BACK PAIN RELIEF 🌡️ Heat or Cold? (Back Pain Remedies)

hey friends doc Pierce here and I’ve got
a very quick answer to one of the most common questions I’ve ever been asked in
my whole career and that is for neck pain or back pain do I use heat or do I
use cold and there are no absolute answers but I’m going to tell you 9
times out of 10 my recommendation is to go with the cold and the reason is this
you can put heat or cold on the area and it’s going to sedate the nerve and make
it feel a little bit better in the short term but putting heat on the area is
gonna dilate the blood vessels cause more inflammation so that an hour or two
later you can actually feel worse I don’t know how many times over my career
I’ve heard people say well a little bit of a low back pain I went to bed with a
heating pad and couldn’t get out of bed the next morning that’s because that
heat will cause the inflammation to increase more inflammation more pressure
on the nerve more pain and spasm cold on the other hand even though it doesn’t
feel quite so comfy when you put it on it’s gonna pull some of that swelling
away from that nerve root reduce the pressure on nerve reduce inflammation
spasm and of course reduce your pain now the biggest mistake I see people make
with cold is they use it for too long if you use cold for too long the area gets
so cold your body recognizes that pumps blood to the area to pump it to heat it
back up and then you’ve got more inflammation again so when you use cold
if you’re a smaller person I would say ten minutes max larger person up to 20
minutes but after 20 minutes take that cold pack off and let the area warm up
for at least another 30 to 45 minutes and then repeat the process so as many
times as you can 10 on 20 off 10 on 20 off that’ll pull this inflammation out
of the area make you feel a whole lot better and like I say here nine times
out of ten you’re safe with the cold it’s not gonna aggravate things that 1
out of 10 people are very sensitive to cold you can try eat but do it
conservatively because you won’t know you irritate it until maybe a few hours
later anyways stuck pierce with a quick answer to a common question see you next
time you

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