Can elderberry help treat colds and flu?

EMERGENCY ON THE FLU OUTBREAK… IN THIS SEVERE SEASON… MORE PEOPLE ARE TURNING TO AN OLD HERBAL REMEDY AND ONE COMPOUND PHARMACY… RIGHT HERE ON THE GULF COAST… SAYS IT’S BEEN FLYING OFF THEIR SHELVES. HERE’S NEWS FIVE’S ASHLEY KNIGHT WITH MORE… It’s all the rage on social media but can elderberries really help treat colds and flu? Some parents and physicians agree that elderberry extract can help you stay healthy and lessen your symptoms. Pure Life Pharmacy in Foley now offers it in gummie form. Alyna Smith “It also has vitamin C and vitamin D in it and we’ve compounded it into a gummie bear which is an alternate form of medication that obviously kids wouldn’t mind taking at all,” says Pharmacist Alyna Smith. They sell it by 30 and 60-day supplies. Smith says they’ve had customers come in who can’t find elderberry anywhere else. “Right now, it’s that popular with the epidemic of the flu going around, everybody’s trying to protect themselves.” Medical research suggests elderberry can reduce swelling in the mucous membranes. Dr. Larry Rosen : “Elderberry contains chemicals that are flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory agents,” says Dr. Lawrence Rosen. Because of that, it can help relieve congestion. There is still some research to do on it, so they say consult your doctor before taking it or giving it to your child. Smith says, though, it is safe to take every day. “I would say just one a day but if you actually have symptoms of a cold or flu, then I would take two a day,” says Smith. On the Baldwin County Beat, Ashley Knight News 5. AND YOU MIGHT SEE PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE GROWING ELDERBERRY IN THEIR BACKYARD, BUT EXPERTS SAY BE CAREFUL-EATING RAW ELDERBERRY CAN MAKE YOU SICK. NEWS FIVE WILL CONTINUE TO BRING YOU THE LATEST INFORMATION ON THE FLU EMERGENCY.

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