Benefits of Cold Showers – Improve Your Lifestyle

a dilemma talk about a new lifestyle
improvement called cold showers and this is literally turning your shower on cold
getting in and taking a normal shower you obviously are you crazy but actually
there are tons of health benefits that come from taking cold showers our
ancestors bathed in cold water in rivers and streams for many health benefits
include improved circulation when you first step in a cold shower automatically take a deep breath and
your adrenaline is gonna start running this deep breath automatically make you breathe deeper in
improved the oxygen levels in your blood the cold water on your skin will improve
circulation in fact the cold feeling on your skin will cause the blood to go to
your internal organs and improve circulation in your internal organs will
also speed up recovery time of the damage of your internal organs by doing
this showers have also been found to relieve
depression apparently they stimulate special spots in your brain that
activate a hormone that reduces depression this will also help you burn
calories and fat it would improve the amount of good fat in your body the more
efficient that helps you stay warm longer and I’ve also noticed that when I
take cold showers before I go to bed I usually sleep and and this is because my
body temperature lowers and since it is lower I will enter a more peaceful sleep
I am ready in my body for a more optimal sleeping temperatures it will also keep
your skin and hair healthy I’ve heard that it can reduce itching and it can
reduce acne because it will close your pores and cuticles as well through reducing inflammation picking a cold shower in the morning
will also increase the amount of white blood cells in your system which improve
your immunity to viruses and bacteria + by the energy you’re saving by not
having to warm the water will be holding out the environment a bit and there’s
also a newfound mentality that come to a shower in this is probably the best one
that when you get up you are ready wake up and you take a cold shower man you
gonna be a morning person you’re going to wake up really fast and you’re not
going to be grumpy you’re gonna take on the day with charge your gonna get used
to the idea that this is different there’s not very many people out there
that do this and I’m going to stand out I’m going to do something today that
stands out you learn to get out of your comfort
zone and you start your day by getting out of your comfort zone and you break
new records and you see how close you can get out water anyways there are tons
of health benefits that take from getting a cold shower and I can ramble
on all of these proven studies and stuff but until you try it for at least two or
three weeks you’re not going to see those benefits so next time you take a
shower why don’t you turn that little knob to the cold side for 10 minutes and
see what results you can find hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you learn
something more like it subscribe because I’ll be putting a lot more videos like
this one positive lifestyle changes anyways thanks for watching

32 thoughts on “Benefits of Cold Showers – Improve Your Lifestyle

  1. Dude, you can ramble on all you want about proven studies and all the other anecdotal bullshit, but name just one. You've got to be an idiot to Believe this when there is no science to prove it. That's right, no science at all.

  2. I've been taking cold showers for awhile and now I'm going to take one right now. Thanks for the inspiration!.

  3. I love cold showers in the morning it wakes me it it feels like a slap in the face like wake up nigguh now, plus I combine it with wim hof's breathing technique and it makes it a great morning

  4. I've been doing cold showers for quite a while with some breaks in between and it is amazing. You do need some time to get into it. Just start with turning the temperature down at the end of your shower, but you shouldn't get stuck with that, so increase it every day. Also, I don't recommend doing it when you are sick. I don't know if it affects your health, but I didn't feel any of the benefits doing that…

  5. It may work for some people I guess. But not for me..
    I caught a cold after about 4 days in, and was sick for like a week.. lol

  6. 10 Minutes? That’s insane. My daily cold showers up north with freezing water don’t last more than 5 minutes with my timer.

  7. I'm on my 11th straight days of taking cold showers.. It's a great test and exercise of will power. The "don't want to" voice in us all robs us of precious opportunities in life so the cold shower is a great way to combat instinct to "not do" because it is hard or uncomfortable.

  8. I've been taking cold shower for 3 days (twice a day for 5 minutes) and I my body is getting used to the low temperature already. my wife thinks I am losing my mind ..

  9. Rick: "L-look, m-Morty. . .These half baked panaceas aren't going to save you, Morty… sooner or later you're going to have to dance with the cold hard fact that you're immutably beta, a-and that there's a very real possibility you're going to die of carpal tunnel syndrome at a dark internet cafe after decades of emotional starvation."

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