Are My Symptoms Allergies, the Flu or Coronavirus?

Hello, I’m Dr. Melanie
Bernitz, Medical Director for Columbia Health. One of the questions
we get asked most often is, how do I
know if I have allergies, a cold, the flu, or COVID-19? The answer is a
process of elimination. Start with the symptoms. If you have itchy eyes, a
runny nose, or sneezing, it’s likely that it is a
common cold or allergies. If the symptoms
include fever, fatigue, shortness of breath or
cough, well, now we’re into flu or COVID-19 territory. So how do we know
which one it is? COVID-19 cases may have
some context around them. If you’ve traveled recently,
if you’ve been in close contact with someone with
COVID-19, or you live in an area with many cases. Your answers will
help us determine if it’s COVID-19 or the flu. Even if you don’t
have symptoms today, remember to practice essential
hygiene and social distancing to keep you and
our community safe as coronavirus
continues to spread. If you’re worried or
you’re in an at risk group, please call the Colombia
COVID-19 hot line at 212-854-9355 and
discuss your situation with one of our staff. Also remember to visit to stay up today.

1 thought on “Are My Symptoms Allergies, the Flu or Coronavirus?

  1. Thanku mam and thanku for Columbia. You provided an information very true and ya definitely we will follow and break the chain of covid-19.
    Thanku all the doctors and medical professionals you're doing great work and fight against covid-19.
    Thanku & I'm watching for india.

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