Can I Get Sick From Smelling Cat Urine? – Your Worst Fears Confirmed

(casual relaxing music) – Can you get sick from
smelling cat urine? 100%, and here’s how. Cat urine is composed of
water, ammonia and cat piss. High levels of ammonia when
inhaled can make you sick, causing nausea, heartburn and most commonly
projectile vomit. Now to get poisoned,
you would have to inhale about 11,600
gallons of ammonia, or 300 cats worth of piss. So how do you encounter
300 cats worth of piss? You buy a tiny cottage. It’s a fixer-upper. You’re doing all the
repairs yourself. Sawing off banisters,
knocking load-bearing walls. What you don’t realize
is in the second bedroom behind the wall lives a
community of 300 feral cats. They’ve been squatting
there for years spending their days chasing butterflies
and hosting piss parties. Normally, you would
smell the ammonia, but all the dust swirling
around has triggered your allergies and
you’re all stuffed up. After six hours, your
lungs are full of ammonia. Breathe in, breathe
out, projectile vomit. You just got sick
from cat urine. Let’s say you don’t own
300 cats, you just have one and she’s a good girl. But like any good girl,
she loves bad boys. One night, you go to bed. You’re sound asleep
when your cat opens your bedroom door. You taught her how, you thought it would be a fun party trick for when you ran out of things
to say to your mother-in-law. But now your cat’s
using it to let in 299 of the naughtiest feline
pals and they’re ally toughs. They kill mice just to see
the life leave their eyes. Still, you should
be able to wake up before the
ammonia takes effect, except you’re a mouth breather. Never got your deviated
septum taken care of because you
don’t trust doctors. I get it, all the
good ones live online. So you inhale exclusively
from your mouth which takes in 12 times
more air than your nostril. And what you breathe in
is 300 cats worth of piss. You greet the morning
with a technicolor yawn because you just got
sick from cat urine. Let’s say your cat
has no friends. She’s a loner. You adopted her from a shelter. She would never betray
you, but her body could because unbeknownst to
you, she has the world’s largest cat bladder. When you took her to the
vet to get her fixed, he accidentally gave her
a bladder augmentation, which is a surgical
procedure that can increase a person’s bladder
storage by 30%. Now her bladder can hold a
giant humans worth of piss and she lets it all
go over your lap. You don’t have time
to change clothes before you’re blowin’ chunks. Because you just got
sick from cat urine. Let’s say you have no
cats, you’re a dog person. And your dog knows
to go in the yard. He loves being in the
yard playing fetch, rolling in the leaves,
leaves you should’ve been raking all season. But you spent your weekends
watching internet videos. No judgment, you’re
the reason I exist. And now these leaves have spent
the entire fall collecting neighborhood cat urine. So when your dog
comes in and shakes a season’s worth of cat piss
all over your living room, the words wait don’t
barely leave your mouth before you cover your
couch in upchuck. ‘Cause you just got
sick from cat urine. Let’s say you have
no pets, hate pets. They bring in too much dirt
and you’re a germophobe. You spend your evenings
scrubbing with the strongest cleaner you can find, ammonia. Which is also the main
ingredient in cat urine. You have been cleaning
your kitchen with cat piss. Let’s say you’re a clean person but you don’t obsess about it. In fact, you’re a
pretty chill dude. The only thing that gets
you riled up is puzzles, and you just got invited
to an escape room, the theme is laboratory, but
you got the address wrong. You show up to an
actual laboratory. They’re doin’ some
real shady testing. Let’s just say all the
beakers are full of cat urine. The lab tech screams
at you to get out, but you think it’s
just a theater nerd really getting into character. You keep saying I’m not
leaving until I solve this. Panicked, he hits the Abort
button hidden under his desk. The entire laboratory shakes,
beakers break all around you. They cover you in thousands
of gallons of cat piss. This is a room you’re
not gonna escape because no human has ever
been this sick from cat urine. So yes, you can get
sick from cat urine. It’s just a matter
of when and how. I’m expert Natasha
Vaynblat and I believe that all cats are girls
and all dogs are boys. (casual relaxing music)

100 thoughts on “Can I Get Sick From Smelling Cat Urine? – Your Worst Fears Confirmed

  1. Stop it there is no way when I was a kid i always thought that cats were girls and dogs were boys and a cat would have a litter of puppies and kittens.

  2. I get the idea of the humor behind this but it was too long and repetitive. Maybe the actress was too dry or the writing I dont know, just not very good for a comedy channel.

  3. Is this really Comedy Central? It's like if my twelve-year-old niece was trying to tell me a joke. And everything in the joke just keeps missing the mark. Due what happened to Comedy Central?

  4. I thought this was can you get sick from selling cat urin.🤷🏾‍♂️ Poor bleach everywhere on everything could that cause mustard gas then if they can make ammonia? I hope Comedy Central is not down with the quare kid shit.

  5. I work at an animal shelter and I never have been around 300 cats at once 😂 I've never thrown up from cat urine, but just one cat marking sure can make it reek!!! 😷

  6. When your 🐶 dies you are devastated. When your 🐱 dies- you get a new cat…. also- they kill like a billion birds in the US each year? Fuck a cat

  7. Natasha Van Honey Boo Child. Can you please do a video on the Placebo effect or Dandruff coloring? Thanks 🍯😘🍕

  8. I appreciate this public service announcement that contains info that may have been hitherto unbeknowst to me, and am now fully aware of the dangers of cat piss. Thank you, Comedy Central Originals !

  9. Even if you don't have a cat, and you are sitting in a sealed room for ages, an instantaneous wormhole may appear and teleport you inside planet Uranus. In that case also, you have no chance of not getting in contact of Ammonia…

  10. Legit question for Americans: What do you do when your children are playing in your new house and 300-500 feral cats move into the walls in 3-5 minutes?

  11. Ok first of all cats don't just piss out of no where ok they don't unless they are sick or you been an absolute idiot and locked it inside the house
    Second of all it's dumb to have alot of cats 1 to 5 is alright but more than that is just realy dumb because there is no and i mean no valid excuse to have alot of cats in your personal house or living space
    Third of all cats aren't just girls ok and i'm not talking with a biological stand point because male cats are just fast and annoying while female cats are slow and annoying because the males just love to play alot while the females prefer to lay all over the place especialy spots you like sitting on
    Cats aren't all cute they are still savage animals and this is coming from a guy who had 15 cats at once and collectivly i had 20 by now and like only 5 of them pissed inside the house because why ? Because the little bastards were a month old and to get rid of that issues i kept taking them to the garden in the back of the house so they shit and piss where they are supposed to aka where i can't see nor smell them nor do i need to clean after them because the ground was full of grass and tall plants that obscure the vision while the ground devours the stuff into nothingness
    Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english

  12. Doctor: Let’s say you don’t have cats and you don’t leave the house.
    Doctor: you can still get sick. A cat might learn how to open your house door and invite 299 more cats. Then they pee everywhere. Then you wake up and your throw up.

  13. no wonder i wake up with my throat sore and my sinuses are irritated as heck! i have to sleep with my cat’s litter in my room because of my small house + my cat isnt allowed to roam the house because i have another cat who hates all people/cats.

  14. Honestly, I think my cats produce about 300 cats worth of piss. My lungs do feel quite… ammonia-y, and I have indeed been suffering from a case of the rainbow chunders.

    Thanks Dr. Awesome. I guess all the good ones really do live online 👍

  15. Good fucking job I got rid of my two cats🤗 no sickness for me..Awesome… Your fucking hilarious, how do you not laugh 😂 doing this????. 😂😂

  16. 11600 gallons of ammonia in just 300 cats' urine? I mean, how is that even possible? Like ammonia would be just some part of the urine even if you take 100% vol/vol or ammonia, how is 11600 gallons of ammonia be in just 300 cats' piss? 😛 maybe 300 cats *365 days * 10 years? Still doesn't add up.

  17. "Cat urine is composed of water, ammonia and cat piss."

    Me being an dumb fuck and took a while to process: oooh… wait… NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

  18. This woman has got to be the best advocate for making any kind of bs believable ever. She had me convinced about the dick falling off vid lol. She's great.

  19. This series is like Final Destination, but where every action or movement triggers a Rube Goldberg machine of assisted suicide.

  20. "she's a good girl and like any good girl, she loves badboys"'

    Me:Hmmmm why does it sound so fam-OHHHHHHH

    insert 373725965 wattpad stories

    Me:Yep, now I know

  21. This lady has no fing idea was shes saying.If a litter box isnt regularly cleaned and the smell of piss is very strong breathing that in is very harmful.Do some real research not this crazy ladies opinion.

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