ASMR 간장 연어장 초밥, 유부초밥 먹방 [EATING SOUND] MUKBANG

Hi guys!
Welcom to sowoon asmr channel.
Have a happy day today, too. 🙂 Today’s food a soy sauce marinated salmon and koean style inari sushi. Inari sushi is there are various vegetables, mixed rice, and crab meat inside. Salmon is soft when eaten as raw salmon. When eaten as a soy sauce salmon, it has a softer and more chewy texture. So let’s get start! Please subscribe, Like and comments^^*

4 thoughts on “ASMR 간장 연어장 초밥, 유부초밥 먹방 [EATING SOUND] MUKBANG

  1. What are the fried pockets called? I think these would be great stuffed with tobiko! I'd like to try it… where can I find these pockets?

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