– [Voiceover] This is a
slide of the adrenal gland, also known sometimes as
the suprarenal gland. The current magnification is 20X total magnification. What we’ll be looking for are the different layers inside the gland as well as any distinguishing features. So what we’re gonna do is take a look at what we see on
this overview to start with. We have an outside which is this, and inside which is this. This inside area right here is referred to as the adrenal medulla. This outside goes around here, comes down here. All of that, is the adrenal cortex. In the very edge is the capsule that’s going to enclose this entire gland. Now, zooming in, we can see that this
middle part right here is the medulla. The medulla is going to produce two different hormones
that are kind of important. Epinephrine and norepinephrine. As you move beyond the medulla, the first layer you come to, you can see it’s a little
more of a reddish tinge here. This layer right here, is known as the zona reticularis. The zona reticularis is going to produce a grouping of hormones known as the gonadocorticoids. If we move a little bit
more towards the surface, and bring this down like this, we’re gonna see that
this layer right in here, so it’s a little more superficial than this reddish tinge. This layer right here is gonna be the zona fasciculata. Now, this zona fasciculata is gonna produce a grouping of hormones known as the glucocorticoids. Now, above that, this top layer which you see is a little
more broken up up here, this is gonna be the zona glomerulosa. The zona glomerulosa,
which is right up here, is going to produce the
grouping of hormones known as the mineral corticoids. So, we actually have three different zona all in the cortex here. We have the deepest layer down here called zona reticularis, then the middle zona called the zona fasciculata, then the most superficial layer, called the zona glomerulosa. So, if you zoom back out, you can see the whole thing here. Medulla is the middle, so adrenal medulla. Then, you have the thin
layer coming around, this is going to be the zona reticularis. With the next layer out here, this is going to be the zona fasciculata. With this outside layer,
very outside edge, is the zona glomerulosa.

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