Amtrak Accident Atlanta Airport Power Shut Down Cruise Virus NFL Replays Oh My It’s My 18th Daily!

hey everybody how you doing it’s Bruce
here with traveling with Bruce welcome back to my channel I got to tell you
things are happening today is daily number eighteen ten plus eight fantastic
and today’s date is December the 18th some people ask me does that mean that
you’ve done at the a daily every day says December the first I do a daily and
I Arrington the same day so I do about five dailies a week
kind of like a Monday to Friday daily kind of guy but once the while I’ll
throw in a weekend do it just to kind of mix it but today
number 18 on December the 18th 2017 it’s Monday what a weekend we just had
thanks for all of you new subscribers out there man have things ever happened
in the last three weeks two weeks I guess when I last did my daily I think
we were I was celebrating 103 subs 103 subscribers we just broke a hundred and
we got to a hundred and three and I thought man this promise is fantastic
over the weekend they just kept coming and here we are at 121 I mean it’s
unbelievable life I think the first 50 subs I got it took me about two months a
little over two months to get the last 50 subs that I’ve received have taken 30
days it’s not something so the growth rate is really coming on and views
25,000 views now on my my views on my channel so that’s coming on I think
we’re up to 500 a day now I think last week I was happy to get 400 in the day
now pushing 500 a soul thank you everybody for watching I hope I don’t
let you down and we’ll just just keep it going now today’s topic I’ve got a
couple of topics to talk to you to talk to you about today the first one I
wanted to mention was a little follow up on my daily number 17 when I was talking
about the NFL television ratings and these these one field rulings that were
going on and causing delays in the game did you happen to see yesterday’s game
between the Steelers and the Patriots the big showdown of the two leaders and
wouldn’t you know it right at the height of the game at the height of tension and
excitement we had what looked like a touchdown for Pittsburgh if the if the
football player was a running back and he was running towards
the end zone and he just stuck that ball over the goal line which I’ve talked
about before he would have been ruled a touchdown but he was a receiver and he
caught the ball on about the one-and-a-half yard line and then he
stretched out to get the ball over the goal line broke the plane of the goal
line and then with gravity he landed on the ground and the replay officials
detected the slightest movement of the football and they called it an
incomplete pass the ball never squirted out anywhere no one touched him I I just
I don’t know what a touchdown is anymore if that’s that’s the problem with me and
I I think other people are having the same problem and maybe that’s affecting
ratings I know just maybe I’m guessing I might be off base here but boy I find
this so frustrating anyway that was yesterday this is today
other news cruise ship news I know a lot of you follow me for cruise ship
information and updates and that type of thing and I wanted to mention today the
news week we’ve been kind of hearing it used to be really dominant news when
this happened it used this used to be like at the top of the CNN news wire but
now it’s sort of way down there it’s the virus the the the the stomach virus the
normal I think it’s called Norvell virus and you know this has been around
mankind forever I remember when I was a kid and that’s a while ago people would
talk about going on a holiday to Mexico and they’d say don’t drink the water
don’t drink the water well they were really saying in disguise was you know
when you go to Mexico you get sick and you end up in the bathroom all the time
and no it’s not fun and there’s a virus because of unsanitary conditions and
that type of thing because you were visiting at the time in the 70s you were
visiting a third world country as opposed to modern Mexico today and this
type of thing well on the cruise ship in the cruise ship world when you have a
ship like the independence of the Seas which the latest virus is broken out on
or at least the one we’ve heard about anyway the Independence of the Seas from
Royal Caribbean beautiful ship built in 2008
it’s like nine years old in the ship business it’s still new 40 375
passengers and thirteen hundred and sixty crew members are on this thing so
the maximum capacity can be five thousand seven hundred and thirty-five
people but that’s that’s the size of a town now in any town you go to i don’t
care where the town is in the US Canada Britain Germany you go to a town of
fifty seven hundred people and if you could somehow figure out an accurate
count of how many people are sick today in the town and how many have a stomach
virus in it there’ll be several hundred people are always getting sick people
get calls they get flus they get whatever and I’m guilty of this I know
others have to be guilty of this you know you’ve got a trip coming up a
holiday like this that you’re really looking forward to you you booked it six
months ago you booked it eight months ago you booked it a year ago you know it
might be whatever the occasion I mean a cruise is a cruise and for some people
it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing or first in a lifetime thing no matter how bad
you feel the day before the cruise you’re going you’re getting on that
airplane you got a cold you don’t care you’re going well the other passengers
on the plane and the other passengers on the ship are likely to be exposed to
your germs what do you do it’s just its life we’re human beings we get around
and to have 301 is the number 322 cases of the virus on a ship of upwards of 50
700 people on board and not all that big a deal but oh it makes for great
headlines and it like I say two years ago this was the rage in the newspaper
business in the news business cable news love this stuff they would have camera
crews at the dock watching people coming off the ship is if they’re going to come
off on stretchers or something like that it’s a stomach flu and it’s not pleasant
and it’s not fun to have but it’s kind of a thing that is out there all the
time cruise ships I got handed to them and a lot of public
buildings these days same thing this this spread of this virus is you know
something to try to feeted at all possibly if at all
possible and there’s ways to minimize the risk of getting it and it all has to
do with keeping your hands clean it comes down to your hands so if you go to
the bathroom when you finish using the bathroom I don’t care what you’re in
there for one or two or just you know cleaning up your hair wash your hands
before you leave if you’re on a cruise ship you’ll note just going into the
buffet for example there’s usually someone right at the front of the buffet
entry area which is sort of a couple of doors open up and you come down the
hallway and usually the room opens up and you’re into the buffet area before
you can get anywhere in there there’s someone standing there making sure that
you put your hand on one of those automatic dispensing machines that
dispenses that Purell lotion disinfectant it’s a kind of a smelly
alcoholic kind of smell kills all the germs and really goes a long way and
I’ll tell you every passenger every time you come into that buffet they expect
you to do that and I I just got used to it as a passenger a breakfast lunch or
dinner or whatever I went through there I popped my hand under there no big deal
you rub your hands and air just you know evaporates it within 5 10 15 seconds
your hands are completely dry and it’s their attempt to make you know every
possible attempt to at least make that area as clean as humanly possible for
its germ but really you know we should be thinking all the time you know go to
the bathroom wash your hands you know it’s a simple thing and and this is how
it spreads and unfortunately with 5,700 passengers on on a ship you know the
intermingling of people some are gonna get ill and that’s just the way it is
it’s really not a big deal don’t ever cancel a cruise because of it
don’t don’t be afraid of that you give just as much chance of getting that
virus and wherever you live anywhere you live than if you went to to on a cruise
okay last thing I want to talk about today is this terrible story we’re just
getting on the news today it’s just hitting right now on my television
there’s a trail derailment just outside of Seattle and it’s a sad story
it’s an inaugural run first day that this train has been
in service between Seattle and Portland it is America’s version of a high-speed
train okay for those of you who are train aficionados you know I’m a bit of
a train aficionado but not diehard but an American high-speed train in Germany
it is known as a regional train a train that can go up to about a hundred
hundred twenty miles an hour between couple of towns couple cities no big
deal high-speed train in Germany or France
we’re talking 180 to 200 miles an hour or more
that’s a high-speed train and of course in China and Japan you’re talking 300
miles an hour so you know we’re in a different class here but in any event a
derailment as a derailment it’s a serious thing and it can be fatal and we
haven’t heard the numbers yet but it just the pictures look just awful from
the air that we’ve seen so far but I want to give you some statistics on on
train train derailments in that type I think just to give you a kind of a
glimpse of what the world is like out there in Germany there have been 22
deaths since 2007 so over the last ten years that there have been 22 people who
have died in in train accidents in Germany and they’ve had in 2015 alone 2
billion people used the train for the year and they traveled over 79 billion
kilometers that’s worth 50 billion miles in Germany so 22 deaths over 10 years to
averaging two deaths a year from 2 billion passengers a year 50 billion
miles it’s a very safe form of travel in Germany unfortunately in the United
States the numbers aren’t so good 61 deaths triple the number of deaths in
the u.s. since oh 7 but the sad part about it is we’re talking about a set of
two billion passengers we’re talking about 29 million passengers and instead
of 50 billion miles we’re talking a maximum of 10 billion miles and so the
the rate of accidents in the United States and the death rate is far far
higher per for a hundred thousand whatever measure
you want to use it’s not triple it may well be 10 fold 15 fold worse and that
is unfortunate because the United States of America great country that it is has
unlimited wealth as far as other countries is concerned and unlimited
engineering but it has unfortunately a very in stable and decaying
infrastructure I guess that’s the way to put it you know we’ll find out
eventually what caused this derailment but generally speaking when a train
derails it’s usually because a train is either traveling too fast on a track
that’s rated at a lower speed or the track failed that was rated for a
certain speed for a certain type of train and then the line gave out and of
course the train went straight when the train curved you know the track was
curving and we’ll find eventually we’ll find out eventually what happened but
it’s a sad story and it you know you just don’t want to see that type of
thing and you don’t want to dissuade people from taking the train it’s a
terribly a very efficient way to go but boy in Europe in China and Japan South
Korea and many other countries around the world train travel is a national
priority it’s an absolute given almost like a god-given right if you’re a
European in Austria or Switzerland or France or Italy Germany Spain high-speed
rail is is a an expected service that is just supposed to be there and and it’s
supposed to be reliable and it’s for the masses and you have regular service and
you have first-class service so pay the way you want to go but it’s safe it’s
efficient and it works in the United States cars king airplanes have you know
still dominate 300 mile 400 mile routes airplanes trains are relegated to a
distant third place and unfortunately these kinds of events are happening the
other thing we heard of course this weekend was the shutdown of the Atlanta
International Airport oh my gosh electricity is out for 10 hours at the
world’s busiest airport in the on the planet can you imagine having been stuck
there that was terrible you got a feel for anyone who was trying to go through
Atlanta to a connecting flight somewhere else
getting stuck in this bar not even making it to Atlanta and and getting to
the next stop I mean it’s just the the ramifications are just unbelievably the
money that this costs is exponential it’s tens of millions if not hundreds of
millions of dollars of inconvenience it’s terrible and a week before
Christmas shouldn’t happen now is that an infrastructure problem maybe wasn’t
an accident maybe about it happened nonetheless and all the redundancy
systems that Atlanta has didn’t work didn’t didn’t save it and so the airport
was dark for ten hours and you can imagine people trying to reach relatives
and friends using their their phones hello as long as you have battery life
in your phone you could talk to relatives and friends how many cell
phones died in the first four to five hours of that power shut down and the
last five hours of that shut down no one had telephone service no one had
internet service you are all out so it would have been just really
hey what are you gonna do it happens and that’s life – sorry to be such a downer
today but that’s the way it was this last couple of days is what we’ve
noticed is what we’re seeing is what I’ve noticed so I thought I’d comment on
it by putting my two bits worth but again if this is your first time
watching this channel if you’re still watching I I can’t believe it
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