Astragalus for Immune System Modulation

Astragalus: An Amazing Herb for Immune Modulation
and the Prevention of the Common Cold Hi, I’m Dr. James Meschino. One of my favorite herbs to take on a daily
basis for immune modulation is astragalus. I spend a lot of time teaching health practitioners
and the general public about other immune modulators that I really like such as medicinal
mushrooms like reishi, shitake, maitake and cordyceps. This mushroom group has amazing effects on
immune modulation. Vitamin D is an incredible immune modulator. Also, higher doses of vitamin C and E, beta
carotene, zinc and selenium all support the immune system of the body and they are all
spectacular. Astragalus is also on that A-list because
there are proven clinical results. In clinical studies, astragalus has been proven
to reduce the frequency of the common cold. If you take it daily you will probably get
fewer colds. It also improves immune system function in
immune compromised patients, including cancer patients. Personally, I think it is important for cancer
prevention, and as one of the adjunctive nutritional agents to help get the immune cells into the
fight for cancer patients. It’s been shown to increase the white blood
cell count in people who have undergone radiation therapy where their white blood cell count
has dropped. Astragalus has been shown to help bring that
count back up, which is very important in preventing opportunistic infections from setting
in. Astragalus also helps with sperm motility. For couples having trouble conceiving a child,
it actually helps to improve sperm motility to improve certain fertility problems or to
help to counter them. It also increases the energy in the heart
muscle, keeping the heart pump strong. I take astragalus daily in a supplement that
also contains other immune modulators and detoxifiers, because you also want to detoxify
carcinogens that get into the body every day. I take a supplement that has astragalus with
reishi mushroom extract, milk thistle and the indole-3-carbinol. I take two to three capsules a day. Click on the link below to read my review
article on astragalus. The article is called “Astragalus: A Powerful
Daily Supplement for the Immune System”. All the scientific references are there so
you will see that you are getting solid information on how to apply this in a practical way to
your day to day life. At you will see my other
research review papers, footage from my live professional seminars as well as other downloads,
videos and resources that I have created. They are all there to help you live a long,
healthy, functional life. All my review papers and teaching materials
are complete with all the scientific references so you will know that you are always getting
evidence-based information from me on any health topic that you are looking for. Make an ongoing, reliable
resource for health and wellness information for you and your family. Thanks so much for watching.

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