Salvia, meaning ‘heal’ in Latin
Provides the elimination of harmful toxins from the body, improves brain function, Cleans the liver
– Helps gallbladder to work
– Good for sore throat. Reduces excessive sweating, relieves stress, calms, relieves post-menopausal symptoms, slows hair whitening, used against fungal infections, strengthens memory, helps against Alzheimer’s disease, reduces blood sugar, is used against gingivitis, used for the treatment of oral wounds, nervous head relieves pain Rosemary tea

Mostly used in digestive system disorders such as indigestion and constipation, rosemary tea; strengthens memory, increases concentration, accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body, – Accelerates blood circulation
-It reduces stress
IMPROVES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Sweat reduces toxins in your body, as well as allows you to reduce your fever.
– Good for flu and flu, as well as cough due to these diseases. Liver diseases and hardening of the arteries is exactly.
-Makes your digestive system to work as it should. Relieves your headaches due to migraine and sinusitis.
– Reduces anxiety and stress. It is good for the treatment of panic attacks. This reduces the risk of palpitations.
-It is used in diarrhea treatment as it allows your blood pressure to drop. Stinging nettle tea

Diuretic, contains high amounts of iron, is used as an aid in the treatment of anemia good for cough, strengthens the immune system, good for colds, hay fever is used in the treatment, regulates digestion. Cleans the digestive system and other organs, relieves the symptoms of arthritis, is used in the treatment of urinary tract infections, cleans the liver, cleans the kidneys, THYME TEA
Cough, indigestion, sore throat, colds, stress, rheumatism and headaches are beneficial to many diseases such as. But thyme tea because of its blood pressure-lowering effect, contrary to popular belief can have negative results. Therefore, people with high blood pressure and medication, this tea under the control of experts and can take two hours after taking the drug. ROSEHIP TEA
It protects and strengthens the immune system thanks to its high vitamin C content. Regulates blood pressure, relieves pain of rheumatism, slows the spread of cancerous cells, lowers bad cholesterol, provides protection against diabetes Gives natural shine to skin, is a natural antioxidant, protects against urinary tract diseases, is used as diuretic. – Good for lack of sleep.
-Sakinleştir is Good for migraine pain
– Strengthens the immune system Help the fire fall
– Removes bad breath MATE TEA
It accelerates metabolism thanks to caffeine in its content. It is therefore effective on weight loss. The mate tea, which also has the effect of urinating, helps sweating and throwing edema. However, it is a herbal tea that is not recommended for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Lemon balm tea

Melissa, a mint family, is used in sleep problems calms the nerves, reduces stress, reduces stomach ailments, is used against digestive problems, relieves gas lowers fever, provides sweat. Corn tassel tea
An effective diuretic, helps treat bladder infections, good for prostate inflammation used in the treatment of urinary tract infection, traditionally used against kidney stones, protects heart health, good for chronic fatigue in diabetic patients, lowers high blood pressure DAISY TEA
It is a herbal tea which is generally known for its positive effects on relaxation and sleep problems. It plays an active role in sore throat.
– Increases bowel movements.
– Helps your digestive system. It is said to help low back pain.
– Provides healing of oral inflammation. It has a feature of microbe breaker. Thus, it is good for gum diseases. FENNEL TEA
Drinkable to solve all stomach related problems such as indigestion and gas Helps the body to produce bile.
– It increases mother’s milk.
-It’s perfect for passing dental pains. – Maximize your libido.
– Minimizes your cough.
– Has an appetizing feature. Garlic tea
High blood pressure, which lowers blood pressure, is a very important antibiotic, protects the body against diseases, fights germs helps prevent cancer. especially helps to prevent cancer types such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer, strengthens the immune system helps to close wounds quickly, prevents hair loss, helps bronchitis, helps to achieve beautiful skin, can be used to lose weight or not to lose weight GREEN TEA
A powerful antioxidant that protects against cancer, supports the immune system, balances blood sugar, lowers cholesterol levels Protects against cancer
– Prevents tooth decay – Useful for heart health
-It’s a powerful antioxidant. GINGER TEA
It has positive effects on colds, stomach and intestinal diseases as well as diabetes. However, because ginger increases bile secretion, those with gallbladder discomfort should consume this tea under expert control. WHITE TEA
It is the least processed herbal tea with the highest antioxidant content. White tea started to be consumed especially in weight problems in recent years; facilitates digestion, gives skin elasticity, delays skin aging, Hibiscus tea

Decaffeinated and high vitamin C-containing hibiskus strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure Provides protection against stomach cancer, swelling, digestive system runs, is used against heart and liver diseases, helps to lose weight.


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