Baby gorilla and mum’s emotional reunion after overcoming pneumonia

If like us, you have been following the progress
of the baby gorilla born at San Diego Zoo, you will be pleased to know she has been reunited
with her mum. Today was the first day that the troop was
together with Imani and her baby girl, and we let them out on exhibit together and everything
seems to be going really well, mom’s doing a great job. The little girl was born by emergency c-section
at the zoo after mum Imani couldn’t complete her labour. Zoo staff are pleased with the progress of
both mum and baby. After her birth the tiny gorilla came down
with pneumonia, but is now well enough to go out in the enclosure with the rest of her
troop, with mum Imani being very protective of course. She kept the baby close to her chest, just
like she should, and the group came out, the kids were definitely the most interested.
Frank and Monroe are the youngest, showed the most curiosity about the baby. The rest
of the group members were definitely ready to be out foraging on exhibit. Unfortunately they still haven’t given the
little cutie a name, but the zoo’s other gorilla residents seemed to have welcomed her with
open arms.

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