Avoiding the Flu Bug – NBC Charlotte Today – Dr. Matthew McAlees

Once you get the flu there’s not a lot you
can do about it, but there is a lot you can do to prevent it. We want you to be healthy
today. Joining us now, Maximized Living Chiropractor Doctor Matthew McAlees. Dr Matthew it’s great
to see you. it’s great to be back. thank you. so you’ve got some things we can do besides
washing our hands. Yes. Ok. Yep. focus on what you can do, rather than worrying all
the time about if you’re going to catch the flu. Yes so you know its so important, what
I teach all my patients is, instead of stressing yourself out and worrying about all the things
that you can’t control, let’s focus on some of the things that you can control. you know.
and when you do that, you’re going to be healthy and well. Well you know everybody seems to
come in contact with a virus, home some some of us get the flu and some of us don’t get
the flu. Yeah its a brilliant question, and the reason is some peoples immune systems
are strong, and some peoples are weak. So we all come in to contact with it, but now
everybody gets it. So if we make the immune system strong, you’re not going to get the
virus. ok. How do we make the immune system strong. What are things, are there things
we should be eating. Things that we should be doing. Yes absolutely. So first off, primarily,
always fruits and vegetables. Next, raw garlic is amazing. it’s been used for thousands of
years. You can pick it up at the grocery store. Its anti-viral, anti bacterial. raw garlic.
raw garlic. and the raw stuff won’t make you stink. promise. So i’m just going to eat,
I’m just going to have raw garlic? Raw garlic, yes. really yes. And its not going to make
you stink. The raw stuff will not make you stink. ok. ok. ok. How much do you take? Honestly
its one of those things, because its a whole food, you can literally take as much as you
want. ok. how much can you eat. How much can you stand. That’s a lot of garlic. I worry
about being stinky. No no no, it’ll be fine. The next powerful thing you can do is vitamin
d three. you want to get in a whole food supplement. It’s very inexpensive. You can get it at any
whole food store anywhere. other things, you can get regular chiropractic adjustments.
those have been shown to boost your immune system by over fifty percent. and then the
last thing i’ll say to make sure you really don’t get sick is avoiding process foods and
sugars. if you think about those, viruses and bacteria feed off sugars and processed
foods, so when you eat those when you’re sick, its like adding gasoline to a fire. really,
so that is the connection. yes. because those fuel the virus. thats what they eat. So I
know a lot of times, parents like to give their kids something sweet to make them feel
better but in the end its going to keep them sicker for longer. You just don’t want to
see that happen. What about the flu shot. does the flu shot work? Or just in conjunction.
I mean, you know I get this question all the time, and here’s what I get my patients to
focus on. Every year they do their best to guess, and put three of the strains in, but
there are over two hundred in the planet and they never know what we’re gonna get. So instead
of focusing on that, focus on things that fight every single strain like the things
we just went over, and you’re going to keep you and your family healthy and well. I know
some stuff about not getting the flu, like good hand washing and those types of things
are common sense. Also getting enough sleep and you do believe in a good nights rest.
absolutely you know that’s when your body heals. So you need to get at least seven to
nine hours every single night. And actually your brain, spinal cord and nerves speed up
at night. And the reason they do that is to heal you while you sleep. So you have to be
getting enough sleep if you want to be healthy. How about stress levels. does that give you
the flu? yes. your immune system probably go down? yes. that’s exactly what it is.Your
body releases a hormone when you are stressed, and that actually does, is it depletes your
immune system so positive thoughts, staying positive, not getting stressed, doing something
that you love. When you feel like you maybe coming, or getting sick, are things that are
going to keep your immune system high. I always feel like when I’m starting to get sick, that
I stop exercising, and I try to just rest and lay low, because I feel like I’m making
it worse. you know you’re right. when you do get sick, exercise is a bad stress to the
body because it is stressful. And its stressful usually in a good way, but when you’re getting
sick, you want as much energy as possible to fight that sickness and bacteria off. Its
good. When was the last time you got the flu? Has it been years? years. never. I don’t ever
get it anymore. Because of the things we teach and go through, it really makes sure your
immune system is just strong year round. eat garlic. I’m intrigued by this. I’m going to
eat raw garlic. raw garlic. so just peel it back so that its raw. don’t eat the whole
thing. the whole bulb. but just a little one. so don’t use the capsules? Don’t you use the
garlic capsules? You know it’s still good, but the raw stuff is best, it’s the most live,
has the most enzymes, and its the most potent that way. ok, and if you’re going to be sick
at home anyway, why not? ok ok good point. If your immune system is compromised in any
way. You’re looking for some answers, be one of the first twenty people to call doctor
Matthew and you’re going to receive a free consultation and any necessary medical imaging.
you can call seven oh four, seven eight zero, zero one six six again the number seven oh
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at Ask Dr Matthew dot com. info at ask doctor Matthew dot com. and for that matter you can
ask him anything you want to. sure. he’s happy to answer your medical questions. absolutely.
Aren’t you. yes. that’s what I do. Just medical questions, that’s all we’re getting though.
Thank you so much, we appreciate it. eat garlic everybody and don’t get the flu. Dr. Matthew
it’s great to see you. thank you so much.

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