Brothers, Sisters and pneumonia (Albert Battle/Cyril Meadows)

can you tell me something about your
brothers and sisters now they’re my mother she had no children altogether
the first one died born day or something like I was didn’t ominous and then I had
three sisters followed Matilda and Ruby and I had four brothers if not five I
had promised nine plus he was the oldest and they were seed Floyd and frayed and
hairy ascent and hairy no we lost two of my brothers one was 17
and I used to have football on the meter every Saturday and the mother and father
used to go into town and do the shopping I thought yesterday and of course I will
left they’re on their own and they got a very cold and she told him that there
are not two going on any account and more than him and everything back there
you are I rent stood up it was in the football and a bitter cold and they both
got near marnya you said something about Floyd and Fred tell me about your other
brothers my young you got seat and Harry yes I had four four brothers five
brothers my oldest brother he was in it when he was on now he went into the
Grandia gas at London and of course he used to wear the red tyranny cause he
was proud and he was a fine man that’s one thing and getting him ready cause
you had to be in those days and I can remember my father mother and I share
the same in the barracks and yellow just like I had a guy move muddy being
younger I found on me hair up at Grayson and I put this buzz beyond you know
and all that sort of thing learning I was fine anyway when the young 14 they
won’t then but when he finished his time in the in the army they did what most of
them do bringing the police force and he went through his China at Brentwood
which was applying to school and then from that he got his beat in Chelmsford
and we just settled down got his Harris and white with expecting a baby and all
that and more bread okay well I guess they he was on the reserves and within a
fortnight I want war being declared he was in back in the army and the grandeur
guards and the Irish Guards they went over to France in the first boatload and
from there they went straight the moms and the officer in charge was told to go
round the wood the lawns would instead of that he took a shortcut through them
through the wood and that was surrounded by Germans and machine guns and have a
machine gun and they were all there was only to Savalas a to the law and that’s
there they only to they could tell us everything
what had happened in what happened about seed well then me rather see it he
thought of all he went to work in the Brickyard and then he went to work on
the railway and in those days when the train ran into the station now you say
the man with a long handled hammer and he used to walk along then you could
hear him tapping their wheels and that and he was touching the actual boxes to
see if any on the run and hop well then on the platform that sort of trying they
have somebody was nimble and therefore they had a young right
and that was my brother what he used to do and he used to walk along keep keep
dipping down between the carriage and the tackle touching the axle
as he walked along to see if they were running the hall yeah then I had two
brothers who one was 17 and one was 11 Perry and Floyd well every Saturday they
used to have football in the winter on a meadow near the station and every sadly
my mother and father used to go to culture said to do the shoppin and buy
anything that they wanted and so on well she want my brother Floyd fast
there were 17 that he was not to go and watch the football and that was bitter
cold wind and that kind of thing and she also why are they young about their 11
he’s same thing happened to him he had a bad cold and same thing she warned him
they both disobeyed her and went down stood in the freezing cold and when they
come home across the day they developed pneumonia and in those days there was
nothing only a linseed pulse on the chest and and kept on with alarm
pectoralis I were bringing the Steve and all that and that it’s the same thing
applied to that and when they 14 item war finished there was a terrible
epidemic but flu and people died like flies in those days and there of the
only remedy then was in see poultices but once you’ve got it there was no cure
for them people just perished no and the people down there tell me about your
sisters you know I had three sisters the old my older sister Barlett achievement
is she was not fired and then my other sister Mathilda she’ll
you doing the same but not quite the same way so I believe she was a very
light III 93 or something like that and my brother Sid which when he left – he
examined the wheels on the station went into the locker and be
Charlie got when he retired he went to live with Calvin and all his life he’d
had a hernia and he wouldn’t yeah the clot that gone him operation aren’t done
and of course it got worse and worse and it got so bad he had a guy in hospital I
never thought and while he was in there he contracted pneumonia a doughy
pneumonia again a pneumoniae yeah what about your other sisters you told
me a bill analysis done what’s allowing my other two sisters of course they con
but I’ve got a sister like now in death and she’s 85 and when oh it must be no
31 years or Morgan when we were informed that she’d got this multiple sclerosis
wrong there are some people when they get it I don’t last very long or many
years at least she’s she’s still alive but she’s very very poorly but I mean to
think that she lived all these years with us there’s really my office you

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