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Yooo what is going on YouTube this is AD604
back again with another sneaker review. And in today’s review we are going to cover
a pair of sneakers thats extremely..uhm I wanna say classic, but I also want to say
memorable to both the uhm basketball career, basketball history of Michael Jordan and the
sneaker culture in general. And that is the Flu Game Air Jordan 12 which
I have in my hand right now. By now Im pretty sure most of you guys are
pretty familiar with the back story behind the Flu Game Air Jordan 12, but in case some
of you guys didnt know, the Flu Game Air Jordan 12 got its name from the game that was uhm…I
believe it was the uh game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals.
It was Utah Jazz against Chicago Bulls. So the little story behind that game was prior
to the game, hours, maybe half day prior to the game uhm Michael Jordan got really really
sick. He got food poisoned by i dont know something
that he ate in Utah I dont know.. But the point is, he got food poisoned. Just
imagine a real sick and weak Michael Jordan. However the thing is at that time, Game 5
was split between two wins for Utah and and two wins for Chicago.
Which means that if Michael Jordan did not play game 5, Utah Jazz will have a great chance
to achieving a 3-2 dominating lead over the Chicago Bulls.
And highly increase their chance of winning the championship that year.
So what Michael Jordan did was that he insisted on playing the game, with the flu of course,
however despite the fact he was really really sick Michael Jordan still managed to drop
38 pts,7 rebs, 3 stls, and 5 assists through that game with the flu and he collapsed into
Scottie Pippen’s arm right after the game was over.
Chicago won, it was 3-2 in Chicago’s favor. That is the little story behind the Flu Game
Air Jordan 12. And that little back story guys is exactly
what makes this pair shoe in this colorway such a memorable and classic shoe.
The quality of the 2016 retro of the Flu Game I would say its pretty good. You know, its
not like I have ever had the previous versions of the Flu Game. This is my first pair of
Flu Games and honestly I like the quality on this shoe.
Yes the shoe is pretty expensive at 255 in Canada and 190 in the United States, it is
a pretty expensive shoe but the craftsmanship is okay. You know its Jordan Brand’s mass
produced product I cant say anything. I would say 7 or you know 8 out of 10.
However the quality of the Material on this shoe I would definetly give a 9 or 8 out of
10. Overall, I am very very happy with the uh
quality and craftsmenship on the shoe. THere is some glue here and there, you know
its none of the big issues but other than that there really isnt much to review about
this shoe. I can only say that I like the quality and the colorway.
Im cool with the price and overall this is a sick, and nice ass pair of sneakers for
me and it is a very very meaningful sneaker because it definetly stands behind Jordan’s
you know that never quit mentality. Yes he did have the Flu but still he managed
to play and drop 38pts in these. Carried the Chicago Bulls over the Utah Jazz into a 3-2
demanding lead. You know that is such an inspirational spirit
that we can all learn from. There is always things that is going to stop
us in life. But the lesson here is that you must get back
up from whatever difficulty, whatever uh hardship you are going through and have the mentality,
have the spirit, have the believe, confidence in yourself to overcome those burdens and
achieve greatness. Thats exactly why I really love these Jordans.
Overall, great sneaker. I love this colorway. Love the sneaker. Love the 12s in general
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