Are vaccines safe? (The Flu and Tdap vaccine.)

My name is Connie Conover. I’m a certified nurse-midwife. A lot of moms ask, “Are vaccines safe for
me during the pregnancy?” And they absolutely are. In fact, we recommend two vaccines that mom
should get. First, the flu vaccine, which typically comes
out in September or October. That protects moms against influenza. If moms get influenza during the pregnancy,
they get a high fever, they can get very sick, and this increases their risk of developing
preterm labor and possible delivery. The Tdap is protective of pertussis, which
is the fancy name for the whooping cough. Babies get this vaccine several times over
their first year of life, but it takes a year until they’re completely protected. So we recommend that moms get the vaccine
at the end of pregnancy. Vaccine goes from mom to the baby, gives baby extra protection during those first few months of life So if you have any other questions or concerns about pregnancy or maternity care, check out our website.

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