AtlantiCast: Episode 31

On this episode of AtlantiCast, see how Atlantic Health System is helping more pediatric
patients than ever before. Find out how you can avoid
getting the flu this year. And meet one of the most
influential leaders in health care. (upbeat music) Hello, I’m Luke Margolis,
and welcome to AtlantiCast. Atlantic Health System
is opening new doors to make it easier for
patients to access care. First, Goryeb Children’s Hospital recently opened a newly
expanded Joan and Edward Foley Pediatric Intensive Care
Unit. Also known as a PICU, the highly specialized
facility is now double the size of the original space and
can care for more than a dozen critically ill
or injured children. Second, patients in Somerset County now have a new place to receive care in an ambulatory setting.
Thanks to a partnership with Hunterdon Healthcare, physical and occupational therapy,
advanced imaging, and ambulatory surgery are all available in this Bridgewater facility on Route 22. To learn more about how
these locations are making it easier for you to
access Atlantic Health’s award-winning clinically care,
visit One of the nation’s leading influencers in health care is right
here in New Jersey. Atlantic Health System president and CEO Brian Gragnolati was recently named to Modern Healthcare’s 2019 list of the 100 most influential
people in health care. Modern Healthcare recognized Brian for his commitment to
expanding patient access to the highest quality care,
and for his national leadership through his board chairmanship role at the American Hospital Association. Congratulations to Brian
on this recognition for his work to advance care nationwide. Atlantic Health System’s
Morristown Medical Center is nationally recognized
for its cardiology program and it recently expanded
its sports cardiology and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy program thanks to the addition
of Dr. Matthew Martinez. Dr. Martinez is the medical director of Sports Cardiology at
Atlantic Health System and will help innovate research and develop projects to improve care for athletes and patients who have HCM, which is a hereditary medical condition where the walls of the heart
become excessively thick. Dr. Martinez is the cardiologist
for the New York Jets, Major League Soccer, and
the National Basketball Association’s Players Association, and also does work with the
National Football league and National Hockey League. To learn more about how this will benefit athletes at all levels visit This time of year is often
known as the season of giving but there’s one contagious gift you’d rather not get, the flu. Dr. Scott Lauter, Chief Medical Officer of Atlantic Medical Group has some tips if you join the 8% of Americans who the CDC says come down
with the flu each year. First up, if you or a
loved one are showing signs of the flu get to the doctor. Early treatment can minimize symptoms. Children under six, adults over 65, and those pregnant or anyone
with diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart disease, or stroke
should take extra care. You can read more at our
website Atlantic Health System’s
Morristown Medical Center is treating patients in a
new phase II clinical trial to fight cancer. The
Car T-cell therapy uses a patient’s own immune
cells to fight their cancer. Morristown Medical Center is one of just a small handful of sites across the U.S. participating in the trial. In Car T, immune cells are
removed from a patient’s blood and altered to make them
better at fighting cancer before putting them back
into the patient’s blood. Check out more about
this exciting new study into the treatment of lymphoma at our website, Atlantic Health System is pleased to announce the latest effort to bring home health
services to its patients. Atlantic Visiting Nurse
will support patients throughout the entire care continuum as they move from one setting to the next. The new partnership is a
result of Atlantic Home Care and Hospice and the
Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills joining
into one organization. Atlantic Health System
and the New York Jets teamed up recently to
give an 11-year-old boy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ethan Geller was diagnosed
with brain cancer at seven years old but
with the help of the team at Goryeb Children’s Hospital,
he’s now cancer-free. Inspired by Ethan’s strength and courage, the Jets recently honored
Ethan with an honorary role as captain before their
game this season against the Dallas Cowboys. You can see more of Ethan’s story, thanks
to CBS and the Jets, at our website, You’re watching AtlantiCast, health news from our network to your screen. (upbeat music)

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