Are You Stressed?

Stress and anxiety can hypnosis help?
Most people have felt stressed and anxious at some point in their lives, but
if you’re living with chronic stress alongside feelings of anxiety and you’re
unable to switch it off, or are having problems sleeping and generally coping
it might be time to do something about it. And hypnosis can be a very effective
method for you to use I’m Rue Asher, clinical hypnotherapist in Sussex with
20 years experience. I offer one-to-one personalized treatment
sessions for anxiety and stress. Over the years I’ve worked in a prison running
stress management workshops and also in general practice as a hypnotherapist and
psychotherapist and more recently I’ve specialized in stress and anxiety
disorders and weight control. When you come and see me
I’ll start by asking you some specific questions to find out a little bit more
about your individual circumstances and then we’re going to work together to
help you start to feel better, to cope better and to sleep better. To enable you
to start enjoying life once again. We’ll be using hypnosis during the
sessions to calm your nervous system down and take you into a deep healing
rebalancing state. I’m going to teach you some techniques and coping strategies to
help you deal with any anxiety and panic attacks that you may be experiencing.
During your treatment we’re going to talk also about the psychology of stress
and anxiety – what’s actually going on in your body and your brain to produce
these unpleasant symptoms and we might look at identifying what’s going on in
your life and any adjustments that you feel that you could make. None of us are
immune to stress and there’s certainly been times in my life when I’ve suffered from
it too particularly when sleeping became a problem for me so I can really
empathize with anybody going through it. If you’d like to have a chat with me to
discuss how I might be able to help, you can contact me via my website at

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