Acupressure Points for Diarrhea – Massage Monday #303

Hi everyone, this is Yasuko and it’s time
for Massage Monday. Per viewer’s request this week I’m going to
share acupressure points for diarrhea. There are different reasons for diarrhea. Try these acupressure points to help your
organs function properly. If you have a diarrhea from ingesting something
poisonous or from virus, you should not try to stop the diarrhea because your body is
trying to get rid of the toxins. It’s better to detox and you should go see
a doctor if necessary. Find the belly button. The first ones are three fingers to the side
of the belly button on both sides. This is called Stomach 25 or ST 25. Once I find the point I like to press it with
my middle finger supported by the index finger and ring finger. Again find the belly button. The next one is four finger widths below the
belly button. This is called Conception Vessel 4 or CV 4. The next one is on your hand. Follow the valley between the middle finger
and ring finger. It’s right before the bones of the middle
finger and ring finger meet. Press it with your fingertip or a hooked thumb
which may be easier. This is literally called diarrhea point but
it’s not on a major meridian. The next one is also on the hand. Close your thumb and index finger. It’s at the end of the crease. Press it with a hooked thumb against the index
finger bone. Do not press this point if you are pregnant. This is called Large Intestine 4 or LI 4. The last one is on the arm. Bend your elbow. It’s at the end of the crease on the outside. Press it with a hooked thumb. This is called Large Intestine 11 or LI 11. Press these points as you breathe deeply for
one minute. Switch hands and do it on the other side. The last two points are also the points for
constipation. Acupressure helps to achieve homeostasis meaning
if an organ is hyper active it helps to calm it down and if an organ is inactive it helps
to activate it. In this case the organ is large intestine. So the same points can help both diarrhea
from hyperactive large intestine and constipation from inactive large intestine. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t
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