Boo-Boo Present – South Park – “SHOTS!!!” – s23e03

[ Snoring ] [ Keys jangle ] [ Door creaks ] Alright, alright.
Bring him in! The little boy’s room
is upstairs. Oh, I don’t know
if I can go through with this. My little Eric is going
to be so mad at me! Look, by the time
he knows what’s happened, it’ll already be over. Did you bring
his boo-boo present? Yeah, yeah, come on.
Thomas and Laura. Okay? See?
We got the present. Everything’s
gonna be fine. [ Snoring ] [ Snoring continues ] Hey, what’s going on? [ Squeals ] No, no! Nooo! Oh! It’ll just
be for a second! Oh, Jesus! [ Cartman squeals ] Eric, there’s a big treat
for you if you stay still! [ Squealing continues ]
Catch him! [ Squealing ]
Butter’s Dad: Thomas! Linda! Y-You gotta get him! [ Squealing continues ] [ Snorts ] [ Squealing resumes ] [ Squealing continues ] Eric! Oh! Well, what do we do now? I think the only way
we’re gonna get Eric immunized is by bringing
in an expert. [ Western music plays ] [ Telephone rings ] This is Big Mesquite Murph.
How can I help you? You say you got yourself
a conscientious objector? Well, you just sit tight. There aren’t never no hog that Big Mesquite Murph
couldn’t catch. ♪♪

9 thoughts on “Boo-Boo Present – South Park – “SHOTS!!!” – s23e03

  1. SOUTPARK – Cartman gets stripped down from it’s clothes and some way comes out greased up.

    FAMILY GUY – There’s a Naked Greased up guy Running in some Episodes.


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