Benefits of handwashing with soap

Benefits of handwashing with soap Good morning, Safi. How are you? Sorry! My baby is sick. I am sorry. Sit down, please. What’s wrong with the baby? He is suffering from diarrhea. Okay. Diarrhea can be prevented if you practice hand washing. Why must we wash our hands? To protect our family members from illness, such as diarrhea. We must wash our hands with water and soap before feeding the child. After cleaning the child from the toilet, we must wash our hands with water and soap. We must wash all our cooking utensils with water and soap before we start cooking. Whatever activity you are doing, you must wash your hands with water and soap. After sweeping, you must wash your hands with water and soap. That’s good. Oh! my friend, should we wash our hands in all these? That is a hard work. It is too much. And this is what you must do, washing your hands with water and soap will help to protect you and your children from getting sick. This is what we do in our family at all times. Before and after eating, we wash our hands with soap and water. There is water, a tub and soap for our family. My friend, let’s go so I can see and do the same, we are having too many illnesses. Sit down and wait. I’ll bring out the working materials. My friend, these are the working materials that you need to have; a container, rope, a hammer, a soap, nails, a knife, a pen, a screwdriver. Let’s go so that I can show you our hand washing station. After having these, you will be free to build your own station for the well being of your family. Here is our hand washing station. How do you make this station? This was made by the help of my husband. Let me call him – ‘Samoura’ This is my friend, she came to be taught on how to make a hand washing station in order to avoid germs and prevent sickness in her family. It’s not a problem, go and lay down your baby because he is disturbing. As you can see, you can heat this screw-driver and use it to bore a hole on the container like this. Then tie the container with a rope after putting the pen in the hole, hang the container on the station through these nails just as you can see ours. After fixing it as I told you, you will cut another container like this and put the piece of soap in it, so it won’t be at the reach of children and domestic animals. I have understood all what you said, but please tell me, when should we wash our hands? As I told you about hand washing, there are five important times when you should wash your hands – 1. before and after eating, 2. before and after feeding a child 3. after cleaning a child from the toilet, 4. wash the child’s hands after using the toilet, and 5. wash your hands after using the toilet. We are obligated to wash our hands during these five instances. There are other different times of hands washing. That is, after feeding domestic animals and sweeping their refuses, you must wash your hands with water and soap. At what time do we wash our hands? 1. before preparing meals, 2. before and after eating, 3. before feeding a child, 4. after using the toilet, and 5. after cleaning a child from the toilet. How do we wash hands? Wait, I can explain it to you. In washing your hands, you take this and open it, do like this and take the soap rub it on your hands after wetting, in washing your hands; you start by the palm in and out, in between your fingers and up to the wrist including your nails Now you can use water to clean your hands correctly. Can you see my hands? Now that they are clean, I can eat. How is hand washing done? Hand washing is done with clean water and soap that is always among the proper sanitation. As you can see, it’s not a problem if you don’t have a station like this, you can use kettle like this, every family has at least one of this. With regards to soap, if you don’t have imported soap, you can use either the traditional black soap or wood ashes, all these are good for hand washing. Let me show you how to wash a child’s hands – ‘Papa’ This is how you can do; like this. Rub the soap on his hands like this because children are always in dirty places. You wash in and out of his hands, between the fingers and under the finger nails. Can you see, we and our children should wash our hands like this to avoid germs and prevent illness. Ha! Apart from today, I will look for soap and water so that my husband, my children and I wash our hands to prevent illness.

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