drink it right drink it if you got it
Grey Goose and soda with two live hmm I love it
73 okay there we go 73 that’s good enough for me 73 of you
guys now now that I have 73 people here again just to reiterate this is a this
is a Thanksgiving Eve celebration this YouTube broadcast from duty Ron I don’t
do these much but I do do them and I want to say thank you thank you to each
and every one of you I give thanks and praise to all of you great people for
watching my videos for letting the replays go and watching the letting the
ads run watching my replays it is tremendous when I share out the videos
you guys answer my call and this is my service to you saying thank you thank
you thank you so and I have people from Russia so previous to all my Russian
friends people from the UK from Scotland from all over the world so thank you so
much our military and our law enforcement those are our people that we
need to give and remember when you’re sitting down at your table tomorrow
thank you mark for the super love and your service to the country when you’re
sitting down at the table tomorrow whether you’re with your mom
whether you’re witnessed by yourself or whether you’re with tons of loved ones
and family give thanks and praise to the men and women who are not home with
their families serving it’s a forgotten thing many people just take them for
granted so let’s tomorrow I know I will say
grace at the table and I will say a prayer and I will mention our military
and law enforcement those of you who know me know I’m going to do that that’s
what I will do tomorrow so again guys I think I’ve overstayed my welcome here
tonight many many of you have given super chat I really appreciate it I
salute you Cheers to a very healthy Happy Thanksgiving
we’re coming up on 2020 the close of 2019 I hope to on New Year’s Eve or
maybe the next doing a live for you guys maybe New
Year’s Eve day giving you a live where we toast in the New Year I know I won’t
be live at the ball drop but I you know I gotta say you know another close of a
good year you know we had our ups and downs it’s been sometimes a rocky road
and sometimes not so great for everybody but I I feel that every healthy year you
have where you have your health is it is a good year when you don’t have your
health and it’s not so much a good year the super chats are just overwhelming
and I’m very thankful for that very thankful for the super chats I see all
the colors lit up on the top of my stream here and you guys are freaking
awesome awesome you know black Black Friday is
coming I have my Amazon affiliate link you guys can always link into that and
shop to your heart’s content with my Amazon affiliate link it’s an easy way
for you to support even if you don’t use mine use one of your favorite live
streamers go over and use their Amazon affiliate link and it’s an easy way for
you to support their channel without digging into your pocket if you’re not
subscribed to me here is my name duty Ron retired New York City police
detective subscribed to my Twitter Instagram Facebook and snapchat all one
word duty Ron my email is duty Ron at aol.com and you can go to duty Ron comm
where you can find everything links to domestic violence links to where you can
report cyberbullying and swatting to the FBI I have links to all of the state
local and federal law enforcement so go on to my website duty Ron calm thank you
so much for the super chat from the urban explorer super love coming in it
says love to all my USA friends and family from the UK and me and my van
have a lovely day urban explorer you are awesome thank you
so much for that super chat great great to have you in here on the broadcast
Bermuda drink is dry and stormy there you go Kathy
will Wilma BRR you finally caught me live thank you so much for coming in Connie I had I’ve had many really
interesting cases but tonight is not a broadcast where I’m gonna talk about
anything crime related so we’ll leave it for another time if you don’t mind
hello melody good to see a Happy Thanksgiving to you I know it’s the next
day over there in the Philippines I think it is already our Thanksgiving I
know you guys don’t celebrate it polka dot Suzanne thank you so much Terry
Terry W thank you for coming in Lisa Gibbens good to see you love and respect
she won everything is a channel that I think you guys should if you’re into
some comedy and some labs and some seriousness she’s a she’s a channel to
definitely check out go and subscribe I implore you guys to check it out check
out her channel she won everything top cop cam Haines good to see you thank you
for joining four tips to appear on top huh what is that I don’t know what that
is tips to Oh tips to appear on top so if you leave a tip it appears on the top
oh okay up here I get it okay I got you now I got you you’re here from she won
everything thank you so much I appreciate that
now I’m not I’m not gonna I’m not gonna rip apart your name your screen name is
a Tuffy for me so I’m always good at screwing this stuff up let me give it a
try mari death the deals that’s gonna be a funny some kind of tricky thing that
I’m not catching on to so maybe you you could school me or she won everything
can do a short video telling me how to say your name right cuz I I’m I’m good
at screwing up names that’s a definite specialty of mine this
is mister duty Ron screwing up names screen names Duty Ron
you’re gonna do a live with your results from the testing next month yeah you
just reminded me of something that I didn’t want to think about but yes every
December I go to the World Trade Center health screening guys let’s put
something in perspective here killer whale good to see you here we go guys
happy Thanksgiving to all here in the chat I go to I was a World Trade Center
first responder okay those of you who don’t know me Meg’s daily dose there’s
my good friend Megan Megan love and respect happy Thanksgiving to you and
your family your fiancee I think you’re almost married or you’re getting close
to it so happy Thanksgiving to you and your hubby to be I hope you’re doing
well too I haven’t seen in a while so let me stay focused cuz I got to wrap up
this live I’m already I’ve already wore out my welcome just go with deals
okay deals you got it deals alright ah as a police officer as a New York City
police officer a police detective I responded to September 11th okay Trevor
just brought it up I responded seventh Emer 11th I was at the World Trade
Center ground zero for seven months and knock on wood I have not gotten any
cancer other than skin cancer on my nose and on my on my shoulder world trade
related skin cancer it’s certified through the 9/11 health registry but
every year I go for a cancer screening and I cross my fingers and pray and I
get anxiety and that’s what Trevor was referring to am I going to show my
results we’ll talk about my results yes I will I did it last year and I’ll do it
again this year so my 9/11 health screening is in December between
Christmas and New Year’s and they do a comprehensive test to see if you know
cancer is in your system so I could tell you that it is not an easy time for me I
don’t make a big deal about it but Trevor knows me a long time and that’s
what he was that’s what he was referencing to if you will
it’s part of something I have to do for the rest of my life I have to get a
cancer screening once a year and that’s through the federal government I have
many friends who I lost along the way and many many friends too many that too
many to talk about who have died of 9/11 World Trade Center related cancer
so hello license to dance good to see you
all right I didn’t want to kill the mood Happy Happy Thanksgiving to all of you
guys I’m gonna put an exit screen on here I’m gonna put an exit screen and
I’m gonna leave the chat running I’m gonna ask you guys all to stay in the
chat for a little while I’ll leave that exit screen running for five minutes you
can you could leave if you want but I’m asking people to stay and in that in
that time when I run the exit the exit of this video put in the chat some kind
words some words maybe from hello Tony from periscope good to see you Tony I
was looking at your profile just the other day great to see you Tony so in
the exit part there’s gonna be some nice Thanksgiving stuff in there and there’s
gonna be a special message from me to you guys but I’ll leave it maybe not
five minutes I’m just exaggerating but put in the chat some words to military
or to your loved ones to your family to your friends but don’t name she want
everything by her name don’t don’t do that but in the chat when it I leave it
running just I’ll leave it quiet for everyone to put some some messages you
could be a message to me it could be a message to anybody it could be a super
chat for the military it could be anything I’m gonna be here with my Red
Solo Cup watching kind words and respect to all you guys so on this Thanksgiving
Eve it is um what time is it 11:24 so we got a half hour more and
it’s gonna be officially Thanksgiving so let me say goodbye to everybody
she won everything killer whale TB Margie hot pink jalapenos
Joey Brooklyn Katy Kathy Kathy from Texas Katy I hope you’re feeling better
really soon everyone that’s in here in the chat I love and respect you guys all
happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours I’ll leave this running for
another couple of minutes so I’m gonna say good night to you guys hope you have
a great day tomorrow no matter what you’re doing kill a whale that’s a great
channel guys by the way I overlooked this killer whale is a hundred percent
go he’s a complete gentleman he’s running a great channel he’s trying to
build up his his subscribership go over and check out his channel subscribe to
killer whale check him out he is one of the good ones and I don’t say that just
about anybody Trevor JP check him out as well Red Solo Cup
let’s lift them up for Thanksgiving and our military and our law enforcement we
salute you and I salute you my friends and subscribers and viewers here on
YouTube love and respect from duty Ron I’ll talk to you guys soon you

23 thoughts on “A special #ThanksGiving2019 live for you all #DutyRon #ThanksGivingEve

  1. Thank you so much for doing this Ron. It really means a lot. I love and miss you my dear sweet friend. Can’t wait until I’m well enough to talk❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. First and foremost, Dutyron Sir, I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts in faith that God will bless you with the shield 🛡 🛡 of His Grace, Mercy and Love, that you will be able to conquer the odds 🙏🙏. Just to let you know that you shall be receiving a mail parcel from me within the 10 days in Dec 2019,in your P. O. Box mailing address, sir. Have a great and joyful Thanksgiving holiday season with your family and friends 🍾 🍾 💐. God bless 🙏

  3. May you and your whole family have the most Blessed Thanksgiving; and if you do go on the roadways, traveling mercies from the Lord🙏❤

  4. Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your family Dutyron, and to everyone here in the Dutyron Family. I love your channel and the live-streams are always awesome. I have loved having your livestream and other videos on while I’m studying, cooking, etc.
    I wish each and every one a safe, joyful, and all around awesome holiday season.

    Here’s to your continued health Dutyron, gratitude to all who responded, to all of those continue to keep us safe, and their families. Much gratitude and prayers for their safety. 🙏🏻

  5. Have a great holiday with family Duty Ron.🙏☀️❤️✝ Praying always for our law enforcement officers who keep us safe so we can enjoy our families.You are one of the brave that sacrificed too.❤️🙏 And stay safe everyone and have a great thanksgiving.🦃

  6. Video starts at the 4.00 minute mark. Here is my Amazon influencer link for Black Friday and Cyber Monday https://www.amazon.com/shop/dutyron Happy Thanksgiving to you all 🙏 🦃 please watch my latest Videos here

  7. Thanks for your service Duty RON!! Happy Thanksgiving !!! Will give you a shoutout during my next live stream as I do shoutouts for any first responders

    I am retired Navy of 21 years!!!

  8. Sorry missed your livestream I normally do it's 0430 here.

    Totally agree that law enforcement and military often get forgetted at this time of year when everyone is celebrating while they are keeping everyone safe around the world.

    Happy Thanksgiving from London. Hope you have a wonderful day

  9. 🍁🍂HAPPY THANKSGIVING Duty Ron and your Family🍁🍂🥧🍗🌽🍞🍷🥗🥘🍲🍅🥬🥦🧀 And to everyone 💞 Have a great Time💞

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you Ron and all that may read this. Ron I honestly believe you are the best YT channel there is. I have been with you since before you hit 1K. You were still in the hundreds. It was right about the time you had just had your skin cancer removed. You are such a great person! Thankful for your page and love you show everyone. God bless you and your family Ron.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family my friend. May you have many more blessings and thanksgivings to come! Very nice theme btw…

  12. Hi dear Ron just to wish you and your family a lovely thanks giving and all the great Americans may God bless you all xxxxx love Alex and y big family here in London xxxx

  13. Many thanks, as always, Dutyron for your broadcast. I was able to enjoy the replay during my Thanksgiving meal prep this morning. I’m so thankful and grateful to call you my friend. Have a wonderful Thankagivibg!! 🦃😍💖


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