Australian Hospital Emergency Department leverages GeneXpert® for rapid flu testing.

(energetic music) Each flu season can be
quite unpredictable. We need to be prepared
here at St. Vincent’s to make sure that we’re able to rapidly process patients in the
emergency department. It’s not uncommon during influenza season for us to suffer a bed crisis. Beds are in short demand
during the flu season, and we need to optimise our usage of that very scarce resource. We were fortunate enough
to be given funding through the Department of Health, and the lab suggested that
the GeneXpert Infinity is the technology that we should invest in to ensure that our rapid flu testing is improved and enhanced for our patients. Previously, the flu test would take us up to seven to eight hours. And now, with the GeneXpert
Infinity technology available to us, that’s cut it
right down to under an hour, which is quite significant for us. GeneXpert Infinity is a
molecular diagnostic tool that we use here at
St. Vincent’s Hospital. We use it for diagnosis
of infectious diseases. We predominantly use it for
rapid flu testing, norovirus, and a lot of resistant
bugs that are out there. It’s very important to
a hospital to make sure that you effectively can
contain any infections. A couple of years ago, we
had a very large flu season here in Victoria. And what happened was
that we found that we just weren’t able to maintain the
service that was required by the hospital. This has given us the capacity
to do 16 tests at a time. That is fully automated. Having our new rapid flu
analyzer has been a game changer for us in the emergency department. We can rapidly know whether patients do or don’t have influenza. We’re now able to do up
to 100 tests per day, and prior to that we were only
able to respond to about 30, which is quite a significant
improvement for us. (energetic music)

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